27.12.2023 Author: Henry Kamens

“Onward Atheist Soldiers/Neo Nazis” GIVEN the ‘Godless GREED of MOST Leaders!”

“Onward Atheist Soldiers/Neo Nazis

It makes one wonder with “glee and awe”, a strange combination of words, and is almost as good as shock and awe, as if they actually believein the headlines they write, and if they are so naïve to actually believe in the fairy tales they are spreading. Now it seems that the U.S. and Ukraine are searching for a New Strategy after a Failed Counteroffensive, as reported by the NYTs.

“We can’t let Putin win” said Biden as he pressed Congress for a new round of funding for Ukraine.

“It’s in our overwhelming national interest and international interest of all our friends. Any disruption in our ability to supply Ukraine strengthens Putin’s position.”

So I speculate that after Ukraine, as was the case in Afghanistan after 20 years with “boots on the ground” there, a new war is needed, but with whose boots on the ground? And expect it to be spread wider in the Middle East, expanding from Israel and Palestine to take in Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, for good measure.

If Ukraine is willing to promise to ‘jump and dance’ for EU membership status, then what would it be willing to do for never-ending military assistance or NATO membership status?

This question insinuates they would “bend over and take it” in return for military aid, which is what the Ukrainian government and its military are already doing for all practical purposes.

It is claimed how [recently] one of the representatives of the Ukrainian parliament proposed that if the US assists Ukraine, then in the future Ukraine will assist the US in all military operations with Ukrainian soldiers. It doesn’t matter on what continent they might be needed.

With this proposal, if true, the Ukrainian government effectively proposes to feed its young men and women into a perpetual meat grinder, for the sole benefit of their US masters and to line their own pockets with blood money.

All the while, with last-ditch efforts to gain more military aid for Ukraine, as reported by Al Jazeera, Moscow is ‘very attentively’ watching as US President Joe Biden and Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy meet in Washington. The Kremlin is predicting that more US aid to Ukraine will end up as a “fiasco”.

I think it’s quite simple, if you’re asking not hundreds but billions, especially if you are already a billionaire yourself, then the result will be a fiasco.  Zelenskyy is a vile, corrupt man who plays with the lives of millions of people around the world for his own personal gain.

At this time, nothing is being produced except destruction. Zelenskyy and his US cheerleaders dragged Ukraine into war.  He must bear personal, half-disclosed responsibility.

 I think future generations will judge him the same way as others like him were once judged. Perhaps he will suffer a similar fate.

This is all the more likely given he was elected on a peace ticket, promising to come to an agreement with Russia, a promise he quickly reneged on once in office, perhaps under pressure from his western “friends”.

Already the tides of public opinion are changing, as the war in Ukraine nears the two-year mark, about three in ten Americans (31%) say the United States is providing too much assistance to Ukraine in its fight against Russia, while about half say either that the U.S. is providing the right amount of support (29%) or not providing enough (18%).

It should come as no surprise that the money pipeline is now plugged, or at the least delayed, in the wake of the Ukrainian head of state having arrived in the U.S. on Dec. 11, seeking to “reinvigorate support” for Ukraine.

So far, a 61-billion USD funding request for Ukraine has been stalled amid political infighting in Congress and opposition from parts of the Republican Party, according to the Ukrainian media.

And only to listen to what justification Zelenskyy gives to those who dare ask: “How do you answer people who say that we can’t afford more aid for Ukraine”what does the beggar in chief demand?”

“Think about the war, think about how to defend our people, don’t travel through the world each day, travel to the front line. Ask people, ask soldiers what do they need, not build roads, for today, don’t do it! Spend all your money on weapons, to the drones, to society to the pensions and etc. Don’t cry because you are leaders!”

Begging for YET MORE & MORE “Military Assistance”

However, the ones most responsible have total impunity.  Kremlin spokesmen Dmitry Peskov is saying what most already know but are afraid to admit to the outcome of “pleading meetings” in Washington to beg for more “military assistance and money would not change anything on the front line in Ukraine, nor change the progress of Russia’s “special military operation” in the country.”

Any further United States aid to Ukraine will be a “fiasco”, the Kremlin has said ahead of a meeting in Washington between US President Joe Biden and Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Scared the Most?

This challenge to presidential immunity may sink Trump…but may well scare the hell out of Biden as well.  He is destroying his party’s base by overestimating unconditional support for Israel and Ukraine…and combine that with the fact that people simply don’t like him because he is too old, too senile, and out of touch with reality.

As shown by what one political candidate in Kentucky, Geoffey Young, running for Congress, described as his motivation:

America is in BIG trouble and has been for the last several decades, the military-industrial complex, the President (whether Democrat or Republican), the US military and CIA, the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, and our so-called allies (for example, NATO and Israel) have been waging unjust wars all around the world, none of which we had to fight to defend our country.

He confirms that all of America’s wars since 1945 have been unnecessary, unjust, immoral, and illegal. Adding that, “When any country goes berserk like that, it makes more and more enemies, loses its former friends, and earns the lasting hatred of about 7 billion out of the world’s 8.1 billion people. America will be destroyed.”

Not necessarily invaded and conquered, but destroyed economically and turned into a failed state like Libya, Afghanistan, or Ukraine.

Horns of a Dilemma

NB, as I was putting on the final touches, I found an interesting footnote, NYTs, “House Republicans still claim that they will not vote for additional aid for Ukraine without additional funding at the southern border and Democrats are simply not interested in that southern border bit. This puts the aid package at a standstill.”

It is hard not to fully agree, considering how the so-called leaders in Washington today are the worst in the history of the US, as they [act as] are on the payroll of others. And to add insult to injury, the large mainstream media (MSM) corporations have never been more biased, pro-war and so full of propaganda, spin, and hate than they are nowadays.

I truly hope the Republicans, for all their faults, stick to their guns, and refuse to vote for more aid for the Nazis in Kyiv.

Meanwhile, due to the ongoing suicidal tendencies of western businesses, there are plenty of opportunities to be had in Russia, for those willing to fill the gaps as European and American brands “cut off their nose to spite their face” by leaving the Russian market.


Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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