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02.05.2023 Viktor Mikhin
Syria: a new reality in the region

According to numerous reports in the Israeli media, the resumption of ties and normal relations between Saudi Arabia and Syria has caused a state of discontent, severe anxiety and even dismay among the Israeli leadership. These troubles, as noted by the Israeli newspaper World Israel News, have added to the problems that have suddenly presented themselves in all their glory to Tel Aviv of late. Saudi Arabia’s moves to fully restore diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Riyadh’s cease-fire efforts in Yemen are also a major concern for Israel and the United States, which is rapidly losing influence in that part of the world. According to US media, in this regard…

25.04.2023 Viktor Mikhin
Syrian problem. Syria negotiations. United Arab Emirates. Country negotiations.

Numerous facts show that the Syrian Arab Republic is slowly but surely emerging from isolation and entering international life. Although there are still many obstacles on this difficult path, the legitimately elected Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is establishing ties with his neighbors and, above all, with Turkey, which now plays a key role on Syrian territory. It may be recalled that after the outbreak of the Syrian civil war in 2011, the Turkish embassy in Damascus closed in March 2012. Despite this, the two countries maintained some contact even during the worst moments of the Western-imposed conflict. These contacts, mostly between intelligence agencies…