05.06.2018 Author: Phil Butler

On Rabid Ruskies, Bleach Blonde Informants, and Gay Dumbness Bliss


Russian President Vladimir Putin is at it again. He’s testing the west’s propaganda machine. Don’t be alarmed though, for the media arrayed against the world’s most powerful villain shall prevail on the sheer power of the herd mentality (collective mooing in the background). As for Russia, there is nothing to be dumbfounded by more than the “dumbest” experts on Earth – the numb sculls from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty to Ukraine’s UNIAN news agency. Here’s the latest foolishness from them.

Let me be the first to tell you how hilarious and how sad the job of geo-political analysis is these days. Every-single-day I get to wake up to a new round of absurdity. Today’s first case being a headline from UNIAN that reads “Russian political analyst: Putin not ready for full-scale invasion of Ukraine.” In my head a vision pounds at my temples, a vision of the dumbest person in Ukraine gasping; “Thank God, Putin is not coming today!” But really now, the lead in sinks even lower into dumb fuddle land – “Escalation is now being seen pending the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia,” the story continues. According to Andrei Piontkovsky, the only reason Putin has not launched a full-scale invasion of greater Ukraine is because he fears even tougher sanctions against Russia. But anybody familiar with Piontkovsky knows from whence his latest tirade stems. The source for Ukraine’s propaganda machine is not only a Putin hater, but a traitor to Russia, if you ask me. For if these psychopaths spent half as much time helping Russia win against the all-out assault of the globalists, as they do creating anti-Putin manifestos like “Putin Must Go”, then Russia would certainly be better served. Piontkovsky must have lost something valuable when Vladimir Putin emerged to save Russia, something really, really, big. Never have I run across a so-called expert on Putin who has so consistently been wrong (Council of Foreign Relations), wrong, and wrong in his analysis of the Russian leader. To help the reader understand, Andrei Piontkovsky is the modern-day equivalent of the worst kind of Bolshevik pig, a dangerous man prone to incite violent conflict within his own country out of sheer hatred for opposing ideas. He left Russia after having stepped out of bounds fanning the flames of ethnic hatred in Chechnya. For clues as to who is running Piontkovsky you can turn to this Voice of America piece, then look up “The Family” and my story about the real mafia standing behind.

And in the UNIAN story just beneath more Andrei Piontkovsky vile venom… “Donbas update: Three Ukrainian soldiers wounded on June 2 (Video).” Yes, there’s supposed to be a ceasefire in the far east of Ukraine, but killing and more killing is what the Kiev regime feeds off of I guess. My point being, these morons would set Russia and the world on fire – their hatred is just that impassioned.

And speaking of outright stupidity we turn to Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post this morning, and an article titled “Everybody wants respect. Especially Vladimir Putin.” In this opinion piece author Kathleen Parker just makes me ashamed to be from the same U.S. state of South Carolina. If United Nations psychopath Nikki Haley is not wielding enough ignorance “Deep South” dumbness before the world, Bezos’ liberal world order rag slings frustrated soccer moms at the world’s political intrigues. According to the Camden, South Carolina blondie who calls herself a “dangerous thinker” on Twitter, Americans should be ashamed of themselves for “allowing” Vladimir Putin to take over our political process with a few measly Facebook ads. You read that correctly. With tens of billions of “American” dollars being spent for every kind of social media propaganda you can imagine, Putin supposedly skewed our democracy with a few thousand bucks in Facebook ads (allegedly). First of all, nobody has linked any of those ads directly to the Kremlin. Secondly, as one of the world most famous social media experts I can tell you, the Bezos and his ilk spend 5,000 times more than the Kremlin lying to Americans. Please Kathleen, stick to things you understand, like Charleston cocktail parties and dripping southern charm (yeah, you don’t want to go there). Just read what this debutante thinks happened to Hillary’s campaign where WikiLeaks email finds were concerned:

“And it seems apparent in retrospect that when hackers broke into Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee email accounts and dripped their contents, Putin was letting Clinton know what he could do: That if she were to be elected, she’d best take him into account.”

Without a shred of proof, and backed up by her latest King Street perm and nails, the Washington Posts politics and culture opinion writer theorizes that Vladimir Putin has some Napoleon complex. Here American blondness makes my stomach hurt simply for the death and destruction such idiots have helped bring to our world. The lost opportunity costs our societies will never fathom, they’re due in part to such obtuse goofiness. She is the poster girl for all that is wrong with America, people with just enough intelligence to be highly dangerous. She ends this WaPo piece feigning understanding of the world:

“Many countries have seen us lie and interfere with their affairs. They’ve seen us invade nations and install military bases. Our ebullient pride in the supremacy of our goodness can be viewed by others as boastful hubris. At the end of the day, everybody wants respect, none more, apparently, than dictators and unduly elected presidents such as Putin.”

And concluding that Putin will do anything to be liked like Napoleon. Like I said, she’s stupid, embarrassing, and dangerous. Her Twitter header is a blurry image of the Cooper River and downtown Charleston where I grew up. She got her start writing for the Charleston Evening Post on the downtown Hanahan, Goose Creek and Moncks beats back in the 1970s. For those unfamiliar with the low-country, these areas were once well known for alligator hunting and catfish eating. According to her Wikipedia page, she grew up down in Polk County, Florida where even more alligators and freshwater fishing we in vogue. Don’t get me wrong here, it’s not that southern girls are all stupid – it’s just that this brand of ignorance rubs a southern boy the wrong way. Dangerous, Barbie dolls with opinions – Oh, my God the world’s got big trouble.

And now for proof Vladimir Putin has activated Russia’s deadly “stupid ray” in the skies looking down on Ukraine. The Arkady Babchenko assassination hoax may end up being proof in an international tribunal to investigate all Ukrainians being trans-mutated into amoebas. As Ukraine media scrambles to prove the fake killing of a Putin hater is, in fact, the fault of Putin himself, the rest of us look on in amazement. And at the New Statesman, James Ball says the fake assassination has “played into Vladimir Putin’s hands!” For my part, reading that James Ball is an award-winning freelance journalist sends a shiver down my spine. I hope to God he is not from my home state of South Carolina too! Whew! Thank goodness he’s only your typical sellout Brit who Tweets like he’s a 600-pound gorilla instead of a pencil neck geek.

“Just one of the many reasons that anyone who happily appears on (or works for) RT is no friend of journalism, or of the truth.”

This, from a guy who went to work for Julian Assange, only to ceremoniously stab he and WikiLeaks in the back. Ball also feigns first-hand knowledge that Vladimir Putin is personally eliminating all his rivals and detractors. Ball seems to enjoy reading “pink news” and lauding the fact that gay male couples tend to get divorced less frequently than their straight or lesbian counterparts. I guess Ball hates Putin for the same reason western media accuses him of being homophobic? On Ball, I’ll not launch into The Daily Beast and billionaires who pay off writers to do their bidding. Glean your own evidence on this one. I will say that journalists living in the glass house of media today, are pretty stupid to throw stones. All these people are dangerous, pseudointellectuals, and adolescent in their understanding of the current game of geopolitics.

Now I return you to your regularly scheduled Elon Musk bashing.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”