12.09.2014 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Putin is Becoming the Face of the Global Resistance Movement

43534534The next volunteers who want to fight with the ‘Global oligarchy’ came to Donbas. This time they are French. People from Serbia, Spain, Germany, France, Polish, Israel, the United Kingdom and Greece already fought with Kiev junta. Recently, volunteers look younger: people over forty went earlier to the militia, now the average age wanting to join the army DRL ranges from 18 to 30. More and more people do not trust the corporate media and they see what’s going on in the world. If I did not speak English, unfortunately I would never learn from the media in my country (Poland) what is really the situation in Gaza, Ukraine and the Middle East. ‘One of the French volunteers who fought in Donbas quite bluntly puts it:

“We are French volunteers and the first wave of the whole group, which either prepares to leave or is on the way. We support the geopolitical idea of ​​European unity. We are both revolutionaries and traditionalists. We arrived to Donbas, where civilians are murdered by the people from Kiev. Those who carry out this terrorist operation in the Donbas are minions of the international mafia oligarchs. You must understand that we are dealing with the third world war. It began in Libya, then moved to Syria and now to Donbas. We can see that Russia is one of the few countries that have challenged and personally fight globalism. It’s kind of the Reconquista. We’re here to help Russia in this fight. We’re not here to earn money, we do not take any money from anyone . In fact, we spent a lot to get here. “

The world, despite the American propaganda and huge expenditures on promotion of ‘democracy’ by the United States as in the case of $ 5 trillion to NGOs in Ukraine, begins to stand on the side with Russia. How this is happening, despite the fact that the media do not publish reliable information on Russia and Ukraine, people around the world are beginning to turn their sympathy towards Russia. Paradoxically, after collapse of communism and reversal Russia from its Stalinist history around the world and in Russia, ‘cult of strong leader’ is emerging. Although some people would see ‘democracy’ more in Dmitry Medvedev.

What ‘democracy’ a la Brzezinski looks like we know fairly well (Syria, Libya, Iraq etc.), but more on that soon. I must add at this point that I have never been a sympathizer of the United States or Russia. When I thought about trips abroad last thing I would choose would be Russia that has always reminded me of the KGB, poverty, corruption, banditry, dirt, cold and hopelessness. Books written by the Polish reporters that I read just stressed it more. Russia was presented in my country as a large country which is so backward that you need to see it a bit like some rare animal in the zoo. This image of Russia functions in Poland today. Especially in the Kaliningrad region in which I grew up. Americans also never attracted me. Maybe that’s why I got it now only to ‘end of America’ – this crypto pro-fascist country with the NSA, The National Endowment for Democracy and sponsorship of coups in other countries, wars and extremists. Maybe if I lived in the era of the deep communism in Poland, it would be probably harder to convince me now to the ‘Russians’ and I would sing paeans about the United States and NATO support for Europe being ‘at risk’ a la Radoslaw Sikorski – Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs.

So why Putin, the ‘Russian KGB apparatchik’, post-Soviet agent’ as the media call him, is gaining such popularity in the world? I do not know how much Russia spends on PR. But I know how much the United States spent on it and the sum are really big. However, this flock of sheep begins to see more and more that something is wrong. They begin to realize that Uncle Sam overdone a little bit and he is going to overdo even more and American stories about ‘terrorists’ will not change anything when the armoured cars will ride under your window and shoot at journalists as it happened in Ferguson. And you, without a trial can be pulled out of the house and put on the rest of your life in CIA prison, for example, in Poland. And all of that in accordance with the ‘democratic’ rights as at the time of NSDAP and Reichstag fire.

We know what kind of ‘democracy’ Brzezinski would like to see in Russia. Democracy a-la Obama, or any of the puppet from EU countries – without no one who is responsible for anything. But with lots of people, that can be bribed very easily in order to enter the pro-Western ‘democracy’. Inert and stupid Poland is one of examples, being now a training ground of the USA. This is how it is done here. You drive the country into economic ruin and then you cease to be a Prime Minister, and you take the office in the EU and charge a much higher premium. A great example of such an activity can be our prime minister Donald Tusk which is hated by the majority of Polish people.

America has become a fascist country as Germany in the past. That fact is very hard to understand to the most of the people. This ‘paradise on earth’ has already ended. Even complete idiots are subcutaneously beginning to realize the seriousness of the situation. They still clog up with burgers, doing a ‘selfie’ on Facebook!, But it is the end of this cycle, and everyone probably feel it. Because it’s not some ‘regional’ conflict on shithole of the world. This situation is global. And even those who do not want to feel will be compelled to do so due to the course of events. There is, at the moment, no more talk about escaping to the so called ‘normal life’ and leaving problems at the door. What is happening in the world today touches, in one way or another, everyone.

Global ‘oligarchs’, as we can see do not really like the freedom of information. And precisely on this field, they lose with Mr Putin.

Putin, as opposed to Brzezinski and Western ‘elites’, is not afraid of the media and on the contrary, he uses it for his own benefit. Strangely, this post-Stalinist country is now playing freedom of speech and the press card. An example is the RT which was one of the few media space that introduces a different view of the world than the only competent, public and ‘democratic’ media. Putin used the fear of elites from spreading political awareness on his favour. Introducing a ‘multidimensional’ picture of the world by RT – he advertised, by this move, Russia as a free and pro-developmental country. Even if it is a part of Putin propaganda – as John Kerry said, it still brings into the world what the Western media never show you, because this is poking with their interests. RT just shows us the other side of the coin.

People around the world are becoming increasingly against the international oligarchy, hypocrisy of politicians and the media. Putin as the only one leader of great country caught this surging wave of hatred to 0.0001% of the richest people and the puppet politicians. And as the only one ruler of the large country, he decided to play this card, and therefore, he has gained tremendous support throughout the world in the eyes of the so-called normal people. It is very important that it is not just another puppet of any country of the European Union paid by Brussels or the USA. Putin in his attitude fosters people around the world showing that you can resist the big money, influences and media propaganda. That is why so many volunteers come to Ukraine and fight with Kiev junta.

Ironically, he is not ‘democratic’, shallow diplomat from a liberal country that inspires a rising global opposition, but the former KGB agent that rules great power. He is now an example of the opportunity to challenge the western status quo, hope for those who have nothing to lose. And there are more and more of them with the progressive economic depression.

Why is this happening? The answer is quite simple. On the background of the war campaign played out by Washington, each normal and clear minded man distinguishes very much. You do not need to be someone special. The world has had enough of war, terrorists ‘weapons of mass destruction’, rather poverty and all these ‘gadgets’ which lavishes us the ministry of death from overseas. And above all, a fairly ‘liberal democracy from EU that allows to plunder, the groups on influence, one country after another, because no one in those countries is responsible for anything That means ‘democracy’ by Brzezinski. And if someone cares about his country too much – as a politician can quickly die.

In media and political conditions posed by the United States, you don’t need to perform any sophisticated campaign. Just show what Western information services don’t want to show and everything starts to fall apart. Independent channels are formed all over the world. They grow like mushrooms after rain. People are starting to work together and enjoy the fact that they rise from its knees of sanctions, tax cuts and economic collapse. They begin to see what happens and who got them into it. whereas, Putin walks with these people hand in hand using this trend. He is not afraid of it, does not suppress it as the Western media and Western ‘elite’ do on every level.

16ss14Series of events are now on the side of Putin. What his growing popularity in the world, despite the huge propaganda can prove. People want to live, they want to simply ‘be’, they want to work, to grow, to have a perspective. USA, at the moment, does not give any alternative; nothing but struggles with ‘terrorism’, economic depression, ‘the struggle for human rights’ and the hypocrisy of the western media. Economic hope is at this time with block of China- Russia-Iran-Germany. Because it’s here and not in another war with ‘terrorists’ the hope for peace and prosperity. When you choose this alternative ,you do not look for the alleged “weapons of mass destruction ‘in Iraq, of which the world is already so tired and have less and less faith. I think that, sooner or later, other countries will understand it. Germany will turn to the direction of the block as well as other countries will consolidate, seeing the destruction and death brought by the United States.

More and more people and countries see the destructive policy of the United States that harms the interests of European countries. We have, for example, the Chairman of the opposition party in Greece, who says that we should break anti-Putin coalition. Slovak Prime Minister also criticized the sanctions as a reason for the disruption of gas supplies. Cyprus, Austria, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Italy, France, Bulgaria. All those States did not see any sense in sanctions. 41% of Germany’s economy relies on the export and this is, including advanced technology, which is absorbed by the emerging Chinese market and not collapsing western market.

Most of the gas used in Germany comes from Russia. The largest project carried out by the companies from Germany is building a modern trans-Russia railway from the eastern borders of the EU to the most of the territories of Russia to China. The railway line is to transport goods from China to Europe in much less time than through the sea route. Russia and China, at the moment, are the embodiment of development. We can’t not hide it. People instinctively perceive it and cling to that. No matter how washed out brains they would have. The crux of Putin’s policy is not in the war. Putin leads tactics of ‘no aggression’, he doesn’t surrender to provocation of the United states. But he immediately takes to the very core of the problem and he is trying to cut off at once the hydra heads or (excuse me USA). This is well recognized by Putin aide Sergei Glazin;

These activities should be directed towards undermining American military and political power, based on the issue of the dollar as a global currency. First of all, such measures should include the denial of the use of the dollar in mutual trade and refusal to invest in foreign exchange reserves in dollar-denominated securities. Dollar instruments should be regarded as extremely risky and their use should be avoided.

Together with the measures undermining American potential to finance the growth of military spending political efforts of forming a broad coalition of anti-war are needed, with the aim of condemnation of American aggression and the disclosure of its organizers in Washington and Brussels. Political mobilization of the European business is of particular importance, for which unleashing a new world war in Europe brings no good. And of course the most important task is the liberation of Ukraine from the national-revolutionary regime established by the United States.

Due to this very policy, Russia will not seek to avert a war because the problem is somewhere else

More and more people will go towards Russia and support it. What they have to lose? On the side of the USA and the EU, there are sanctions, war, unemployment, taxes, puppet politicians and economic insecurity? Chinese and Russian side, there is only growth, which bears fruit. Fruits which are on the side of the United States has long been gone.

Therefore, people demand now very strong, decisive leader who will take care of their national interests – God forbid not another ‘liberal democrat’ and technocrat in the service of the people in the shadow. We all feel their ‘liberal’ policy on our skin. The world has had enough of shallow puppets from the EU in the service of the people of big money crippling their hands one country after another. Devoted puppets who sell everything they can, bringing ordinary people to utter ruin. You only need to look at the unemployment rates in Europe and major politicians associated with the Goldman Sachs in European Union.

That is why Putin with all his KGB past serves as the current, final ‘dictator’, but the dictator more and more ‘positive’. Because even this’ dictatorship ‘is nothing in comparison to ‘pro-democratic’ governments of Bush, Obama, Blur, Cheney and other ‘pro-democrats’. What is democracy and what is America is well illustrated by the US chief strategist;

The world is increasingly more likely copies the patterns coming from America, which creates favourable conditions for the American hegemony, exercised indirectly and apparently based on democracy and consensus. And just as in the case of American political life, supremacy exists due to the complex structure of interconnected institutions and procedures designed just to blur the differences of opinion and mask the asymmetry of power and influence. American supremacy is based on a complicated system of alliances and coalitions which literally covers the entire world ‘. Zbigniew Brzezinski

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”