22.10.2014 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Two minutes Hate – Emanuel Goldestein in Eastern Ukraine.

45545311I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, I have been educated in how to lie, cheat, and not to tell people the truth. “I was supported by the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA. Why, because I’m pro-American.”

“German and American media are trying to bring the war to the people in Europe, leading to war with Russia. We passed the point of no return, and I’m going to stand up and say it ..is not right what I’ve done in the past to manipulate people to sow propaganda against Russia. ” said Udo Ulfkotte, former editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The so-called common people mostly don’t know where to find reliable information about what is happening in East Ukraine. The reason for this may be the quote cited above. Any information which validates in any way Russia, or east Ukraine is vilified, ridiculed, ignored or considered to be from the Russian intelligence agencies. I can see it from my country, Poland, where information even questioning the American political view is considered to be Kremlin propaganda. This creates a situation in which no one trusts anyone. The very process of independent thinking becomes very ‘suspect’ and perplexing. We have a common, singular correct version of events in Ukraine and anyone who even asks any questions is immediately called an ‘agent of the Kremlin’. Maybe this would not be strange were it not for the fierceness of those who defend this one ‘correct’ truth. This suspicious to me unanimity and social ferocity in defending this one ‘correct’ version of events reminds me of Orwell’s 1984 and ‘Two Minutes Hate’, a  daily period in which Party members of the society of Oceania must watch a film depicting the Party’s enemies (notably Emmanuel Goldstein ) and express their hatred for them.

In my country (Poland) these topics do not exist:

– Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine

– Newly discovered mass graves of civilians near pro Kyiv battalions

– The bombing of civilians by Azov and Ajdar battalions

– Massacre in Odessa

Even if they do exist in mainstream media they exist only as an example of Putin’s propaganda, which fabricates facts as much as it did at the time of the Stalin regime. To be honest, I don’t know why this is. Maybe it depends on the age of leading Polish political commentators, who remember the Soviet occupation of Poland? Or maybe it is dictated by simple stupidity? Or maybe the reason is the well developed American intelligence disinformation program in Poland like the one I cited at the beginning of the article from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Many Polish readers are probably outraged by the idea of American Intelligence in Poland! After all, it is not possible! Surely here there is only the evil influence of the KGB and the Soviet Union?

However, we come now to the most important issues. To the fact that the very process of independent thinking has now become something ‘dangerous’, unpopular, slanderous and, most importantly, automatically associated with Kremlin activity! So already discredited and when thinking and questioning is in advance ‘bad’ we already have some kind of ‘mental regime’ situation. At this point to the game really come the Secret Service, which behind the scenes controls public opinion through the media, as stated in the quote from Udo Ulfkotte.

The current political movements are created by people who are mentally like those who ‘kill’ themselves in supermarkets in fights for the new iPhone after waiting two days in a queue outside the shop. Political movements are created for idiots. The same supermarket mentality is routed to the so called ‘pro-democracy’, ‘bottom-up’ movements. In the Internet age so-called ‘civil liberties’ and ‘social ideas’ are like products in the supermarket, driving idiotic people in one direction or another like chickens on a farm. Who controls this? Just follow the money. The National Endowment for Democracy ‘known as the head office of regime change’ is doing a good job in Ukraine and has been even longer in China.

Neo-Nazis, mass graves, the massacre in Odessa, attacks on civilians in eastern Ukraine are just figments of Putin’s propaganda to legitimize their attack on Kiev and prevent the independence of Ukraine and attack Poland and Europe. This is the message of the main television stations and major Polish journalists such as Mr. Bronislaw Wildestein who said in his article, “I am a Pole, that is why I am helping Ukraine”

This suggests that those who do not ‘help’ in Ukraine (in the pacification of the people’s uprising in Donbas) are not true Poles. Whereas

“Tales of Ukrainian banderovites and bloodthirsty fascists are only a figment of Putin’s propaganda.”

In my country, ‘helping’ Ukraine is an imperative which is not discussed;

“We should (help) to do it independently of political advantage, because this is a moral imperative.”

There is one reason: behind everything is Putin and his soldiers plus his propaganda machine which invented all of it. Those of my friends who know what’s going on do not say anything about it publicly because they do not want to expose themselves to ostracism from the ‘one right camp’ who want at all costs ‘independence’ for Ukraine. But they also do not want to expose their own friends who offend them because these ‘horrific ideas’ are not compatible with the marked line. Something like a public debate on this issue does not exist. There is only one ‘correct’ truth as in the days of the Cold War; on one side we have the good boys of the free, democratic world namely the USA and the bad boys of the Russians. In this way it is divided in my country

232342The Republic of Lugano’s ban on homosexual relations under penalty of up to five years in prison or four years public work does not in my opinion help East Ukraine as it reduces it to the level of the Middle Ages and puts it on a par with African countries.

The new law is called “The defense of the Christian tradition of the Lugano population from the disastrous influence of the morals of hostile states like the European Union, Canada and the United States”.

East Ukraine at all costs wants to maintain its status quo and not allow the ‘liberal’ west to enslave her with so called Western culture.

The world increasingly mimics patterns coming from America, which create favorable conditions for the American hegemony, exercised indirectly and apparently based on democracy and consensus. Zbiegniew Brzezinski

From this seeming ‘democracy’ and consensus East Ukraine is trying to escape. Personally, I reject both the ultra ‘liberal’ west with its overwhelming stupidity and the apotheosis of plain idiocy and religious fanaticism in the form of imposing ‘one’ correct ‘ religion or customs.

Eastern Ukraine is now an area where two forces are fighting each other: the force of two different cultures and traditions of the west and east. These wild fields are now painfully forming. They look like a mythical (Viking) land where packs of nationalist groups are fighting under various banners.

Azov: The battalion consists of: Italians, Swedes, British, Croats, Greeks, Norwegians, Finns, Germans, French and even Russians. One of the members of the battalion that speaks in an interview granted to Al-Jazeera:

“I fight because soon my country will be not my country. Soon we [whites] will share the fate of the American Indians. “

Rusicz: One of the soldiers who fought in the Rusicz battalion which defeated Ajdar battalion funded by Igor Kolomoisky, the district governor of Dnipropetrovsk says:

Battalion Azov uses a black sun as its symbol. In contrast, the battalion Rusicz which is associated with the separatists uses a reel, the ancient symbol of the Slavs.

No, I’m not a Russophobe. I have nothing against fascism as a political system, but it is not present here. It is a rather aggressive liberal-russophobic gang-speaking idea of ​​a non-existent nation.

Of course, the defenders of New Russia are fighting for various things. Some defend their land, their homes and families. Others want to avenge dead Russians. Still others are fighting for peace in the lands New Russia. And some want to fight against fascism.

Needless to say, fascism in the XXI century is dangerous because it grows with the tacit consent of the majority. Already fascist slogans “Glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes’ throughout Europe are treated not as an analogy of “Heil Hitler” but as something peaceful and democratic.

At the same time Europe sees people who defend their land, homes, and the Russian people as terrorists and occupiers.

In the eyes of most Ukrainians branches such as ours are the equivalent of the terrorist bin Laden and the Ajdar and Donbass battalions- the defenders of democracy.

Russian nationalism, regardless of political orientation mainly puts the interests of the Russian people first and works for the good of the nation. And there is no space here to talk about ethnic cleansing.

Events in Ukraine have divided European nationalists. We have right wing activists from the Italian CasaPound Italia, Czechs Delnicka Town Social Spraviedlivosti, Swedes Nordisk Ungdom independent French and Croatian nationalists. On the Rusicz side: the British National Party, the French National Front, the Greek Golden Dawn, as well as the Hungarian Jobbik. Rumors are emerging of volunteers from Hungary and Serbian Czetnikach who are helping pro-Russian separatists.

Putin, in principle has to be ‘bad.’ Otherwise there would be no longer any argument about installing military bases near the border with Russia and fulfilling the global ambitions of NATO, the organization that should have disappeared after the Warsaw pact.

NATO since the fall of the Berlin Wall has never ceased to expand into the East, which is ignoring the assurances given at the time of Gorbachev and the reunification of Germany. And all for the ‘independence’ of Ukraine. Putin, by joining the Crimea and Donbas leaves Lugansk at the mercy of the civil war, has lost much in the eyes of some Russians who believe that he should defend all these regions and not only the ‘chosen’. This is what is happening now in Ukraine and has nothing to do with ‘independence’. On this issue Alain de Benoist Boulevard Voltaire says:

The errors of nationalist Ukrainians meant that they were pawns in the game. They shoot their compatriots. They exchanged a pro-Russian oligarch for the corrupt “King of Chocolate”, who performs the orders of Washington and the EU. This means that they have chosen a greater evil.

What is new is that Europe no longer needs even the excuse of a “Soviet threat” to justify its Atlanticism. The way in which the public is systematically misinformed on Ukraine is proof of the servility to which the EU has fallen.

And the fact that the United States sees it as the number one obstacle to the New World Order is the justification for the substantive promotion of Putin. Because what is being sought by this globalist agenda is hostile to us, here and now.

According to the deputy prime minister Andrew Purgina in an interview with Press TV, the Ukrainian army in the eastern regions of the country is completely controlled by the United States to the extent that they use the same methods as the United States in the war with Iraq, ie. The destruction of the infrastructure of pro-Russian cities. In addition, American mercenaries were seen in Krasnoarmeysku.

Purgina also informs us that some pro-Russian fighters and civilians were shot dead by the Ukrainian Army and the bodies have been buried in mass graves.

Although according to journalists like Bronislaw Wildstein this is just another lie, or pro-Putin propaganda. I could keep going. In the end, however, we come to the point where you don’t need to say anything. Everything that Putin does is bad, all of Russia is bad, only Czekoladaszenko, Ukraine, and its independence are good. Good ‘democrats’ are Obama and the patriotic battalions of Azov and Ajdar and everything else is just unfounded Putin propaganda.

We come to the moment when there is only one ‘proper truth’. A ‘competent Paper’. A competent TV channel. Inconvenient facts do not exist in the public discourse, not because they are criticized in the public debate, but because they are erased on purpose by the Winstons Smiths of Public Relations, sorry ‘journalism’.

We come to the point where fascist slogans “Glory Ukraine, glory to the heroes’ throughout Europe are treated not as an analogy of “Heil Hitler” but something peaceful and democratic.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.