22.01.2015 Author: Christopher Black

Paris and Volnovakha: The Brutal Face of Nato Terrorism

V345234234The insatiable monster of destruction that is Nato displayed its brutal face to the world once again in Paris and Ukraine, just a few short days after the people of the west were enjoined by church and state to live in peace and goodwill. Allowed just enough of a ration of those two rare commodities to keep them acquiescent, they were soon kicked in the face by new assaults on their humanity.

Not content with shooting down Malaysian flight MH17, the massacre without pity in Odessa, or the shelling of towns and cities in the Donbass for months last year, the war criminals that control the Nato countries have now started to murder their own citizens in staged terrorist incidents while their agents and dupes in Kiev recommence the heavy shelling of civilians, hospitals, schools, power plants and infrastructure in a renewed Donbass offensive made more cruel by the effects of winter. The objective in both circumstances is the same, to terrorise the people so that they will do what the war faction wants which means, in the Nato countries themselves, to support, or better, even call for war against the Islamic State bases that happen to be in Syria and Iraq; in the Ukraine, to drive the people out and, with the new offensive, to force Russia to defend two fronts at the same time; its own borders and the peoples of the Donbass and its important ally on the Mediterranean, Syria.

A western citizen who does not have time to believe anything except what he is fed by the western propaganda system believes that Islamic terrorists connected to Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and Al Qaeda in Yemen, carried out the terrible attacks on civilians at Charlie Hebdo and elsewhere. They believe the police acted bravely and pay no attention to the many questions about the true circumstances and who was really behind these actions; questions which provide an obvious answer that arises as smoke from a fire and blackens the name of every leader in the Nato alliance.

Their immediate calls for war against the Islamic State, their amazingly rapid but expertly handled photo op at the Paris rally, followed by successively sinister warnings of similar actions in the USA and UK, the open letter to the Tines of London, of Obama and Cameron, howling like wolves on the hunt, of the greatness of their nations, their united brotherhood, their crusade against “terrorism”, their natural right to rule, their vicious vendetta against Russia, all confirm the answer.

On the 7th of January, 11 civilians were killed in the incident at Charlie Hebdo in Paris. A few days later, on the 13th of January 13 civilians were murdered when, according to the driver, a landmine detonated beneath a bus at a Kiev checkpoint at Volnovakha. The Nato governments and the controlled western media began a lightning campaign about the incident in Paris with wall to wall TV coverage of the events, saturated press coverage, statements by every Nato leader, and the Pope himself, condemning the criminals, and the “terrorist” groups that were behind it. A huge rally of millions of people, if the press are to be believed, marched in Paris and around the world, with dozens of world leaders taking part.

But, when state terrorists, from Kiev, murdered 13 civilians, there was no reaction. It hardly dented the western press. In the Ukraine there was the usual and very quick claim by Kiev that the local “rebel” militia had done it using Grad rockets. But this was quickly shown to be doubtful from the damage to the bus, the drivers’ statement and the statement by OSCE observers that Grad rockets fired at the checkpoint at the same time came from the north and not from the east where the anti-fascist militia were located. The murders in Paris shook the world society. The murders in Ukraine drew only a careless yawn.

The official Nato version of all these events, including the “terrorist” incidents in Canada and Australia, as expedient as it is dishonest, is simple, consistent and suspect-a just war is being fought in defence of freedom and peace against a foreign enemy: a degenerate religion is striving to subvert the liberties of the western peoples, to subjugate them to the flag of Islam, Russian imperial ambition threatens to annex Europe.

But Nato is the aggressor, and since its victims have law on their side it is necessary to demonstrate that the next victims of the Nato war on the world are “morally” wrong and are “morally” the aggressor. The same phrases and propaganda are used in all wars whenever public opinion needs persuading or deceiving. But we are not deceived.

The terrorist actions in Paris are part of the same machine that carried out the terrorist action against the bus at Volnovakha and the continuing terrorist attacks against the peoples of the Donbass. The Nato version in all these incidents, and the Kiev regime, for all intents and purposes, is now a part of the Nato system, is palpably fraudulent, and so the necessity of the drama, the political and factual mythology. Created belief can make history and the western press has become an expertly controlled system of creating the unconscious beliefs that the ruling classes need to manipulate the minds of their peoples.

The increasing propaganda about the militant Islamic groups in Syria in particular, the sequential “terrorist” incidents scattered through Nato countries and allies such as Australia, the request by the US Congress to have 80,000 US soldiers sent to Iraq on the pretext of fighting the Islamic State, their own creation, but really to be used to invade Syria from the east, the posting of a squadron of Canadian fighter bombers in the middle east, the arrival of the French aircraft carrier to the region just the day before the event in Paris, the Israeli assassination of the Iranian Republican Guard general and Hezbollah fighters on the 18th of January, all point to a large operation against Syria building up. Even the resignation on the 16th January of Stephen Rapp, the American ambassador at large for war crimes, points to a coming war against Syria. Rapp stated that he resigned because legal technicalities got in the way of prosecuting Assad. This was a pretext. We can now expect a campaign by the usual Hollywood pawns dripping honeyed quotes of “justice for all” and “justice in our time” as they smile with menace and demand that, since Assad cannot be dealt with judicially, he must be dealt with militarily, which was what, in effect, Obama requested the authority to do in his address to Congress, made in his State of the Union speech on January 20th. The request was a declaration of war on Syria and its allies.

The danger is great for if a war against Syria is begun then Russia must defend its ally or suffer a strategic defeat. It must defend the Donbass and its Ukraine borders or suffer the same. Yet this appears to be Nato’s intention, to force Russia to back down and admit defeat or to resist and defend its allies and itself. The danger is the greater, as the Nato leaders do not appear to have any rational appreciation of the risks they taking. It is beyond doubt that Russia today is capable of defending its interests and is determined to do so.

Meanwhile the charade of peace talks continues following on the Minsk formula with new talks scheduled in Normandy on the 21st of January. But it is clear, with the mobilization of men up to age 60 by the Kiev regime, the insane statements by Yatsenyuk that the Red Army liberation of Ukraine and Europe from the Nazis was Russian aggression, the continued Nato shipments of arms and advisers to Kiev, and the arrest in Paris on the 20th of January of 5 Russians from Chechnya on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks in France, that the Nato fascists are engaging in a fight-and-talk strategy, pretending to negotiate to keep Russia off-balance while using the time to prepare their next attack and extending the source of terrorism to Russia itself.

The Russian deputy foreign minister Grigory Karasin stated on the 19th of January: “It’s the biggest, even strategic mistake to bank on a military solution to the crisis in Ukrainian society and to all of southeast Ukraine’s problems. This can lead to irreversible consequences for Ukrainian statehood.” A similar statement would no doubt be made about Syria and Karasin’s statement needs no interpretation.

Christopher Black is an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto, he is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and he is known for a number of high-profile cases involving human rights and war crimes, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.