16.06.2021 Author: Gordon Duff

Opus Dei and the Heart of America’s Terror Police State


During the second week of June, 2021, the New York Times published revelations that former Attorney General William Barr had ordered broad surveillance on key members of Congress that were political opponents of disgraced former President Donald Trump.

This included wiretapping the minor children of House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Representative Adam Schiff, one of the most powerful Jewish members of government in the US and a staunch defender of individual rights.

Barr denied this Trump ordered surveillance when questioned by congress in 2020 and may well face criminal charges or at least disbarment for lying about this secret and likely illegal investigation.

At the root of the investigation was an allegation by Donald Trump that Schiff had leaked classified information from an investigation of Trump by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

The media learned, somehow, that in another lie to congress, William Barr had characterized the Muller report as exonerating Donald Trump of criminality. In fact, however, the report cited 11 instances of criminality by then President Trump that should have led to charges of conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

It doesn’t take a genius to see a pattern here, crimes upon crimes but one might also question why someone as brilliant as William Barr, brilliant by his own admission, not ours, would think he could get away with something so blatant.

That answer is simple, Barr leads a powerful Vatican secret society that has infiltrated and now dominates America’s courts, its service academies, the Pentagon and key law enforcement agencies.

One secret organization, above all, has reared its ugly head in the US, having taken root within the judicial branch of government, pushing the US toward chaos.

That group is Opus Dei. From Church and State:

“Opus Dei is an efficient machine run to achieve worldly power,’ wrote investigative reporter Penny Lernoux in her book, People of God.

‘Opus Dei pursues the Vatican’s agenda through the presence of its members in secular governments and institutions and through a vast array of academic, medical, and grassroots pursuits. Its constant effort [is] to increase its presence in civil institutions of power. [T]heir work in the public sphere breaches the church-state division that is fundamental to modern democracy,” noted Gordon Urquhart, author of The Pope’s Armada: Unlocking the Secrets of Mysterious and Powerful New Sects in the Church (1995).

‘Opus Dei uses the Catholic Church for its own ends which are money and power …. Its members form a transnational elite. They seek to colonize the summits of power. They work with stealth – ‘holy discretion’ – and practice ‘divine deception,’ Robert Hutchison wrote in the introduction to his book, Their Kingdom Come: Inside the Secret World of Opus Dei.

;Opus Dei is mostly middle- and upper-class businessmen, professionals, military personnel and government officials. Its members control a large number of banks and financial institutions,” according to Martin A. Lee, author and activist who has written books and articles on far-right movements.”

Opus Dei was founded by Jose Maria Escriva, a close friend of Spain’s Fascist Dictator Francisco Franco, to use the power of the Catholic Church to war on the Soviet Union and Russian people. This is the simple truth of it.

It was Opus Dei that pushed its powerful Catholic friends at the highest levels of the Nazi Party in Germany to enter the Spanish Civil war to aid Franco.

According to Father Vladimir Felzmann, a former Opus Dei member, Opus Dei may well have been a guiding force for pushing Germany toward the Holocaust as Escriva saw “powerful Jews” as a threat to Christianity in Europe and only “removal of the Jews” could save Europe from Communism.

Opus Dei became a worldwide political organization under the stewardship of Pope Paul II who saw “liberalism” as a threat to the church and akin to communism.

Under Pope John Paul II, the church developed a worldwide political arm under Opus Dei, now operating as not only an extremist militant religious cult but as a political arm, recruiting Catholics seeking political power around the world and instilling in them extremist views deeply paralleling ISIS and al Qaeda. (Banned in Russia)

Working hand in hand with powerful right-wing extremist funded Federalist Society, Opus Dei targeted law school admissions then moved on toward controlling judicial appointments nationwide at every level. From there, they took control of the FBI and shared control of the powerful DHS with Israeli intelligence.

Their goal was to recruit an army of “holy warriors” like new Supreme Court Justice Amy Barrett, former Attorney General William Barr or former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

If one were to monitor conservative circles in the US today, there are two schools of rhetoric, one that Israel is America’s only real ally and a second, much louder one, that Jews, as a people, as a religion, as an ethnicity, “are a problem” for the United States.

Both views threaten either American sovereignty and the official basis of a free and democratic government. One reflects religious extremism and a failure in constitutionally required separation of church and state while the other is far more sinister.

It reflects a resurgence of fascism in the US akin to that which hasn’t been publicly seen since the massive Hitler rallies before the US entered World War II.

Then, however, there is something more sinister, a creeping rot that has taken root in the US, one that could well make the US even more a threat to world order than the rampage set loose after 9/11 under the neocons or Trump’s unfettered and mercurial tantrums.

There is another school of thought that Opus Dei is the only savior for the Catholic Church against what some clerics view as communist influence over Pope John XXIII that led to a weakening of the Church under the precepts of Vatican II.

What is clear, however, is that Opus Dei runs Washington as a “special interest.” Based on the clearly fascist origins of Opus Dei and its long and checkered history, one thing is also clear, Opus Dei uses its power to shield itself from investigation as a security threat as great or greater than al Qaeda.

From Church and State:

“In the past two decades, the center’s “K Street NW location, just two blocks from the White House, became a bustling gathering place for conservative academics, politicians, journalists, young professionals.”  “The noon Mass became known as a ‘Who’s Who’ scene in conservative circles” including “Judge Robert H. Bork, Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), economist Larry Kudlow and former House speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.).”

Opus Dei’s influence is enormous in the US judiciary.

‘The center’s board includes Leonard Leo, executive vice president of the Federalist Society, which helped shepherd the Supreme Court nominations of Brett M. Kavanaugh and Neil M. Gorsuch. White House counsel Pat Cipollone is a former board member, as is William P. Barr, who served as attorney general under President George H.W. Bush and is now President Trump’s nominee for the same position.’  Barr, a ‘committed Catholic,’ was highly recommended  by Leonard Leo.

The US judiciary has been shaped not only through Leo’s control over Trump’s judicial appointments but also by the Judicial Crisis Network (JCN) directed by Leo and run by Carrie Severino, a former law clerk for supreme court justice Clarence Thomas.

The JCN is a 501(c)(4) organization, meaning its donors are secret. “It has spent millions across the country to influence the elections of judges and attorneys general as well as judicial appointment and confirmation processes.”

‘Leo’s efforts to ensure that Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito were confirmed engaged the dark money spending power of JCN. In 2005 and 2006, Leo and the Federalist Society worked with JCN to coordinate radio and online ads as well as on grassroots efforts to support the confirmation of the right-wing justices.

To block the appointment of Barack Obama’s choice, Merrick Garland, and support the confirmation of Justice Gorsuch, Leo helped coordinate the JCN’s expenditure of $17 million. The campaign was highly effective in allowing Gorsuch, the Federalist Society’s pick, to take the place many thought rightly belonged to Merrick Garland.”

Past what is seen by the press, 100,000 member Opus Dei, has not only infiltrated the courts and halls of government but has openly targeted both investigative and regulatory agencies on behalf of its wealthy and often corrupt members who affiliate themselves with Opus Dei in order to become “laws onto themselves.”

Beyond that, the fraudulent intelligence that led the US into the War on Terror after 9/11 would not have been possible without a melding of Opus Dei “insiders” working with Likudist extremists in Israel and America’s powerful Israel lobby.

Opus Dei also played a strong role in blocking two Trump impeachments, one of which if an open investigation were allowed, would likely expose Opus Dei as directly involved in fomenting fascism within the EU and, in particular, states ringing the Russian Federation.

Yes, they have that much power.

Where Opus Dei has become a threat is clear to very few, as it is dangerous to investigate Opus Dei as its power to strike back, as demonstrated so clearly by the behavior of William Barr, is nearly unlimited.

Long polluted by a greed for power and deeply instilled corruption, Opus Dei’s quest for “conservative values” has it publicly opposing human rights at every turn, reflecting its origins as a full partner in Hitler’s sick policies.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.