11.05.2019 Author: Phil Butler

Stuck on Earth? – Tired of Putin Hate? – Use Alternative Search Engines


In a perfect universe, intelligent life from Earth would be seen waiting on the next shuttle to the Alpha Centauri colony. But we do not live in a perfect universe. We live as walk-ons in a tragic comedy where millions of human beings either starve, die of disease, or get shot to pieces in Energy wars. We live on a spinning rock in space where President Donald Trump’s limo is compared to President Vladimir Putin’s in Google News.

Scanning Google News this morning I saw three top suggestions when I searched “Putin” in the query box. Fox News ran with California congressman and 2020 Democratic candidate Eric Swalwell comparing Vladimir Putin to Osama bin Laden. Over at Business Insider, Donald Trump’s Beast was compared to Vladimir Putin’s Aurus Senat armored limousine. And the third suggestion was for a YouTube rant by donut gobbling champion Cenk Uygur at Young Turks proclaiming, “Told Ya! Trump Changes Venezuela Policy After Putin Call!”

On the other side of the coin, a search for “hunger” here on Earth turns up video recommendations for Florence + The Machine on Vevo, the Hunger – Official Trailer, and Fergie – Hungry ft. Rick Ross (Official Music Video). I’m not sure why the world’s biggest search entity chooses to show music videos when somebody looks for the hunger situation. Maybe whoever really runs Google wants us to be happy about starvation. Perhaps we should remain unworried, soothed, more pliable and complacent?

But wait! I managed to find a story at Counterpunch entitled Fighting Childhood Hunger in Baltimore, by William Hughes. The story reveals that “60 percent of children in Baltimore struggle with food insecurity.” It tells of the trillions the United States government has wasted on unwinnable wars. The author shines a light on neighbor helping neighbor, and he does not pound his chest and chant “Told Ya!” at an audience of YouTube zombies. The reality of our situation cannot be more sad, more unsettling, or more sickening.

At the same moment, the American public is eating up concocted Google propaganda, millions walk the poverty-stricken streets of the richest nation that ever existed. Google serves up business news outlets turned tabloids, but National Geographic’s story, “The New Face of Hunger” is obscured underneath orchestrated news. In the wings, a new Russian Internet law is transformed by western media into Big Brother Russian style. But Google and the western oligarchs morphing hunger into obscurity is not censorship of the worst kind. Millions of Americans are being slapped with a form of austerity, to make matters much worse, at the same time the war machine gears up for another regime change. And nobody’s watching, nobody knows, and nobody cares. Read the story at National Geographic, if you’ve read this far, and prepare to get mad as hell.

By the way, I found the “Hunger” story using a search engine called “DuckDuckGo,” which is a kind of anti-Google project that emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results. Yes, there are unbiased and honest businesses and organizations out there still.

The level of propaganda we see today is unprecedented. But its effects are even more astonishing. The liberal world order (Illuminati or whoever) are winning champions of the mind control world societies are subjected to worldwide. Even in Russia, there are liberal media concerns pumping lies out with machine-like consistency. Let me give you a personal example.

A couple of weeks back I was sitting at an Easter gathering of family and friends when I was questioned about geopolitics. At length, a friend, who is a renowned mathematician, began to vehemently disagree with me because I pointed to Google and the other technology monopolies as key instruments of control. After a time my friend brought up world hunger, saying how things in the world are far better now than in the recent past. He is a good man, a smart man, and someone so glued to the machine he will never break free. The world is not better off now, and there are no valid statistics that indicate it is. The only region of Earth where undernourishment statistics are better is in Asia, where the new industrial revolution has created a bigger middle class. Please refer to Figure 2, and NEVER look at World Bank figures ever again.

If you are ready to rocket off of Earth, I am sorry, you cannot as of yet. So, since you are anchored here for the foreseeable future, let me distract you from your duty to observe Putin’s cars, dachas, and supervillain duties. 9 million people still die of hunger on Earth each year, and one-third of those are little kids (The Borgen Project). In addition, 40% of all children have some form of anemia, and an additional half-a-million children will go blind because of vitamin deficiencies. I’ll not even delve into how many (almost 200 million) malnourished kids suffer bone, nervous system, or other deficiencies worldwide because of our WAR and PROPAGANDA policies.

Finally, the world produces enough food to feed everyone. Food availability per capita has increased from approximately 2220 kcal per person per day in the 1960s to 2790 kcals per person per day as of 2006. However, instead of figuring out a way to distribute Earth’s bounty to all people, our leadership chooses that we all focus on YouTube music videos, who has the biggest car, and how only ultra-liberal views are truthful, helpful, and relevant. Oh, but alternative search engines when you put “Putin” in reveal how he and the American president are discussing a nuclear arms deal.

How can this be?

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”