15.04.2017 Author: Phil Butler

Key Americans in the Berezovsky Trap

32421323123A few days ago the UK’s vocal Eurosceptic Nigel Farange stood boldly before the European Parliament and called that body the “mafia”. Today the supporters of controversial US President Donald Trump are slammed down by a lightning strike turnabout in US-Russia relations. As for tomorrow, most of the people in the world have no idea what to expect. Under these circumstances World War III might even be welcomed as a logical outcome of chaotic leadership. My theory of a so-called “Berezovsky Trap” blackmail scheme looks a lot more like a system today. Here’s more on that.

When Farange addressed the EU Commission on Brexit demands, his words stung and resonated. Condemning the MEPs for opening negotiations by sending a bill for 52 billion pounds sterling to the UK, Farange minced no words:

“You’ve shown yourself with these demands to be vindictive, to be nasty. All I can say is thank goodness we’re leaving. You’re behaving like the mafia – you think we’re a hostage. We’re free to go!”

Listen You Jamooks!

The mafia term for what Farange was referring to is to “shake down” a mark, or by definition to “obtain money or other concessions from businesses or individuals by using intimidation or extortion.” What else should we call the means and ways in which world politicians operate these days? After all, the EU “clips” Greece and other nations with stunning austerity and so on. The “wiseguys” in Brussels do the bidding of their “underbosses” at the head of Europe’s banks, and we “Jamooks” (losers in mafia slang) just bite the bullet in a great big racket. In my view, Farange is the bravest man in Britain.

When I spoke of the outed Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky in my previous piece, I’d not idea Donald Trump would turn about and align with war mongers Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham days later. The cruise missile attack on a Syrian air base by the Trump administration forced me to flash back to a moment at the White House with Trump and Germany’s Angela Merkel seated next to one another. The image is still fresh in my mind. Merkel gesturing to Trump asking, “want to have a handshake?” And Trump sitting there, sullen, dogged, and so apparently angry – refusing to even lean toward her. This was the look of a man who had just heard something unsavory, something he never thought he would hear. Or at least this was my reaction. Something happened that day Merkel and Trump met. I’d stake my last $100 dollars on it.

Arizona Senator John McCain acts like a “made guy” since I can remember. Often described as a psychotic warmonger by detractors, most people know McCain is owned by the military industrialists. But what if “psychotic” is a misdiagnosis of simple blackmail? What if McCain and others in the US system are simply scared? If Boris Berezovsky could be “snuffed out”, if in fact he was, then what could protect a congressman or senator? As fantastic as the assertion may sound, there’s allegations out there John McCain actually is part of the real mob.

I find it interesting that a 2008 story in the New Republic about McCain being married to the mob has disappeared now. “Made Man:  How Cindy Hensley Made John McCain” is gone from the archive. The story framed McCain’s father-in-law as a made man, who in turn “made” John McCain. Birthday messages from McCain to notorious gangster Joe “Bananas” Bonanno, his beholding to his wife Cindy Hensley McCain’s Hensley liquor fortune, ties to gambling, and especially the McCain-Feingold Act paint John McCain vividly. So, his rabid vehemence toward the economics of war makes a lot more sense if getting “wacked” for nonconformity is factored. As to how deep suspected “mafia” ties to US politicians may go, a controversial book by the Executive Intelligence Review of political activist Lyndon LaRouche speaks of a “Jewish Mafia” wielding immense sway by on America’s government by the same means that may have twisted Boris Berezovsky’s arms. As controversial and outspoken as La Rouche has always been, there’s always a grain of truth in his rhetoric. “The Ugly Truth About the Anti-Defamation League” contains many such grains. Citing the book on this Jewish Mafia:

“The Zionist lobby commit crimes against the American electorate that make Watergate seem tame by comparison. Blackmail, extortion, and bribery are such routine tactics of the Zionist lobby that its primary target-victims, the United States Senate and House of Representatives, have been turned into political mush, incapable of governing under the best of circumstances, and completely paralyzed in the face of the current political and economic crises.”

Offers They Cannot Refuse

Of course, detractors say La Rouche “echoes the Kremlin” and that he his publications are anti-Semitic as well, but those “grains” of truth in the research may partially explain McCain and fellow powerful politician’s unsteady behavior. My purpose here is not to focus on McCain, but I’ve used him to open the door to the bigger issues.

In my previous report, I spoke of “agents” being targeted for their weakness and the latter being, “trapped with the only incentive that makes sense – life and death”. It’s the weaknesses and vulnerability points we must focus on in order to understand how the New Democratic Order functions. Like the mafia, or maybe as a part of a larger organization, the globalist employ every method to exact control. Another US Senator, South Carolina’s Senator Lindsey Graham fits the profile the “mafia” might use for targeting new soldiers. Veteran’s Today editor, Gordon Duff outlines possible motives behind this warmonger’s vehement evangelism for the arms industry, a so-called “gay mafia” and its control levers in Washington:

“There is little question about Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham recently retired from the US Air Force where, for decades, he had serial affairs with young male airmen. His command, in Charleston, South Carolina, was a center for gay antics in the military just like George W. Bush’s Air National Guard unit in Houston was during the Vietnam War.”

Duff goes on with revelations about Graham and colleagues like shamed politician Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House of Representatives during the “W” Bush administration, who allegedly were blackmailed for taking part in child sex on “sex junkets” to Israel etc. While Graham has not been pinned with any such crimes so far, Dennis Hastert finally admitted being a child molester. Try and imagine the leverage Israel or a “Jewish Mafia” would have with such knowledge of a powerful politician.

It seems abundantly clear that Vladimir Putin’s enemies, men like Boris Berezovsky, have been in cahoots with the likes of the Rotshchilds and George Soros. And it the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States can be “squealed on”, then what weighty decisions are currently being swayed by said “mafia”? Assertions that Bill and Hillary Clinton have deep ties to the mafia bolster the concept of a wider arch of organized control, perhaps leading to the source or this New Democratic Order McCain and others defend. Thinking about such a level of control boggles the mind, but what would 70 or 100 years of unimpeded mafia growth reveal? From drugs to arms and wholesale regime change, I can envision this “new order” capable of almost anything including complete control of mainstream media. Yes, we’re seeing that already.

Boris Berezovsky was found hanged at his home in the UK. Many of his associates also ended up dead under somewhat mysterious circumstances. In the US high profile people like billionaire gun and drug runner Barry Seal have been “wacked” while reportedly associated with the likes of the Clintons and Bushs. Tales, allegations and solid proof that organizations from Mossad to ISIS, the Kiev Nazi junta, mobsters in Tel Aviv and Saudi despots are commonplace now. Few know how to take the reports though, because the proliferation of them is so widespread these days. IMF head Christine Lagarde gets off the hook for what amounts to a  €403 million payoff to businessman Bernard Tapie, and she is to meet with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel this Monday to discuss Greece’s fate. As if discussing the fate of nations were not serious enough, this meetup leads me to the most disturbing “mafia” possibility of all.

The Biggest Fish of All

This week US President Donald Trump ordered US warships in the eastern Mediterranean to fire 59 salvoes of Tomahawk cruise missiles at Shayrat Airfield in Syria over an alleged chemical weapons attack by President Assad onto his own people. In an apparent about-face on his stated policy toward Syria and Russia’s support of the Assad government, the American president took a huge risk. Now his detractors up to and including Hillary Clinton applaud the decision to put Americans in harm’s way again. But why? First let me share an intuition.

When Donald Trump met with Chancellor Merkel in Washington much was made of his refusal to shake her hand at a press conference after their meeting. But I think the press got the situation all wrong. Trump may make crazy comments from time to time, but he was raised and has lives to act like a gentleman. The moment when he and Merkel sat side by side, and when she offered her hand to the clearly sullen Trump, it’s burned into my brain. Nobody asked the reasonable question, media just assumed he was snubbing the German chancellor for no good reason. Looking at his posture and at his face in that moment, I recognized something else. Donald Trump had the distinct look of a very powerful man who had just been told something he detested. I believe Merkel delivered a message of severe gravity.

A month forward and we are on the brink of war with Russia. The seemingly crazed neocons, all of Europe’s liberal leadership, NATO and our New Democratic Order are pleased as can be with the embattled US president. At this point I think it’s wise for everyone to consider the possibilities. And believe me the scenarios going forward are VERY limited. Has Donald Trump been snared in a trap like these others? Or is he playing the long game with Vladimir Putin to destroy the New Democratic Order through so-called “4D chess”? More importantly for the future of humanity, the question of exactly who this “Democratic Mafia” Mr. Farange touched on, it seems acutely pressing now. Some people are riding the fence right now to give President Trump the benefit of the doubt, and I would agree with this if all our nuclear war were not such a sudden and deadly surprise.

In my next segment I’ll delve into this “mafia-like” organization that would appear to be put the “squeeze” on humanity right now.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.