21.03.2023 Author: Henry Kamens

Are Young Soldiers being used as White Rats in Georgia and Ukraine?

Chemical weapons

Once something is denied, and adamantly, you can suspect it is either true or something which raises too many inconvenient questions. Old news, such as US Produced Sarin Gas Used in Syria in Ukraine Lab, is now very current when we see vivid clips of Russian soldiers suffering horrific deaths from canister of poison gas dropped from drones.

The news in question dates back to 2014, when several US defence contractors apparently died in the same manner in Tbilisi Georgia, after working in the US-funded Lugar Lab. Their deaths were officially described as food poisoning, and Georgian journalists were threatened not to cover the story by Georgian intelligence.

However, several sources from the US military-intelligence journal Veterans Today, including the US Veterans Gordon Duff and Jeffrey Silverman, both frequent contributors to NEO, have gone to lengths and described how “US Contractors were involved in Syrian Chemical Attacks” blamed on the Government of Syria as part of a false flag attack in 2014.

Duff has detailed the mechanism for transferring chemical weapons by sea from Georgia to Syria. Silverman has confirmed how Duff provided him with information, based on reliable sources, and that he and a team of American veterans found that the supply of chemical weapons in Syria entered from outside, via Turkey.

In fact, Silverman was detained several years ago by Georgian Security for following a shipment from a BP warehouse in Borjomi to the Turkish border, by truck that was then intercepted by Turkish intelligence, MIT, posing as sheep herders, and moved forward for apparent end use by Syrian rebels.

It is worth nothing that Silverman had previously been stationed, whilst attending the University of Kentucky, at the Bluegrass Army Depot, Richmond Kentucky, the main Chemical Weapons Storage site in the US, and knew as an insider how such weapons are stored, transports and can be deployed — and the links between Bechtel National and claims of a network of US bio weapons labs, research facilities, public health as their purported mandate, in Georgia and the former Soviet Union.

Ukraine as well!

Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) is committed to providing America’s Joint Warfighters with reliable, timely and cost-effective munitions and chemical defence equipment in support of full spectrum Military Operations, so it says. That most likely includes Ukraine as well, though it doesn’t say that

But BGAD is home to more than a chemical weapons stockpile. Amongst its other missions, it’s also the location of 902 earth-covered magazines, known as igloos, of which 853 are used to store a variety of conventional munitions destined for the US’s joint warfighters around the world.

Duff and Silverman have also detailed how heavy materials, which can be used to build underground bunkers and special chemical, biological or even nuclear research facilities, were imported into Georgia back in 2010.

Russian State TV, Izvestia, aired a series of investigative reports in late February on how the US military has relocated some of its bio materials (ESPs, especially dangerous agents) from Ukraine, and detailed how Nazi-style experiments with dangerous viruses are still being carried out in the Georgian capital on its population, including young military recruits.

It is claimed that mass indignation about this has already flared up in Tbilisi. More and more is being learned about the dangerous experiments still being conducted in the Lugar Center, which is controlled by the Pentagon, Georgy Dzhabishvili, the Georgian-based freelance correspondent reported.

US military projects in Georgia, Ukraine and NATO allies

Dzhabishvili recently interviewed several respondents who have been collaborating in investigating the inconvenient links between US military projects in Georgia, Ukraine and NATO allies. Following earlier investigations by Jeffrey Silverman and Gordon Duff, in tandem with Georgian investigators have also managed to obtain evidence of chemical and biological weapons for use by the Ukrainian military.

For example, there is a short clip in which two Russian soldiers on an operation go into convulsions, likely from a nerve agent capable of causing an agonising death. This can be watched in the link above, but viewer discretion is advised.

According to General Tristan Tsitelashvili, a retired Georgian General, the reaction seen could only be produced by poisoning, and is “scary to look at”. Biological and chemical weapons are forbidden to be used, and the United States, like Ukraine, has signed all the conventions and documents which ban them.

“As a military man, I can’t even imagine how you can get to the point where you decide to use such weapons. They should all be tried in the Hague Tribunal. Everyone! Both the organizers and those who use weapons of this type”, said former Georgian General Tsitelashvili.

The General is confident of his allegations, as he has received copies of secret documents tracking the route of the “test tubes”- canisters, petri dishes – hurriedly taken out of Ukraine and subsequently delivered to the Richard Lugar laboratory.

“I know for sure about at least a whole shipping container that was brought here. There could be almost anything: in Ukraine they produced, for example, special pills, after taking which soldiers will throw themselves under tanks, or asphyxiating gas, the stocks of which were already used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, he said.

It was such laboratories, in Ukraine and other locations, that Russian President Vladimir Putin was referring to in his State of the Federation speech two weeks ago when he stated that that their threat was one of the reasons for launching a special military operation.

The result of American biologists’ work was widely apparent in Tbilisi back in 2012, just a year after the grand opening of the laboratory and even years before. Silverman suggested the same in several TV interviews two months ago, and detailed that “when history is written, one of the main reasons for the Russian special operation in Ukraine will be that of the bio threat it presents to Russian National Security and International Public Health and Safety.”

The existence of such biological laboratories in Ukraine was officially confirmed by the United States on March 8. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said that biological research should not fall into the hands of Russian forces, which it couldn’t do if it wasn’t there.

Bring it home

It is becoming clear that all effort is being made for this not to happen, and the US military and its civilian contractors are working together to transport the bio-laboratories from Ukraine to Georgia. Experiments with dangerous viruses are now being conducted in the Georgian capital.

It is hard to say where all this is leading, as there are many allegations of what these labs are actually involved with. Back in May, Jeffrey D. Sachs, along with Columbia University professor of Neil L. Harrison, penned an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggesting Covid-19 had originated in a laboratory.

It is hard on one’s reputation and career to question what appears to some as the obvious. However,  “In June, [Sachs] went even further in his public statements at a Spanish think-tank, describing the COVID virus as probably having an American origin, and considering links with the NIH and China, via EcoHealth Alliance, there is a can of worms waiting to be opened”.

Truth will set you free

FBI director now says COVID pandemic ‘most likely’ originated from Chinese lab Department of Energy has also concluded COVID-19 pandemic likely originated from lab leak in China

They act like this is “news”—with three years of silence, and silencing everyone who suggested this. It was always obvious and why only now does the FBI and the Department of Energy finally admit what was actually known. What about all those people they silenced in recent years who were saying this all along? Will they even get an apology?

We know from US military documents that in Georgia and Ukraine, a total of 3,000 young recruits, often under duress and without proper informed consent, had their blood used as part of the Pentagon’s offensive programme covered by the flimsy veil of civilian research. It is hard to find any public mention of this study, only described as Human diseases epidemiology and EDPs surveillance in Georgia CBR/DTRA, GG-21.

Some of the studies being conducted include those into anthropoid-borne and zoonotic infections such as Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF, West Nile virus (WNV) brucellosis, tularemia, anthrax, Q fever, etc. Despite the alleged importance of these for public health, the GG-21 programme is only ever mentioned as a footnote; however, all of its insidious purpose has been cleansed from the internet.

The author has compromising documents related to this research, provided by concerned citizens working in the Lugar Lab, both US and Georgian citizens. These state its purpose as to:

(1) Determine the prevalence and serological diversity of CCHFV and Hantaviruses in patient populations using samples collected from previously funded CBEP projects, human samples (GG-21). Selected samples will be sent to the USAMRIID for virus-specific neutralization tests in BSL-3 or BSL-4 containment laboratories.

All this is purported to be part of the effort to establish strategic research collaboration between the Georgian Military Hospital and the US Army Research United (USMRU-G) to target EDPs, especially dangerous pathogens. The experimental nature of this work is confirmed by the Military’s own documents, which describe how most of the material used in the study is not licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration, and are the not very accurate ELISA, rapid tests.

The research is to determine epidemiological risk factors associated with prior exposure, and to make use of the military disease surveillance system for scientific research on especially dangerous pathogens (EDS). It is expected that the blood samples from 1,000 young military recruits, often draftees, will be used as part of a broader US military project, which also involves 2,000 so-called recruits from Ukraine. The knowledge gained will establish baseline for 14 pathogens; and, together with a survey and medical review will be used for military purposes.

To put this in simpler language – as Silverman described in a recent TV interview, “They took hundreds of soldiers, young naive people who should not be allowed to sign any contracts, gave them insurances—claimed they provided informed consent, drew blood from them, and then tested them on what they could resist and “possibly” what they could not.

“According to PISA tests results, and varies media reports, 60-70 percent of 15 year olds in Georgia in every given year are functionally literate. The PISA plus Report of 2009 showed that only 38% of students in Georgia were estimated to have a level of reading literacy at or above the baseline needed to participate effectively and productively in life.

“Naturally many of those who end up in the military are those unable to circumvent the draft by going to university or finding medical or other innovative ways, including payment, to avoid mandatory service. Naturally their literacy level is lower, and as a young solider, you are scared shitless of authority, your stronger peers in training, and do what you are told, or you may face harsh consequences, at least in their imaginations, when they get back to the barracks”.

Was this a test of bio weapons?

The anticipated duration of the Georgian study is approximately 5 years, according to confidential US military documents.  It is anticipated that sooner or later, since the records will be held indefinitely by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency, history will be written as to the true intentions of this apparently illegal research.

Investigators in the study seem to have ignored the Nuremberg Protocols and the legal grounds for the protection of human subjects in clinical research, and may face the same legal remedy. The Nuremberg Code, drafted at the end of the Doctor’s Trial in Nuremberg in 1947, has served as the basis of medical and research ethics for the past 60 years.

Close examination of it reveals that it was based on the Guidelines for Human Experimentation of 1931. Did not the Germans draw blood from children in Ukraine and parts of the former Soviet Union for their war wounded?

It is good to know that, according to the project report, “it is very unlikely that the amount of blood drawn from each volunteer during this study would lead to any symptoms of anemia.” However the report also states that “there is no direct benefit to individual volunteers for participating in this research study.”

Therefore the only purpose of this study is bio weapons-related research, which is illegal under international treaty law. All exclusion criteria will be self-reported, no verification of age will be performed and none the listed side effects considered.

Many recruits, aside from not being literate, come from minorities in Georgia. This, coupled with the fact that informed consent, as specified by US DOD regulations and public health regulations in Georgia, was never sought, brings the study close to a Joesph Mengele style war crime.

Informed consent translation

The regulations of the study state: “If the volunteer is unable to read the Informed Consent Document, it will be read aloud to them by a study team member, the volunteer will place his mark or fingerprint on the signature line, and a non-study team member witness will observe the process and provide their signature and date on the ICD”. But this document is written in the Georgian language, and not all recruits know it, as they belong to the Azeri, Armenian or other ethnic groups.

No mention is made of how to deal with those who don’t know Georgian well, only that all translations will be performed by a trained translator who will translate the English version into the Georgian language. I wonder if this was the case in Nazi death camps.

Naturally the deaths associated with this study have been attributed to COVID. The last section of the report, 9:0 Reporting of Unanticipated Problems and Deaths, sets very restrictive criteria for the definition of these, which are:

  • Unexpected (in terms of nature, severity, or frequency) given the approved research procedures and the subject population studies;
  • Related to possibly related to a subject’s participation in research; and
  • Suggest that the research places subject or others at greater risk of harm (physical, psychological, economic, or social hard) than was previously known or recognized.

These documents have been shared by those working in the military and the Lugar Lab with investigative journalists. Some fact checking sites want to dismiss them as fake news, Russian disinformation, and attack the journalists involved.

There have even been threats and physical attacks against the main investigative journalist who exposed the bio weapons program in Georgia. So this is about public health?

Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

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