17.09.2013 Author: Vladimir Odintsov

The White House’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ of Chemical Weapons

https://www.unmultimedia.org/radio/russian/archives/137332/Events around Syria in recent months have once again demonstrated the hypocritical policies of the Democratic Party in international affairs.

With the tenacity of a symbol of the Democratic Party of the United States, the White House during past months tried to get the world community to unleash a full-scale war in the Middle East on the basis of the propaganda campaign developed by the CIA and their accomplices about the supposed “chemical threat” Damascus posed to the whole world, using as always false “eyewitness” statements. This time Washington’s gamble failed, and no wonder. After all, Langley analysts have been hatching painfully similar provocations, forgetting the still fresh scandalous failure of analogous recent operations against Saddam Hussein, when even battle-experienced Secretary of State Powell managed to involve them in this farce and force them to wave a test tube of “evidence” before the eyes of UN representatives.

And here again, the same “experts” from Langley are acting as “guarantors of the truth” about Damascus’s chemical weapons. And again, “evidence” is persistently waved by the new Secretary of State who, by the way, is also militarily experienced. Pity the poor gray-haired Secretaries of State who, in front of the whole world, ate the “false candies” tossed to them by the CIA!

And what does the Nobel laureate leader of “world democracy” do? It would appear that fate gave the U.S. Democratic Party a princely gift: the president of the party wins a Nobel Peace Prize! The cards are in his hands to conduct policies of PEACE-KEEPING! But instead, the “dove of peace” rallies the ranks of the military coalition against a sovereign state, which not only is thousands of miles from the United States, but also in no way threatens the “stronghold of democracy”.

It’s just as well that from overseas, from distant Russia (which some U.S. congressmen persist in accusing of “militancy and absence of democracy”) came a life-saving proposal for Barack Obama from Vladimir Putin, calling for Syrian chemical weapons to be placed under international control, allowing the White House to save face on the background of growing worldwide criticism of Washington’s militaristic policy.

But was Obama really able to save face? Let’s look at the example of the White House’s recently demonstrated “zero tolerance” approach to the use of chemical weapons in world politics and conflicts.

Dual approaches in the estimation of events by the Democratic Party illustrate how the White House’s statements lack any evaluation of the United States’ past sins in their own use of chemical weapons:

– between 1944 and 1945, the strong chemical weapon Napalm was used against thousands of Japanese citizens;

– 80 million liters of chemicals were used in Vietnam between 1962 and 1971;

– white phosphorus was used on the Iraqi city of Fallujah against Iraqi insurgents in 2004, which was shown in the film of the Italian broadcaster RAI “Fallujah – The Hidden Massacre”.

To this must be added that the CIA provided “aid” to Saddam Hussein to exterminate Iranians and the Kurds with chemical weapons in 1988, which resulted in the killing of more than 5,000 people and injured about 10,000; thousands of civilians died later from illness and complications caused by this inhuman action.

And U.S. citizens have also experienced the horror of FBI and the CIA hawks’ use of chemical weapons. In 1950, chemical components were tested on the inhabitants of the poor suburbs of the American city of Saint Louis, where 70 percent of the population was children under the age of 12. In 1993, the FBI used chemicals in the town of Waco, Texas, against members of religious pacifist Adventist community, as a result of which 49 adults and 27 children were burnt alive.

Washington relates with obvious condescension to the use of chemical weapons by its satellites and has never unleashed a military campaign against them like the current anti-Syrian one, or even launched any criticism of them. Israel in particular stands out in this area. Israel, under the patronage of the United States, continues to preserve and produce chemical and biological weapons, despite the fact that it signed the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in 1993, but to date it has not ratified it. Thus, a number of humanitarian organizations, among them Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the International Red Cross, has repeatedly reported that in 2008-2009 the Israeli government used chemical weapons (white phosphorus) against its own citizens. It is a widely known fact that Israeli chemical artillery shells were used against Lebanon in 2006. However, to date Washington has taken no steps to “punish” Israel.

This information was supplemented and published in early September in a new expose in the Foreign Policy magazine about confirmation by U.S. spy satellites of a storage center for neurotoxic chemical weapons and bacteriological weapons in Dimona (in the Néguev desert), the existence of which has long been well known in Langley. Even in the Ronald Reagan Library in California a page from the CIA report confirming the fact can be found.

It will therefore be very interesting to see whether we will witness in the near future the initiation by Nobel laureate Barack Obama of a campaign to place Israel’s chemical and other weapons of mass destruction under international control, along the same lines as with Syria. Or, will the president from the Democratic Party once again demonstrate a dual approach, leaving other countries to address this issue to the international community?

Vladimir Odintsov, political analyst, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.