Aleena Im
03.05.2024 Aleena Im

The US has always kept a close eye on China & Russia, since both countries always been proverbial thorns in the US’s side. However, the problem is the hypocrisy that the US displays in every move it makes. Throughout history, infiltrating (directly or indirectly) in the Philippines, Cuba, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, and Libya, US intervention has always been about preserving its own interests in the name of ‘restoring democracy’…

17.04.2024 Aleena Im

It is a safe assumption that the major reason Ukraine is in its current predicament is due to Zelensky’s desire to become the new best friend of the US and its Western allies. Despite several warnings from the Kremlin to not bring NATO to Russia’s doorstep, Ukraine’s efforts to do just that were clear. Ukraine hosted military infrastructure which hosted Western troops, was working on NATO-linked navy bases in the Black Sea region, signed a US-Ukraine Charter on Strategic Partnerships, and was benefitting from US training programs for Ukrainian