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26.03.2024 Brian Berletic

After decades of waging war against impoverished nations with destitute armies, or no standing armies at all, the US has suddenly found itself in a rapidly changing world where peer and near-peer competitors are outpacing it in military capabilities. Many of these capabilities are showing up on the battlefield in places the US has until recently enjoyed relative military superiority. One area the US has found itself particularly weak in is artillery…

26.01.2024 Taut Bataut

The United States finds itself in the midst of a fervent and contentious gun control debate as more than 600 lives have been tragically lost in mass shootings this year alone. This staggering death toll marks the highest in at least a decade, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive. The urgency of the debate is underscored by the recent and deadliest mass shooting of the year in Lewiston, Maine. While the primary focus of this debate often centers on issues like firearm production, distribution, and consumer access, a less-discussed yet vital aspect is the role of …

03.12.2023 Henry Kamens

One of the ways to know what is going on and about ready to go down in the way of conflicts around the world, is to keep your eyes to the sky and observe what is moving to and from various places. Why are so few looking at from where and how Hamas got supplied with lots of weapons and some cutting-edge technology?  One event that few took notice of was recently sponsored by the United States-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce in Baku. In this and other regions of the world, “Charting a Sustainable Future of Air Cargo

26.04.2023 Konstantin Asmolov
North Korean arms trade in the Russian

We recently discussed how stories of North Korean weapons shipments to Russia were now being proven by saying things like, “Here’s a train with weapons on it; you can’t see them, but believe us, they’re inside.” But John Kirby, the coordinator of strategic communications for the National Security Council, showed that he was more than qualified. On March 30, 2023, he said: a) North Korea is working to send dozens of kinds of weapons…