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08.06.2024 Bair Danzanov

Today, in the era of active development of green energy, which has swept not only developed but also developing countries, traditional energy sources such as brown coal remain important in Mongolia – even though renewable energy sources are being developed in parallel in the country. The authorities of the country, where all major energy facilities were built by foreign (in this case Soviet) specialists many decades ago, have in recent years begun to turn their attention back to thermal power generation, abandoning utopian notions of renewable energy as a universal “panacea” capable of ridding the country of the threat of energy shortages without harming the environment.

03.06.2024 Bair Danzanov

The years 2023-2024 can confidently be called a “boom” period for the development of solar and wind energy in Kyrgyzstan. One of the word’s leading countries in terms of the share of renewable energy in its energy mix, Kyrgyzstan has recently become a haven for investments in green energy from a wide variety of nations. This all ties in with the ambition of Kyrgyzstan’s government to make the Central Asian republic self-sufficient in terms of energy and then transform into an exporter of electricity.

25.11.2023 Taut Bataut

Rishi Sunak’s recent policy changes and the decision to push back key climate commitments have raised serious concerns about the UK’s commitment to fighting the climate crisis. In light of this, the Just Stop Oil protests have gained prominence as they demand immediate action to address the nation’s contribution to the climate problem. Sunak’s U-turn on climate policies, including the delay in phasing out petrol and diesel cars and gas boilers, has prompted a divisive reaction from various quarters, with environmentalists and climate scientists expressing dismay while …