20.10.2023 Author: Henry Kamens

Why are Ukrainian Soldiers SO Prone to EDPs and are Multi-Drug & Antibiotic Resistant?

Why are Ukrainian Soldiers SO Prone to EDPs and are Multi-Drug & Antibiotic Resistant?

The never-ending bioweapons’ lab story, with the alleged network of US funded military labs in places like Georgia, Ukraine and Africa, is one story that just won’t go away.   Many officials, especially those connected to the US government, would rather label it as a conspiracy theory, and those who investigate and report on it as agents of Russian disinformation.

Regardless, it should be center stage to what is a rapidly growing emergency, a public health threat to all of humanity.  Naturally, most of those in the know, would rather write off any one making specific claims as a mad hatter, and accuse them of spreading yet more “conspiracies and clickbait news articles”.

But times are changing, and the MSM is picking up where the mad hatters left off. Such titles will make you stand up and take note; Ukrainian soldiers develop infections resistant to almost all antibiotics – Financial Times reports.

Wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have contracted infections that cannot be treated with antibiotics, reports the Financial Times. Compounding the issue in the Eastern European country is the collapsing healthcare system, as the economy goes with it.

“In a US military hospital in Germany earlier this year, doctors made a worrying discovery when they examined a wounded Ukrainian soldier… His infection was resistant to almost every antibiotic available,” according to the British newspaper, and not a tabloid!

What’s going on here?

The range of recent stories shed light on what is going on, a report published back in July in Emerging Infectious Diseases, in collaboration with the CDC, highlights the increased risk of multidrug-resistant (MDR) organism transmission and infection posed by the conflict in Ukraine.

The case studies of  injured soldiers, with multiple wounds and some with acute burns   over 60 percent of the body raised red flags that antibiotics were not working, and treatments for infection were in vain, so much so that the patient had to be evacuated to Germany, and even their doctors were faced with the same dilemma, and an investigation showed the continued resistance could be linked to mutations – which could be lab induced, meaning that there was potential for having been genetically engineered … and for offensive purposes.

 Antibiotic resistance is nothing new, especially in a hospital environment, even in the West. However, what makes this story more newsworthy is that the evolved strains of bacterial infections are spreading among soldiers in Ukraine, and present cases that are so mystifying that even Western doctors are perplexed as to the actual causes—and even if they could understand the evolution of EDPs, Especially Dangerous Pathogens, they would not be able to published their results.

Antibiotic Resistance among Human White Rats

Hence, the topic of antibiotic resistant infections…. and claims that members of the Ukrainian  military were tested somehow, i.e., used as unsuspecting white rats, and somehow, accidentally or intentional, left more vulnerable to a range of infections…

The science isn’t clear here, or still remains under wraps, and is there anyone we can ask?

I recently received this request – and responded, do you know any of the researchers on the attached list of bioweapons researchers, especially any of the ones now running scared? Are any of those guys that were afraid of me still in Tbilisi?

It might be a good time to twist their tails? Do you know this farm expression, as when you want to get a cow to go into a head gate or move up a loading ramp? Even from a distance, they can still be twisted.

The response was: “Unfortunately, my foreign contacts that were at the lab are long gone” and Good Riddance! 

It is not as if they would have been able to contribute more to what we already know, based on the treasure trove of incriminating documents collected over the years from the Lugar Lab and G. Eliava Institute of Bacteriophages, Microbiology and Virology. Both facilities are based in Tbilisi, Georgia, and with their supporting roles in bioweapons research, including the alternative to traditional antibiotics, the information gained from sources is not only concerning, but terrifying.

4-the sake of investigative journalism

First, we should start with what is known from an academic perspective, as there is little doubt that many of the challenging infections from the recent conflict in Ukraine have been poorly investigated. However, there are some studies, albeit not totally conclusive ones.  Such studies have sought to describe the phenotypic and genotypic mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in pathogens associated with war injuries in the Ukraine conflict.

One thing is clear, and not only in German hospitals, where they are fighting against these antibiotic resistant germs – the incidence of resistance among the studied pathogens was [much] higher than that in Ukrainian civilian hospitals and European countries.

One German source shared, “in Georgia/Ukraine they are producing such Especially Dangerous Agents, and here in Germany, we are fighting them.” Basically, the same has been echoed in Georgia by Jeffrey Silverman, who has written intensively about bioweapons research in the country, who says that the flagship of bioweapon labs is there, and those labs are but cogs in the BIGGER wheel of things.

Here is some confidential information; this makes good reading, the latest materials as supplied from those close to the Lugar lab, some former US Defense contractors, and this applies to and other labs in Georgia, including those involved in alternatives to antibiotics, bacteriophages.

It is not difficult to understand what they are doing here, he adds, with the nexus with finding a baseline of innate resistance among human lab rats, so to make better and deadlier bioweapons, or perhaps to find a cure for the weapons they have already created or which are currently being developed, the next generation of lab nastiness, infectious agents.

In layman’s terms, with tongue in cheek, “they have the map already, for how diseases and resistance to treatments interact, how pathogens evolve, in both their physical appearance and genetic combinations,” and some faster than others, especially with the help of humans.  This explains how other diseases, such as HIV, TB and COVID, can become fatal when otherwise they would be treatable had they continued to evolve in nature—on their own.

Petri Dishes and Antimicrobial Stewardships

Mad scientists are working faster with their petri dishes than nature and the human immune system have the capacity to keep up, even with the help of efforts to develop the next generation of antibiotics, and at this rate, a depopulation event may be on the horizon, especially for those who don’t have access the alternative to antibiotics, e.g., lacking the cure “, i.e., the anti-venom, for the proverbial deadly-snake-bite.

Such scary titles should come as no surprise: Ukrainian soldier riddled with extensively drug-resistant bacteria. In terms of what may “likely” have been designer bugs, “whole-genome sequencing identified an array of antibiotic resistance genes,” as is being reported in the academic literature.

Possible explanations include a range of theories, which are supported by some very serious allegations. Perhaps one or more of the US funded bio labs or storage facilities of EDPs got hit by a stray shell or some bio agents were left unsecured, or both, and then soldiers and civilians were infected, directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, which a moot point at this stage of a public health investigation, and another source shares:

“Looks like someone may have hit one of the US biolabs there. In other news, even more US military resources are being used in Ukraine than what we’re being told because they’re now sending their wounded to Germany to be treated in US Army hospitals.”

Regardless of the ledger of truth or innocence, what we do know for sure: “Since March 2022, there has been an emergence of multidrug-resistant organisms (MDRO) in the Netherlands in patients originating from Ukraine”.

For about half of these patients, a recent hospitalization in Ukraine was reported. Most certainly, as elsewhere in the world, this may have been a contributing factor, however, it does not explain the range of resistance to so many microorganisms being encountered by those with contact with Ukraine.

However, this tendency is but the tip of the iceberg as to what may be already happening across Europe with so many refugees, mass movement of people in general, with some carrying all kinds of EDPs, infections, and STDs. Many of them constitute what are “bridge populations”, sex workers, and drug users, those who are more open to casual encounters with many partners, so the prevalence of multidrug-resistant organisms and emerging infections, including old and new STDs is just gaining a foothold.

Hence, this flood of biological bugs, bacterial and viruses may be just the tip of the iceberg, and what has been reported about antibiotic resistance among Ukrainian soldiers is just a friction of what is to come of EDPs and multidrug-resistant organisms for Ukraine, Europe and the World.

And it was not by accident! It is highly suspected that US funded bio research projects, and the unofficial research, is intended “to weaponize” new strains of especially deadly pathogens (ESPs) that naturally exist in this region.

As with any weapon, biological or conventional, there is always collateral damage. This makes good reading, not for what it says, but what it provokes one to think.

Can we imagine having to explain these labs and bioweapons programs, the risks and ramifications, to anything but a psychopath?

McGann PT, Lebreton F, Jones BT, Dao HD, Martin MJ, Nelson MJ, et al. Six extensively drug-resistant bacteria in an injured soldier, Ukraine. Emerg Infect Dis. August 2023

And it is not hard to understand what they are doing here, based on previous articles, and how to use finding a baseline of innate resistance, so to make better and deadlier weapons, or perhaps to find a cure for the weapons they already created.

They are psychopaths. The notorious Dr. Josph Mengele never had such an opportunity to exercise such freedom – and even to experiment on German soldiers, those on his side. Dr. Death would have been envious of the freedom the current monsters have and to get away with such sinister research, and to be able to function with total impunity.

At least, he only killed and experimented on “untermeshechen” – and so-called enemies of the Nazi Regime.


Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.  

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