02.04.2017 Author: Grete Mautner

Soros’ Meddling in EU Affairs has Put Him in Harm’s Way

5645324213213The name of George Soros in recent decades has been repeatedly mentioned in connection with different mass movements around the globe that frequently resulted in some form of coup d’etat. Unsurprisingly, there’s been a lot of accusations going his way both across the globe and in the US, so it is hardly a coincidence that his name was mentioned by Gateway Pundit when the so-called “women’s marches” against President Donald Trump were on the rise in the US.

George Soros has also been known for his ongoing attempts to get richer by bleeding the truly unlimited financial capabilities of the Vatican dry. The war between Soros and the Pope is being waged on all sorts of legal field, after its initial start in 2011 in the United States, before it started spreading across the world. Soros elected the Jeff Anderson and Associates law firm as his tool, even though this firm is known for its connections with the former US President Barack Obama. To achieve its goals, Soros used claims of sexual harassment and abuse voiced against the priests of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). Thus, Jeff Anderson and Associates filed demands to various courts across the world to criminally prosecute certain priests of the RCC. This struggle was accompanied by massive media campaigns that Soros launched and financed. Caught off guard, the church decided to yield and started paying settlements, the total worth of which amounted to some 2.5 billion dollars in the US alone. Thus, Soros achieved two goals: he dealt a powerful blow to the Pope and simultaneously earned some extra cash.

In 2012, a number of secret documents that concerned various fraudulent activities of the the Vatican Bank were stolen from the Roman Catholic Church and made public. Immediately after the scandal broke off, those media sources controlled by Soros started to fire all sorts of accusations against the Pope. This campaign was directly supported and coordinated by the Obma administration through a person that’s been really close to Soros – Cass Sanestein.

Therefore, it is not surprising that American NGOs have fallen into disgrace in a number of European states, including Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic and even Poland, which until recently was considered an undisputed ally of the United States. Those who promoted globalization and American-style democracy suddenly found out that they were not welcome anymore. Then, according to the Czech president Milos Zeman, Soros decided to strike back by arranging a “color revolution” in his country. At the same time the ruling Polish Right and Justice Party accused the billionaire for creating preconditions to the resettlement of Muslim refugees to the banks of the Vistula.

As it’s been reported by the Financial Times, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban carries on his struggle against his ideological adversary billionaire George Soros, calling the financier and his Open Society Foundations fund a bunch of “paid political activists.” This time, the efforts of Victor Orban are aimed at closing the Central European University (CEU), founded by Soros in the republic some 3 decades ago. The right-wing Fidesz Party, led by Orban, submitted to the National Parliament a bill that would introduce changes in the system of higher education in the country. The new legislation will require foreign universities to change their legal status, making them accountable to the government of Hungary. At the same time the Central European University came under heavy fire in the Hungarian media, while all the NGO affiliated with the billionaire are now running the risk of closure.

In turn, the New York Times would report:

In Hungary, especially those who are succored by George Soros, and accusing the groups of wanting to flood Europe with Muslims and transforms” Christian “in the multicultural stews of left-wing globalism.

The EU has been knee deep in the struggle to put a stop the flow of refugees for years now, but it is opposed by volunteers from non-governmental humanitarian organizations who created a whole network for the delivery of tens of thousands of migrants from Africa, the Middle East and Asia to Europe. It is the humanitarian organizations that today provide those suffering in the above mentioned regions with the means and skills for those who found themselves struggling at home necessary to reach Europe as safely as possible.

Today, such “humanitarian organizations” specialized in the delivery of refugees to Europe are represented by well-established associations – the French Medecins Sans Frontieres, the Spanish Proactiva Open Arms, the Maltese The Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS).

It is noteworthy that MOAS was founded in 2014 by an American Christopher Catramboun, who previously worked at the US State Department and made a career as an investigator in Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, this organization is being promoted by the people associated with the notorious Blackwater military contractor firm. Moreover, it is owned by a man who made a fortune in US military operations in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa. So the fortune that those people made on creating preconditions for the migrant crisis are now being used for the smuggle of Africans without any papers to Italy, France, Greece and Germany. As it’s been noted by the Gefira research center, it is impossible to understand whether the people of MOAS are honest rescuers, or their mission is to further destabilize Europe.

MOAS is funded by the Tangiers Group funds, but Soros has also been sponsoring it. According to Disobedient Media, last year the organization received 500 thousand euros on “search and rescue operations” from the major global activism group Avaaz. It, in turn, was founded by the advocacy group of public policy Moveon, owned by the above mentioned American financier.

Another organization of George Soros – Open Society Foundations – supports such humanitarian organizations Save the Children and Médicins Sans Frontiéres. Those ogranizations are operating at least four ships to carry out their operations.

It won’t be an exaggeration to state that a number of EU states, including Hungary, are fed up with George Soros, so it won’t be a surprise if the coming weeks they are going say to him: “Soros, go home!”

Grete Mautner is an indepenent researcher and journalist from Germany, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.