21.03.2014 Author: Jim Dean

Ukraine: Theater of the Absurd Continues

4545“You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.” -Al Capone

The Western Warmongers will not be denied. World instability provocations continue to roll out at a fast pace. It’s almost as if those orchestrating them do not want the public to be looking at any one aspect for too long, or too closely. By this afternoon I was having the whiff of the Israeli’s famous “Chaos Theory” in my nostrils, with chaos orchestration everywhere I looked.

In Intelligence analysis no one believes in unconnected events. You won’t last until lunch on your first day if you do. Your job is to find out what is hidden behind the diversion show being put on for the public. We have a big one going on now, which has a lot of us very nervous.

The Crimea vote news got moved off the front page before the second day was over. Someone had some plans ready to not let the world see happy Crimeans basking in the glow of their new-found state independence.

What has all the markings of an amateur false flag attack occurred with the first sniper shooting deaths there, with two dead and one suspect in custody. One local self-defense member and a Ukrainian soldier were killed, and one of each wounded. The self-defense people were checking into a report of armed men having taken up a position across from a military administration building.

Western media has hyped the story. The topographical map-making facility became a military facility to Reuters, and a military “base” for USA Today. Russia Today had a reporter on the scene quickly who was told of snipers shooting at both sides, similar to what happened on the Maidan, with one being in custody. That a local defense member was killed was at the bottom of their story or missing altogether. It does not take a genius to see our controlled media spin at work here.

But we got another clue very quickly. The “murder my way into power” new Prime Minister, the young Mr. Yatsenyuk, fired off an instant announcement that the crisis had now entered a “military stage.” If he were really concerned about that happening, he would have turned the Army loose on his coup troops, the Right Sektor, Svoboda and UNA-UNSO street thugs turned political muscle enforcers. That highly-disciplined Russian soldiers would attack a facility full of women making maps is not credible.

The above was just the opening act for the Theater of the Absurd today. After learning on Sunday that the Crimean referendum vote would go massively for independence, Lavrov and Kerry came to an working agreement to pursue “constitutional reforms.” These would give more autonomy to those parts of the country concerned about being dictated to and/or exploited by a cash hungry new coup government. That sounded to me a bit like code talk for dividing the country into spheres of influence, a throwback to the pre-WWI days. I will be writing about that in depth in the next month.

Then comes Monday morning where Obama cranks out by executive order the silliest batch of sanctions that anyone can remember, and soon followed by the EU. They had a “black list” of those named for asset seizure and travel bans. At this hour, there have been no seizures and none are expected.

The media even drafted John McCain to put his wonderful “foot in mouth” talents on display. He had already spoken about the US overthrowing Putin next, by rolling through Russian with the Defense of Democracy’s (a CIA front) color revolution. That was pretty funny. But there is more. Angered by the huge pro-independence vote from the Crimeans, McCain then calls Russia not really a country, but a gas station with Putin as its attendant. The reaction to this insanity was talk of early Alzheimer’s disease having come to visit Al Qaeda’s favorite senator. I have already advised Arizona to consider a recall vote to get a new senator… or have John McQaeda institutionalized.

But the madness continues. Our Senate and their AIPAC friends decide to celebrate this week’s ongoing Iran nuclear talks by having 83 senators send a letter to Obama, written by AIPAC as they always are, literally usurping the negotiations with a list of ultimatums that includes Israel’s cherished “no nuclear activity at all.” I did an Al-Alam Panorama show this week with Iran’s Mr. Saleh where the lead-in reviewed how most of the P5+1 group have acknowledged Iran’s right to peaceful enrichment. But none of this matters to Netanyahu.

Gwenyth Todd’s article was prophetic with its theme of while the world’s attention was focused on the Ukrainian crisis, devious parties would be pulling some fast moves, especially those who have a record of doing so, like Israel.

Israeli lobby has a one-two punch in progress, with their Congressional sock-puppet party crashing the Iran nuclear talks with Netanyahu’s demands, and then enter stage left we have Israel’s Defense minister Alon. He picked this auspicious time to announce that if Obama could not do what Israel wanted, then Israel would have to unilaterally attack Iran to set back its nuclear program. You just can’t make this stuff up, folks!

Someone dropped the story this week that Turkey’s Erdogan might block Russia’s Black Sea Fleet from going through the Straits… an act of war if there ever was one. He must not like the poll numbers he is seeing, as he has pledged to retire if his party loses the election. Could he have been offering NATO a favor if they look the other way as he rigs the election? I am sure Gwenyth will be following this closely,  since Turkey was one her countries at the National Security Council.

And to wrap things up, Obama announces he is kicking all the Syrian diplomats out of the US. Thus ends my missive about all these random events. If anybody still thinks they really are, let me know in the Facebook comments where we can carry on the discussion.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for VeteranToday.com, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for “New Eastern Outlook”.