03.11.2014 Author: Vladimir Platov

White House is Planning to Conquer Cyberspace with its “Plan X”

345678In recent years, the White House has intensified its efforts to ensure its global domination trough various means, like waging cyber warfare against its political opponents. In the Middle East, Central Asia, and Ukraine, Washington is carrying out offensive cyber operations to infiltrate the social networks in these regions to gather intelligence, ensure a control over the media space and influence the population.

To ensure US dominance in cyberspace The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a subordinate agency of the US Department of Defense had developed a special “Plan X”, that was being implemented lately under the supervision of the White House officials.

According to foreign analysts, the aim of this ambitious program is “the creation of new revolutionary technologies that facilitate the development, planning and management of large-scale offensive operations in cyberspace.”

In addition to its purely technical purpose, “Plan X» implies innovative research of the nature of cyber warfare, the development of its strategies and tactics, and the establishment of fundamental principles required for domination in the field of cyber battles. To achieve these goals, DARPA is focusing on four key areas:

1) development of methods of automatic analysis essential for operation planning. In particular, the analysis of the performance of large logical networks and their infrastructures (i.e., static dynamic links, networks response time, bandwidth etc.);

2) creation of cyber operations automatic control technology and the monitoring units, that would remind the autopilot in modern aircraft. It is expected that this process will allow to determine the extent of potential damage that can be inflicted during a cyber attack;

3) development of specific operating systems and platforms for operations in hostile environment. It is expected that the developers will be able to enhanced the performance of special operational units that would be able to penetrate the adaptive security measures;

4) interactive visualization of large scale cyber fields (ie, creation of situation centers), which would allow visual planing of operations, along with the real time assessment of the current situation and the evaluations of different means used in a operation.

According to the Washington Post, 110 million dollars was allocated back in 2012 alone on the “Plan X” related research. To ensure a detailed study of all the aspects related to “Plan X”, DARPA is holding regular meeting with the representatives of high-tech industry and special agents in its headquarters in Virginia. Additionally, it has been cooperating with software and hardware suppliers from across the country.

Vladimir Platov, Middle East expert, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.