16.02.2015 Author: Jim Dean

The Western Holocausting of Ukraine

208458Support by United States rulers is rather in the nature of the support that the rope gives to a hanged man… Nikita Khrushchev

No I am not hyping the title to get reads. The Ukrainian worker’s wage rate has fallen below that of Tajikistan and the true body count was finally revealed. While the West crows about hurting the Russian economy and the ruble, the West’s post-coup puppet government is destroying Ukraine’s economy solely to enforce its violent take over.

One only finds news coverage about this devastation on the back pages of the financial news platforms. Western leaders and NATO – big proponents of using military power to defend financial interests – have shown us how criminal they can be with what they have done to Ukraine, Russia, and those in the EU eating the boomerang sanctions.

Russia had invested 100 billion in subsidies that had kept the kleptocratic government on Russia’s eastern border afloat. Europe and the West was spared that pain, but so far all the billions spent during the takeover of Ukraine has rendered it beyond repair. I am beginning to wonder if that was not the real objective, so as to set the stage for “emergency measures” for the second stage of the takeover.

Regime change in Kiev went bad from the start. Everyone suspected that the protests and killings on Maidan after Yanukovych had agreed to most all of the opposition demands were the result of someone pulling a prepared trigger. The big prize of Crimea and leveraging the Russians out of one of their key bases quickly slipped away with one of the most overwhelming referendum landslides in history.

The nationalist dogs of war were unleashed, and their plans for the ethnic Russians in SE Ukraine were openly stated from the podium of the new Rada. What free people would not defend themselves from such open hostility? And we all watched while the West not only said nothing, but even gave Kiev free reign to consolidate its power using all the military force of the state.

Ukraine’s true carnage finally revealed

The Western press ignored German Intelligence last week when it publicly stated the real death figures for Kiev’s ill-advised “anti-terror” campaign were in the 50,000 range, not 5,000. Angela Merkel ignored her own Intel and was still using the 5400 number in her post Minsk press statements.

That struck a chord with all the Vietnam vets here in the US, as it took many years to waste that number of US lives. Like America’s War on Terror being a War “of” Terror, so goes the Ukraine “anti-terror” operation. Most of the dead have been civilians, the result of a cold-blooded policy to do one of two things.

Kiev agreed to several ceasefires to buy time to refit and rearm for its next offensive, so we saw clearly that Kiev had the Western nod to seek only a military victory to end the conflict, rather than to achieve a political compromise. But, when the poor combat skills of the Ukrainian Army could not produce a victory, the Israeli model from the West Bank and Gaza was rolled out. The civilians and the Republics’ infrastructure would pay dearly for the defensive fighting spirit of their militias and some help from the East.

Kiev’s planes started falling out of the sky and were grounded to avoid not having any left. When Kiev’s Air Force was again sent into combat in the Debaltsevo pocket, two planes and one helicopter were shot down quickly.

Asset looting and Conscription

The Donbass infrastructure was being systematically destroyed, social payments ended, and full-scale economic warfare ensued, with Kiev refusing to discuss a political solution. Borrowed funds intended for turning the economic situation around were diverted and wasted on the military conquest of Donbass.

I strongly suspect the West had a double game going on here – seeking a victory over Donbass or major intervention of Russian troops to enforce its own ceasefire, which would give the West the signal to crank up the sanctions on Moscow even more and speed up NATO’s deployment eastward.

The economy of Ukraine was being sacrificed for Kiev’s military victory, but over what… a destitute country? The Western funds flowing in could clearly never be paid back from any kind of a functioning slave-labor economy. Such losses are only ever incurred as part of long term defense budget write-offs for huge geopolitical gains, where enormous sums of money routinely disappear.

On top of the IMF austerity programs came Kiev’s military conscription, which has 1.5 million draft age men as refugees in Russia and more seeking asylum in the surrounding nations, leaving villages with destitute families and without working age men. Victoria Nuland would not dare to show her face in any of these areas.

The Oligarchs Flee to Israel and Soros visits Ukraine

My Russian sources tell me that plots abound to remove the hated Poroshenko, by Yatsenyuk and the remaining Oligarchs. Several members of the looting Oligarchy have fled to Israel, where they pay the customary 1-million dollar bribe for citizenship and gain Israel’s promise of extradition protection and asset seizure.

On the day after the new Minsk ceasefire agreement, the announcement of the new $17.5 billion credit magically appeared to bury Ukraine’s debt ratio even further. Soros had paid a visit earlier and stated that $50 billion would be needed to turn Ukraine’s economy around. But where could such risky funds be found?

Soros’ first choice of course were foreign state loans, which would pick the pockets of far-away taxpayers who are already under great financial stress. The banksters and gangsters then want to swoop in to rake off the cream and move their money back off shore, leaving with a Learjet full of beautiful Ukrainian women.

After Kiev pocketed the IMF loan, we see the new ceasefire already collapsing. The first thing Poroshenko did when he woke up the next day was to pull back from the general amnesty by declaring that the militia leaders would not be included in the amnesty. Then the nationalist leaders all said they would not recognize the ceasefire conditions and would fight on, refusing to be disarmed.

Are they bluffing… daring Kiev to use the arms against them? And who would the oligarchs back in such a conflict? Yatsenyuk is waiting to take Poroshenko out, and the Ukies are openly chatting online that he would be probably be killed and all the military defeats buried with him. A suitable scapegoat would be found to blame the deed on… or a foreign Intel agency would arrange a plane mishap, something also used in America to nail “uppity” politicians who challenge the real powers.

Is Russia being set up to take the blame again?

Russia is now walking a tightrope on all this. We closely watched all the statements from the Western leaders boxing Putin in for the success or failure of the new ceasefire accords – outrageous demands when the West has sloughed off all responsibility for keeping its puppets in Kiev on a leash.

I don’t remember any threats from Putin as to more sanctions on the West if Kiev violated the ceasefire. It seems the road to accountability only goes East, and is a one way street. France make peace overtures, but hangs onto the Mistral based on the outcome of what was once the talks. Now that has been extended to the “implementation” of the peace plan. So it seems the goal posts also only move in one direction.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.