25.07.2018 Author: Phil Butler

Look Out When Soros’ Frozen Brain Rules the World


When I try and grasp the insanity that rules our world today, I sometimes quip to my colleagues that Adolph Hitler’s well-preserved brain must be running things from Antarctica. The Sci-Fi horror we’re immersed in is just that incredible. Then there are times I contemplate George Soros. And I imagine a cryogenic jar with his grey matter stored inside. How is it that one man’s name turns up so often when we look to solve our geopolitical crises? Here’s take 55 on the impactful Hungarian madman.

I often wonder what the Devil promised George Soros in order to get the hedge fund billionaire to steamroll us all under. What makes people like Soros tick? With one foot in the grave and the other on the proverbial banana peeling Soros keeps on chugging and tugging toward dominating the world. His doggedness, while detestable for his intent, is even admirable on some level. A recent opinion piece at the Sacramento Bee has rekindled my interest in the billionaire villain who’s trying to ruin the world. A recipient of not one, but two fellowships from Soros’ now notorious Open Society Foundations, Sasha Abramsky writes against Vladimir Putin, whites, Christians, and anybody running amok of Soros’ liberal world domination plan. In his story, the Trump-Putin meetup was a stab into the heart of liberal morality made by loose cannon Trump and the Putin demon. According to the Soros minion, the moral high ground which those lofty Californians cling to, it is in grave danger. Speaking about the Helsinki summit, he writes:

“We are truly at a moral crossroads. If Trump’s July performance is not fully disowned, by his own party and by the electorate as a whole, our democracy will have been perhaps permanently corroded. The concept of “the west” will have been fractured. And the triumph of autocracy will become that much closer.”

I am no Trump fan, mind you. As I’ve said many times recently, I am sure he is batting for Soros and the elites too. However, the Helsinki meetup with Vladimir Putin was not about dismantling the “American Dream” as Abramsky suggests. The author of this incoherent rant against Trump and Helsinki is another disoriented liberal lunatic who asks readers to believe there are truly democratic nations over here in Europe! Not even an Athens cab driver believes in a democracy anymore. Come on. Putin selling gas to browbeaten and broken Europeans at bargain rates to elevate his own people has somehow mutated into world conquest. But like most pseudointellectual Soros clowns Abramsky shoots himself in both feet when he condescends:

“Democracy works when it is intelligent, fact-based discourse, both at the level of the power-elites, and also between governed and leaders. It breaks down, and breaks down fast when leaders show such contempt for the people that they think they can say and do anything, that they can massage facts again and again and again to fit the moment’s needs.”

Facts, the truth, and intelligent discourse in between the Soros types and us tiny little governable ants, what a bullshit salesman this globalist gofer is. Not only are these libtards working with Soros liars and libtards, their downright dangerous. Like a line from the Obama era Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty propagandists, Abramsky claims Russia has designs on invading the Baltics and the Balkans. He even goes so far as to suggest “Putin, will eventually lead to the shedding of much blood in Europe.”

I’ll admit to agreeing with Sasha Abramsky on the possibility Trump is out to destroy America. But then Abramsky took a fellowship from a guy whom we all know destroys for profit for many decades. Like most other liberal order party intellectuals this guy talks out of the side of his mouth. Abramsky writes a book entitled ‘Jumping at Shadows,’ about the effects of fear in American life and politics, and then he uses NATO-like fear-mongering against the Russians. The scariest thing about Soros’ building of social-norality “experts” around the world is not their journalistic efforts though. It’s the fact that many of them teach at schools and universities like UC Davis where Abramsky helps shape new Soros drones. If my fantastical ideas on frozen evil geniuses do pan out, God helps us when California college students plug themselves into the cryo tank. Humanity will self-destruct under the weight of its own self-empowerment and exceptionalist idiocy.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”