01.03.2015 Author: Konrad Stachnio

War in Ukraine: Propaganda Lies and Casualties

U56465333While cleaning the ruins of the Donetsk Airport, New Russia military forces discovered in the rubble 16 Ukrainian soldiers. Initially, there were about 30 of them. However, only 16 survived. The rest died waiting for aid promised by their commanders. But help did not come. Each of them received a solar powered recorder with a prayer.

For some time, I wondered why the Ukrainian army and the so-called volunteer battalions shoot regular grandparents, women or children playing outside. The most frequent answer is that they are just complete out of mind neo-Nazi, who don’t care to much for people’s life. However, this answer was not enough for me. So I just started looking for an answer. Here’s what I discovered.

Captured Ukrainian soldier is speaking on you tube interview about failed attack of Ukrainian army at Donetsk Airport:  ‘They said our troops were in the terminal and we have to evacuate our wounded, we went there to evacuate the wounded, but appeared that there were no wounded at all and we were sent on the offensive. If we only knew were going on the offensive, cause we refused to attack many times. When we were told where we were going that we were going on the offensive nobody went. And here they actually went – a company was said there would be no offensive they only had to evacuate the wounded.’

On the Fort Russ also quite interesting interview with Ukrainian army deserter has appeared: ‘There is practically no support from the Ministry of Defence. 90% of support comes from volunteers. If it weren’t for volunteers, everyone would run for home. They simply think they are better off at war than at home. Plus they are being paid for it, which is something they would not receive at their village’.

‘The people who serve are those who had nowhere else to go. Those who have no work and have nowhere to live. And that’s 90% of the Ukrainian Army. People who understand what is happening are doing their best to avoid service. ‘The military leadership does not tell the soldiers anything. The soldiers simply shoot but don’t see where their bullets and shells land. They are told to shoot, so they do. They are not told what the target is, only its coordinates. And they do not know what effect their fire has’.

The last quote would respond to the question why the Ukrainian soldiers shoot at civilians. However, this picture of deceived, manipulated and sent as cannon fodder, the so-called Ukrainian army consisting of unemployed, shopkeepers and factory workers does not completely coincide with what my countryman Tomasz Maciejczuk wrote – Open Dialog Foundation volunteer. Mr Thomas sends, to fighting Ukrainians on the front, warm underwear, warm jackets, winter boots, etc. Being on the front line, he reports every day to Polish media and on his Facebook about the situation of Ukrainian army. I wouldn’t’ write about him if not the fact that his narrative correlates with the official narrative of mainstream Polish media and politicians.
Notes from his Facebook:

‘Cyborgs do not want to give up. They prefer to die than return to slavery. Volunteer battalions in conversations with me declare their willingness to go to the relief of their colleagues who are surrounded in the basement of the airport. They say it is better to die fighting trying to help the heroes, than to look at the second Ilovaisk. Terrible atmosphere … fall of airport could lead to the collapse of Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko. Armed citizens of Ukraine have had enough of false ceasefire.’Ukrainians defending the airport say goodbye to their families by phone. They probably do not give up to be taken alive. Glory to Ukrainian heroes! ‘

‘Poroshenko … give orders, the soldiers are waiting! I haven’t met any Ukrainian soldier, who supports a ceasefire. They want to win this war and return to normal life.’

So we have a schizophrenic situation in which, on the one hand, we have captured Ukrainian soldiers by the separatists, who say in the interviews that they did not know that they were bombing civilians. They claim that they were forced to carry out orders, or cheated by the command. On the other hand, we have Mr Thomas Maciejczuk, who writes on his Facebook something like that: ‘Poroshenko … give orders, the soldiers are waiting! I haven’t met any Ukrainian soldier supporting a ceasefire.

So where is the truth?

597 Ukrainian soldiers died at the airport during few days said Minister of Defense of DPR, Eduard Basurin. According to what Basurin said, a lot of religious literature in various European languages was found which seems to have the same goal as those earlier mentioned recordings which had to encourage these probably not giving up to be taken alive.

Perhaps discovered mass of the decomposing bodies of ‘Cyborgs’ at the airport in Donetsk also belong to those of whom Mr Maciejczuk writes that they could not be taken alive.

In Addition, there is information about the activities of subversive groups in the territory of Donetsk who shoot at civilians. In those words reports situation in Donetsk, David Hudziec, a war correspondent for Noworosia Today: ‘This morning they fired bus stop and trolley-bus number 3 in the Leninsky district of Donetsk. 13 people were killed, there are many injured people and situation is hard and it is possible that the number of dead will increase. ‘

What Donetsk civilians think about Ukrainians can be seen on YouTube – where crowds of elderly civilians throw themselves on the streets on captured Ukrainian soldiers ready to tear them up with bare hands. Separatists deliberately show captured Ukrainians to civilians – because only a few moment ago, the same Ukrainians were trying to, unconsciously or consciously, kill those civilians. It seems that this is one of the most convincing evidence that the civilians are bombarded by the Ukrainian army. Another issue is Ukrainian diversionary group operating in the Donetsk.

In this context, recently, a group of hackers from Cyber Berkut published leaked documents from the SBU Counterterrorism Centre. Documents confirm that there were deliberate attacks on civilians, conducting false flag operations so that the separatists can be blamed for civilian deaths. Documents inform that the attack on the civilian bus in Volnovakha have been planned for a long time by the SBU, to use it for political purposes. In one of the leaked documents, the first deputy head of the SBU writes to the Head of Centum A Counterterrorism Centre. I ask you to plan and submit proposals for provocative action which help to charge DPR and LPR militias with civilians deaths. In this context, the last actions of saboteurs may be part of a larger operation.

I informed some time ago that in accordance with what Zakharchenko says – the Ukrainian soldiers cannot withdraw from the front because if they do, they will be shot by standing behind them volunteer battalions. In the network appeared the movie in which the Ukrainian soldier shows you how to eat a snake because they are not supplied in food rations. Another soldier said that they are sleeping on the bare ground, they have no ammunition and in the official documents they do not exist as troops. There are new information that wounded Ukrainians are left at the front by their commanders. Another mass graves of Ukrainian soldiers are discovered.

But if you do not want to believe in the so-called ‘Putin’s propaganda’ just listen to Mr Tomasz Maciejczuk, who as a volunteer distributes clothing to the Ukrainian soldiers on the front. This comes from his Facebook: Much of the troops live in poor conditions, e.g. in dugouts or in huts built from ammo boxes. On the front I meet soldiers walking in the tragic Soviet military boots, they wear gloves from the market, rather than military backpacks, they often carry civilian bags and instead of warm military hats on heads they wear all sorts of cheap caps which do not give protection against the cold, imported from China or Turkey.

Ukrainian forces, however, do not consist only of less or more disabled Freikorps troops who currently serve as cannon fodder in the eastern Ukraine. Very well trained troops are in Dnepropetrovsk. They are prepared and sponsored by Kolomoisky – as Phillip Ekozyanz told us in interview which appeared on Fort Russ. Now, behind the scenes of Ukrainian theatre, namely in Dnepropetrovsk, a powerful military formation is in the final stages of preparation. It consists of foreign military battalions, and has a strong skeleton from NATO specialists. Dnepropetrovsk needed time to prepare, and a good smoke screen.

Dnepropetrovsk doesn’t need the Ukrainian army which exists now, created by hoarding the factory workers, peasants and shop keepers
This would corresponded to information revealed by Oleg Tsarev, Chairman of Novorossia Parliament. According to Tsarev on February 15t, which is an anniversary of Maidan in Kiev is planned coup on Poroshenko. Coup is organized by Yatsenyuk, Kolomoysky, Turchinov.Kolomoysky, who has formed an entire army in the east of the country out of criminal elements, which do not take Kiev’s orders. According to Tsarev.

Tsarev reports that the attack is likely to be carried out around 8 pm. Bombers should get into the building of the government, as it did in the case of the overthrow of Yanukovych. According to Tsarev, Poroshenko is aware of this fact and has already organized a group which counteract the coup.

According to Tsarev, Yatsenyuk has already issued orders to prepare a propaganda campaign designed to smear Poroshenko. Smearing campaign relate to Poroshenko military defeat in the east of Ukraine and the economic crisis. Itself has to be only a pretext to overthrow Poroshenko.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.