23.08.2022 Author: Christopher Black

An Assassin’s Bomb and the Death of the West


In September 2018 I wrote an essay about the brutal murder of Alexander Zakharchenko, the leader of the Donetsk Republic, by Kiev agents, backed by NATO, who was killed by a bomb on August 31 of that year, signalling the death of the Minsk Agreements and the inevitability of Russia’s special military operation to free Ukraine from the Nazi-NATO yoke.

That essay has been eliminated from Google and we can understand why, as on August 20, 2022, another Kiev bomb killed Darya Dugina, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, the Russian intellectual, in the Moscow region, after she accompanied her father to an event where he gave a lecture. So far as we know from reports, he survived the attack by choosing, at the last minute, to leave in another vehicle while his daughter drove home in the car in which they had arrived.

The Russian FSB has identified the murderess as Natalya Vovk, a member of the Kiev National Guard and, I understand, of the Nazi Azov Battalion, whose main elements were destroyed by Russian forces in Mariupol when they liberated the city. She was able to enter Russia using false identification and fake Donetsk licence plates, accompanied by her daughter to provide a cover, who both fled immediately after their murder of Dugina, to Estonia which they entered with Ukrainian licence plates; no doubt arranged with Estonia in advance, for which they will pay a price. The evidence against her and therefore Kiev and NATO involvement seems irrefutable.

This murder reveals several things; firstly it confirms the NAZI orientation and immorality of the Kiev regime, secondly it confirms that Kiev and NATO are so desperate with the on-going defeats of the Kiev military forces, that they have chosen the path of cowardice and the murder of anyone who speaks out against them, about which we should not be surprised since they have been murdering people in Ukraine since the NATO arranged coup in Ukraine in 2014, and on a mass scale. Finally, it confirms, yet once again, the hypocrisy of the combined West, who pretended to be angels of justice and vengeance when they alleged Russia attempted to murder the Skripals in the UK for instance, or Navalny in Russia, when it is clear Navalny was not poisoned at all and when it is also clear the British claims about the Skripals are equally fake. Yet they used those claims as a pretext to conduct economic war on Russia and to generate a tsunami of anti-Russian hate propaganda in all the western media with all sorts of crocodile tears and fake posturing about morality and the law.

And where are the Skripals anway? Are they dead or alive? It is likely they are dead, murdered by a UK and US death squad, as happened to Dr. Richard Kelly, in 2003, when he testified to a UK Parliamentary Committee about his role in a news report that the US and UK had made false claims of chemical weapons held by Iraq. He was murdered shortly afterwards and the British government claimed it was a “suicide.” Few believe it.

The Skripals would have an interesting tale to tell if, as many of us suspect, the British claims of a Russian attempt on their lives using a rare poison, were fabricated, and the whole drama staged as a pretext to intensify the economic and political war on Russia. No one has seen or heard from them for several years now. The Russian government has continually insisted on meeting them as has the family, but the Skripals have been disappeared. As journalist, John Helmer details in his series of reports on the issue, they have not even made an appearance at the on-going inquiry into that incident being conducted in Britain and the British government will not let anyone see or talk with them. So, it is likely they are held incommunicado or, worse, like Dr. Kelly, have been murdered as well.

Yet, what is the response in the West to the murder, by an agent of the West, of a Russian citizen, in Russia? No western government has yet denounced the crime, indicating their support and complicity in the murder and the reports in the western media are, more or less, justifying the murder by claiming, as if this can justify murder, that Alexander Dugin is some important advisor to President Putin. Whether he is or is not, I am not in a place to say, and it is irrelevant in any case. But that is their line, making the media also complicity in this murder. This is their morality; it is ok to murder friends of President Putin, even alleged friends. It is ok to murder Russians. And, of course, we have heard the calls in western capitals for the head of President Putin himself.

But what is the purpose of this murder? It appears to me, that the attempted assassination of Alexander Dugin and the murder of his daughter, who may have been the target according to the FSB, had two purpose; to send a message to the Russian government, and President Putin in particular and the message is clear, and to spoil Russia’s national flag day on August 22nd. We remember that both Alexander Dugin and his daughter were “sanctioned” by the West for their thoughts and statements. That was the first step towards the fate planned for them. These are the true “values” of the West; the suppression of speech and thought to the point of murder is condoned and advocated openly. Russia intends to raise the issue at the Security Council of the United Nations.

Europe is moving towards a form of pogrom against Russians, banning them from living there or even visiting. Faced with the defeat of the Kiev-NATO regime by Russian and Donbass Republic forces in Ukraine, the USA and its NATO gang of thugs have become desperate, so desperate that they are willing to throw their people into poverty and misery with the consequences of their economic warfare on Russia.

Crushing Russia is more important to the globalist elites pushing this war than the lives and welfare of their own people. They can no longer make rational decisions. They are mired in the logic of war and are determined to pursue war against Russia, literally at all costs. The costs will be great, since Russia is clear in its objectives, sure of its place in history, confident in its ability to overcome any enemy, economically and militarily and is proving it on the ground in Ukraine, as it proved it before in Syria.

Clausewitz said that war is a pulsation of violence, variable in strength and therefore, variable in the speed with which it explodes and discharges it energy’ and that, “If we keep in mind that war springs from some political purpose, it is natural that the prime cause of its existence will remain the supreme consideration in conducting it.”

The prime cause of the war in Ukraine, the war against Russia is the decline of the combined West, economically, spiritually, culturally, a decline that is accelerating for all to see. The West I once knew, or thought I knew is dead, the west of the Enlightenment, of Reason, of Morality, a decline others have spoken about since the late 19th century, as observers of society and philosophers told us over and over what was happening to the lives of ordinary people which became dominated by the immorality of elites who care nothing for them, who control the state, and see their citizens only as a means to make money for themselves.

We see in the war in Ukraine the expression of the Anglo-American-German political purpose: the desire to force Russia to submit to their will. They failed in World War I, which bankrupted Britain and most of Europe, and led the to the rise of fascism. The attempt failed again in World War II with catastrophic consequences for the world. Their third attempt to destroy Russia will also fail with similar consequences if they persist.

The Russian state that rose from dark days of the 1990’s has gathered its strength and resolve once again and refuses to submit to any one’s diktats. With China, and its many other allies, all of whom have been the victims of western colonialism and brutality from the 19th century through to the present, Russia offers the world a return to international law and integrity, to the sovereignty of nations, respect for their cultures, for their own forms of democracy, an alternative to control by western global capital.

The western colonial order is finally is being smashed and smashed it must be if we want the murders and chaos to stop. For the assassin’s bomb not only killed Darya Dugina, it also heralded the death of the West.

Christopher Black is an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto. He is known for a number of high-profile war crimes cases and recently published his novel Beneath the Clouds. He writes essays on international law, politics and world events, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.