01.01.2021 Author: Journal NEO

Happy New Year!


The year 2020 was marked by a number of important events on the Asian continent, in the Middle East and a number of other regions. Regime changes, armed conflicts, the rapid growth in the number of terrorist attacks — that’s the outcome of the short-sighted policies employed by certain countries…

The “New Eastern Outlook” editorial board want to thank our authors and readers for the their contribution to the efforts of the international community, both diplomatic and media ones, made in an attempt to reduce international tension, to minimize regional conflicts, especially the armed ones, to improve the political climate on our planet.

We want to wish each an every one of you family happiness, peaceful sky over your head,  good health and a lot of success in your good deeds and endeavors in the year 2021.

Next year we will strive to strengthen our cooperation even further and to expand the range of our readers and authors.

Happy New Year to you all!

The “New Eastern Outlook” editorial board.