07.01.2024 Author: Henry Kamens

Netanyahu, 1st Degree Murder: Appears to be “4” NOTHING less than Complete Eradication?

Netanyahu, 1st Degree Murder: Appears to be

I’ve spent my whole life trying to play nice around this lunacy, acting neutral; I’m finally done with it. I regularly curse Netanyahu and the current Israeli government. And as for US leaders, Biden or Trump, where we have to ask which is the lesser of the two evils. They are nothing compared to Netanyahu. Bibi, as he is also known, is the greatest threat to world peace and the Jewish people since Adolf Hitler.

It is good that he is not the leader of NATO or the US, or he would be worse than the frustrated corporal, especially if he had access to nuclear codes for ICBMs. It is bad enough that he has access to the (never officially confirmed) Israeli nuclear arsenal, but at least those can only be deployed within the range of the Israeli Air Force.

Not to rehash too much history but to just ask a rhetorical question, “Who in the West or Israel remembers what the Zionist did to the Palestinians, and the blowing up of the King David Hotel in 1948, and how Israel country as a country was based on criminal in fact, terroristic, acts. By many standards, not to use the worn out term “international law”, it has no legitimate right to exist, much the same could be said of the US, and it is crashing and burning too!

So ONLY NOW they realize that it not going to be a cakewalk!

Netanyahu seems to be hiding behind the Old Testament part of the Bible as an excuse to torture and murder innocent people and create mass genocide and an exodus. Also, he and the Zionists have brainwashed people into believing a false definition of the word “antisemitism” – and anyone who is not supportive of their mass genocide gets that label.

I have to be careful about how I use the word genocide, as that definition is moving all the time, like goal posts.  Perhaps to be safer, just to write“first-degree murder of a people, intentional murder that is willful and premeditated with malice aforethought.”

Premeditation requires that the accused of having planned the murder before it was committed or was “lying in wait” for the victim.” That appears to have been the case for knowing the Hamas plan and doing nothing, or very little, to foil it. Even the name of the Israeli operation is revealing, and goes more to the side of revenge than it does national security,Operation Iron Swords.

After a number of days of consolidation, Israeli ground forces resumed their advances in Gaza, most notably opening up a new direction south of Gaza City, which saw intense clashes between the Israeli forces and Hamas fighters. It is grabbing more and more Palestinian land, and for the long view of incorporating it into what many want to consider as being Israel proper!

Some things are not changing?

In biblical times, the ancient Jews were known for slaughtering entire cultures, making sure every man, woman, and child was killed, and leaving no stone unturned. Then they claim, “God Told Me To!” Which we know is a typical phrase uttered by mass-murdering paranoid schizophrenics.

As a Jew, I am starting to hate Jews too, not real Jews who follow G-d’s way but those g-dless Zionists who should be hated for what they are doing in Palestine. I hope some of my articles will get some attention, as they describe a highly likely part of the plan of genocide.

American-European Political Perspective

It is becoming less difficult to sift through the lies coming from all sides, not only in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Definitely, my favorite candidate is RFK Junior.

He’s no saint, as he was a womanizer, but I think he’s mature enough and has grown enough and he understands the shady sides of business and war, making and drug addiction and he will tell you he’s an addict, and actually, he understands a little bit about agriculture, which is the way of the future that allows for maximum production without, artificial chemical input, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. and actually could actually put more nutrition in the food.

Kennedy’s numbers are increasing among younger voters. That gives me hope that even if he doesn’t win, his ideas are winning over time,

Conversations I have with people confirm that, in their opinions, the US is like BIG Brother. It’s human nature to fight. I think as long as military contractors make a profit and donate to political campaigns, we will get what we do not demand for. … You know very well when people are getting paid good salaries, they get along very well with their coworkers that they do not like and despise. It’s all about setting expectations.

Most universities have schools of diplomacy. But for what purpose do they exist? People should be able to get along, and we expect it in our neighborhoods. As long as we’re arguing and fighting over our divisive issues, issues that are instigated by the elites to distract and divide us, backdoor deals are taking place which we are not paying attention to, to our detriment.

As the United States is by far the most culpable in that they are the reason that West give billions of dollars per year to Israel  and Ukraine, using them as strategic military bases, to destabilize others with whom don’t see eye to eye. And we don’t really care whether they get along with the Palestinians or not, or any substantial sectionof the world’s population. as long the USA keep its bases and sphere of control.

Burning Flags is no longer free speech

And so much for free school, at least in EU and US supported countries. Interestingly, a young Georgian just got arrested and is threatened with 6 years for burning the EU flag. The EU mission demanded he be prosecuted. Now people are burning copies of the flag all over the country.

Naturally, the Georgian headlines describing the event are quick to fix the blame, Pro-Russian radicals from the Alt-Info organization have been burning European Union flags in Georgia.

At least in America, burning a flag is still considered as exercising your Constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech, and to torch a flag, American or otherwise, is the same as giving a speech.

Propaganda obviously! Why pro-Russia and not anti-EU? I know some of the guys involved. Anti EU is the correct description. Soon it will be as bad in the West and the EU, the blowback over sharing opinions that are not politically expedient, as we can see from the fascist laws on “hate speech” and “disinformation” that various EU governments and the Anglosphere are rushing through without much, if any, public consultation.

When I was saying to people jokingly in the US that Europeans had become skeptical of the US, I expected more people to laugh and say they didn’t care or something…most now laugh nervously and say they should be and ask me how to get out of the US themselves.

Meanwhile, in the EU, freedoms are being restricted; a recent article in Die Zeit magazine showed only 40% of Germans felt they could express their opinions freely. I doubt this is any higher in other western European countries, especially Ireland or the UK.

No wonder the powers that be feel they can cover up the most horrendous genocide being carried out by the Israeli state against the Palestinians. The only question is, who is next?


Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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