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07.12.2023 Taut Bataut

Germany’s President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s recent expression of ‘shame’ and apology for the colonial atrocities inflicted by his country on Tanzania, particularly during the Maji Maji rebellion in the early 1900s, sheds light on the ongoing global discourse surrounding the colonial legacies of former imperial powers. These instances of apology reflect broader trends in addressing colonial wrongs, while raising questions about the need for more comprehensive acknowledgments of imperialism’s inherent brutality. President Steinmeier’s apology to Tanzania for the…

10.11.2023 Simon Chege Ndiritu

The workweek beginning on 29th October and ending on the 3rd November 2023 is historically significant as European powers return to Africa, in a miniaturized recast of the Berlin conference. Germany and the UK seem to seek to mark territories while offering little to Africans. Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited Nigeria and Ghana, the German president toured Tanzania and Zambia and the UK’s King Charles III toured Kenya…

18.09.2023 Seth Ferris

The US is shifting to Africa, walking away from one car pileup after another! It is ironic, too, especially now that it is helping the French. It is equally sad to witness to what lengths and the “stretch-of-the-imagination” that the US government will go to in deploying troops to faraway places. Most of these young men and women, at least those from America, would not even know where to start looking to find such remote and unheard of spots on a map, especially now with a long list of countries in Africa that is now in the crosshairs of US and French hegemonic interests—and that is for starters!