05.04.2014 Author: Jim Dean

Ukraine bans all armed groups – Right Sector Expelled from Kiev

464563“Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them.” – Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

In my last two articles I had predicted the coming showdown between the Kiev coup-meisters and their political muscle, all of the various nationalist street mobsters who helped the Yanukovych opposition take power with the assistance of billions in Western destabilization money.

The thugs thought the reward for putting the new government in power and running off all the former government chiefs should be getting control of Ukrainian internal security, like something out of a Hollywood gangster movie script. They have been going around for weeks, bullying friend and foe alike to keep those inside the Parliament aware that their situation could change just like Yanukovych’s did. After all, they signed a compromise agreement with him, and the celebration party was a violent coup with 100 killed. 

The showdown came sooner than I had thought, with Alexander Muzychko getting killed in a shootout while resisting arrest. Killing Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh’s right hand man left his gang no choice but to demand the replacement of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, whose job they had wanted anyway. If they could be arrested for their depredations upon the people, they would lose their terror power which gave their smaller numbers such political leverage.

What would parliament do? Yarosh was not only a major MP, but was in the middle of putting together a political party of all the stormtrooper nationalists… 50,000 to 60,000 strong, while at the same time rolling them all into a new Revolutionary Guard to hunt down opponents of the coup-meisters. Such a force could come in handy for protection from a counter-coup. 

There were other considerations. How would this look to the EU, IMF and the US, all in the middle of approving aide packages? And these nationalists who were used as a key tool in the overthrow of the old government, if they also found themselves cast aside, what would they do with their newly exercised powers of violent resistance?

The Right Sector thugs did not keep us waiting long. They made their move to pressure Parliament with a show of force at their front door, as 1500 of them demanded the Interior Minister’s head. The gauntlet had been thrown down and decision had to be made quickly as to who was going to be telling whom what to do.

The EU’s Catherine Ashton had already weighed in that the “destabilizing” effect of the ultra-nationalists was undermining the government. She was waving the green flag that she was fine with a crackdown. Yet, only weeks earlier, she had not minded the beatings, burnings and killings that “destabilized” the old government out of power. 

The US was silent publicly, but they obviously agreed with Ashton. Right Sector’s threat to attack all enemies of the revolution once they gained control of the Interior Ministry, code for all Ukrainian Russians, was the major trigger that would force a Russian move to protect the Eastern Russian population. Once that threat was removed, a deescalation was much easier to accomplish, and you saw that the Russian troops immediately pulled back from the border in response. Diplomacy was working.

Russia Today sources gave us a peak inside the Kiev leadership emergency discussions about the Right Sector mobsters outside their doors. Interior Minister Avakov put all of his cards on the table, asking for a complete ban on the 10,000 strong group. The newly appointed Defense Minister Andrey Parubiy was receptive, adding that dismantling the RS would help those at the meeting distance themselves from their ties to them. 

Oleg Tyagnibok, the leader of nationalist Svoboda party was quiet, having been a close Right Sector ally, he was walking a tightrope now, but in a position to grab the leadership of the nationalists away from Dimitry Yarosh. Ahh… politics makes close friends of such people!

Avakov must be a close student of Putin’s tactics… cool under fire, and not prone to over react. He was building consensus within the Parliament while also promising full disclosure of all the details of the Alexander Muzychko shooting, including audio recordings (yes, more of those) and video tape. Avakov knew that discussions were also going on about replacing him, as they had recently with the defense minister. He also was walking a political tightrope.

I suspected that he knew the Right Sector would claim the Muzychko shooting was a political murder, so Avakov had taken great caution to protect himself and his team from the anticipated moves to depose him. I bet my money on Avakov, as he said:

“This will give the public more information about the activities involved in the case. Everyone will be able to decide who is the hero and who vulgar bandit.”

Discussion and planning was going on by all sides over the weekend for the anticipated final showdown this week. As often happens with such events, someone from either side makes a mistake which sets the dominoes in motion. On Monday, a small group of Right Sector thugs got into an altercation off Maidan Square which ended up with gunfire and the Deputy Mayor Bogdan Dubas of Kiev being wounded with a stray bullet along with two others.

A heavily armed band of Right Sector stormtroopers retrieved the shooting party from a restaurant and brought them back to their Kiev base at the Dnepr Hotel. This unfortunate incident had a silver lining. It brought all discussions about what to do to an end. Interior Minister Avakov went on the offense, surrounding the Right Sector headquarters with this special police. The showdown had come down to the wire.

Avakov ordered the RS militants to clear out of the capital, leaving their weapons behind. Parliament was already working on a draft to disarm all the nationalist groups. The Right Sector shooting just put them first in line. Thankfully for all involved, they left the hotel and headed back to Western Ukraine in bus convoys, although with their unsearched baggage. I am sure they have weapons and ammo stockpiled in their home areas, but refusing to surrender them now will get them banned as a political party.

Ukainian Parliament finished their work with 256 MPs passing a resolution to immediately disarm not only Right Sector, but all illegally armed groups, like Svoboda. From the resolution we have:

“Considering the extraordinary public and political situation in the country, aggravation of the crime rate and systematical provocations on the part of foreign citizens in the south-east of Ukraine and in Kiev, the Parliament of Ukraine decrees to oblige the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and Security Service of Ukraine to immediately disarm illegal armed formations.”

It looks like Interior Minister Avakov will continue on with his job. So far we have one dead, a deserving one, and three innocents wounded. That is not a bad start for the Ukrainians dodging another self-inflicted wound.

There may be more shootings and casualties when others do not agree to surrender their weapons. There is finally an ongoing investigation into the Maidan sniper killings, where we may see some surprises regarding criminal conspiracy charges for the coup itself. I suspect that some of the disgruntled Right Sector people will have some tales to tell.

They need to get their act together quickly, as they have invited the IMF plague into their house and are about to find out that being a financially-conquered people might make them long for the good old days of their Russian partnership. They are now poised to become slaves of the New World Order, and the nationalists might one day be put back in play again. 

The NWO just loves threats. And where there are none, they will surely create some to create the circumstances they need to exploit a situation. They have put a prime example of this on the world stage now with this Ukraine fiasco. All other ‘threats’ pale into insignificance to these demons, and the sooner that we all come to accept this hard reality the sooner we can get on with the nasty business of eliminating them for our own survival.

 Jim W. Dean, managing editor for VeteranToday.com, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for “New Eastern Outlook”.