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23.02.2024 Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

The Games of the Future 2024 began in the capital of Tatarstan, the city of Kazan. This international event in the field of sports and high technologies can be considered without the slightest doubt as one of the first major steps in the victory not only of Russia as organizer of these games, but also of the multipolar world in its entirety – freed from the influence of the geopolitical interests of the world minority on the fields of sport and major international competitions.

10.02.2024 Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

The capital of Tatarstan, Kazan, is preparing to host the major international tournament Games of the Future. This event once again proves Russia’s ability not only to organize international top meetings and competitions at the highest level, but also and in general, the country’s confirmed position in the field of high technologies – at the time when the growing national independence in such a key sector maintains its openness to the world and joint interactions. The Games of the Future will therefore be held in Kazan…