31.10.2022 Author: Vladimir Danilov

The Muslim world blames NATO and President Biden for the events in Ukraine

The Arab-Muslim world is following the course of the Russian special operation against the Kyiv regime very closely.

The interest in these events is explained not only by the very negative attitude of this region to the attempts of certain Western circles to use the example of the actions of the Kyiv authorities to revive the neo-Nazi ideology and policy, which over the past eight years have tried to commit genocide against the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine. And also after the beginning of hostilities with the bombing of peaceful cities, the atrocities of neo-Nazi formations such as “Azov” (banned in the Russian Federation), murders, and savage massacres of prisoners of war, they showed the whole world their true criminal nature.

The Arab world knows firsthand the horrifying consequences of the actions of the Nazis, not just from hearsay, but from the punitive actions of Rommel’s Africa Corps during World War II. In particular, 80 years ago he unsuccessfully attempted to seize Alexandria, Egypt. Rommel’s aspirations for the Suez Canal, Palestine and the oil fields of the Middle East are not forgotten in this region, especially after the Nazis had captured the city of Tobruk in Libya in June 1942. They also remember that the focus of the German North African military campaign was, among other things, the extermination of Jews in the Middle East.

But the attention to the events in Ukraine is also caused in the Middle East region by the fact that it is well understood here that the special operation launched by Russia was provoked by the West and today it has obviously become an open confrontation not only between Washington and Moscow. But also more generally the so-called “collective West” against Russia. And the result of this special operation will be not only its completion with the ultimate victory over the next neo-Nazi offspring in Europe, by analogy with Moscow’s resumption of its success in World War II. But also the final scrapping of the unipolar world that the well-known forces had already tried to establish during the Second World War.

That the United States has long planned these events in Ukraine and is trying to turn them into a third world war in order to destroy Russia is written today by many media, including Arab ones. For instance, the Lebanese publication Al Mayadeen stresses that it is Washington and US President Biden who are not only manipulating Europe in the events surrounding Ukraine as if in a puppet theater but also dragging China into the confrontation and trying to involve other regions of the world. This dangerous scenario had been planned by the United States many years ago and the active stage of its implementation began last fall. One of the stages was the NATO exercises in the Arctic, Polaris-2021, whose goal was to fight Russia.

However, the establishment in the United States and Great Britain, which actively participates in all recent anti-Russian actions, wants to destroy not only Russia, but also Europe, annihilate the European economy and shift industrial and economic capital to America. It was precisely these goals that were served by the terrorist sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines, through which Washington wanted to deprive European partners of the benefits of buying cheap Russian gas for many years.

The fact that the United States has been preparing the ground for the Russian-Ukrainian conflict since 2014 is described in the Qatari Al Jazeera. It reminds readers not only that Washington has been in full control of Kyiv’s politics since the fall of the Ukrainian government in 2014, but also that the United States has been actively involved in training the Ukrainian army and deploying US intelligence units. And confirming this provocative role of the United States, the publication notes that the amount of funds allocated by the US Department of Defense alone to support Kyiv has increased from hundreds of millions to $17.5 billion in 2021. And all of this, as pointed out, is in order to overthrow Vladimir Putin and put a “more cooperative” president in his place, as was the case in Ukraine.

The fact that the United States does not take into account the concerns of ordinary residents of Ukraine and Russia regarding the current military actions of the neo-Nazi regime of Kyiv, is quoted by the publication and compared with the actions of the United States against Kuwait. In particular, when Washington besieged Iraq for ten years after Kuwait’s liberation, depriving Iraq of food and medicine, which led to the death of thousands of children under the total dissemination of lies by the “free” American media about the true situation and with the support of the Iraqi puppet government.

            The Emirati Al-Ain draws attention to the fact that the United States is not only igniting the fire of World War III but also against the backdrop of the events in Ukraine, it is pushing Finland and Sweden to join NATO and initiating the militarization of the Baltic Sea. Especially given the alliance’s intention to deploy nuclear forces directly on Russia’s borders. Such blatantly provocative policies will certainly worsen relations between Germany and Russia and threaten stability in the Arctic. But such actions force Moscow not to stand by idly, so that soon the center of Europe as well as the Baltic region would find themselves at the epicenter of a storm initiated by Washington.

However, the Ukraine crisis has helped the Arab world rethink its role in the global political and economic game and reassess its political guidelines and the behavior of former Western “allies.”

According to the Lebanese newspaper Al Mayadeen, the recent spike in tensions between Moscow and the Eastern European countries hostile towards Russia, particularly Poland and Ukraine, is proportional to Turkey’s significant increase in importance, and not only as a center for exporting Russian gas to Europe. With the sabotage of the Northern Streams on September 26, the West has further strengthened Ankara’s role for Moscow in implementing joint projects and policies. In particular, in the creation of a gas hub in Turkey, the construction of additional capacity in the Turkish Stream. At the same time, Moscow is actively investing in relations with Ankara, and not only in the gas sector, although the energy issue is an important dimension in these relations. And now, in Europe’s relations with Turkey, it is not Brussels but Ankara that is already “pulling the strings.”

With the onset of the Ukrainian crisis in the gas sector, the interests of Russia, Iran, Algeria and Turkey are closely intertwined, which, of course, will positively influence the development of events in Syria, Iraq, and Libya and ensure Erdoğan’s successful re-election in 2023.

In response to the development of the situation in Ukraine and the openly subversive role of the United States in recent events in the world, Riyadh has turned against Washington in OPEC+ and the Persian Gulf is increasing its investments in Egypt, which has proven to be a more reliable ally than the United States.

As a result, the process of unifying the Arabs is taking place more actively than in the camp of Western countries, and the Arab-Muslim world is increasingly joining Russia’s struggle against the hegemony of the US, Al Mayadeen believes.

Vladimir Danilov, political observer, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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