05.07.2022 Author: Henry Kamens

Cattle Die in Mass: But Not Mad Cow, Holy Cow!


I’ve recently come across a report stating that 3,000 cows died suddenly last weekend in SW Kansas. No one knows why. I said to myself, WTF? A quick turn of the shovel revealed that already many are questioning the conventional media and its headlines, such as Shocking Footage Shows Thousands of Dead Cattle in Kansas During a Heatwave.

According to US weather experts, heat waves there have steadily increased in frequency, duration and intensity in the four decades since the 1960s. OK, close case; leave it to the weather.

The trouble is, farming is not like international politics. If you want to know what’s really going on in politics the last people to listen to are the politicians, because they live or die by people’s votes, and say what they want you to hear. Farmers live or die by practicalities, they have no choice to to acknowledge realities – even if they try and spin a yarn to get support, it won’t get them anywhere because they have to back it up to actually obtain anything they need.

The farmer I talked in Kansas said it wasn’t the heat. If it were, there are signs you would see, and they aren’t there. Something else has killed all those cows, all at once, faster than any contagion could have spread to them.


Unfortunately, if you aren’t a farmer on the ground, whatever you read about this event is controlled by fact checkers. Reuters Fact Check, one of the more consulted sites, states the following – “Fact Check-Death of Kansas cattle in June 2022 caused by extreme temperatures, officials and industry say”.

Of course they say it. But is it a fact? We can all believe the versions we wish to believe, but most of us don’t bankroll fact checking sites, so can’t get away with saying our convenient version is the unvarnished truth.

We can be sure that “Billionaire tech mogul, Bill Gates, who is a reasonable scapegoat for consideration in killing about 3,000 cows in southwest Kansas under very mysterious and unknown circumstances” is innocent, and these cattle have not been vaccinated by BIG Pharma for COVID. Why? Because he runs many of these sites through proxies, in the same way that John Poulson, the notoriously corrupt British architect, described his buying off of everyone who could be useful as “advanced public relations techniques”.

Perhaps an overdose of Ivermectin, an injectable parasiticide for cattle, was responsible – on this occasion, not the thousands of others it has been used. That is of course unless it is produced by whoever the Gates clan is protecting this week.

Having just read Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, which describes how the fast food industry has reduced the overall food quality worldwide, created poor working conditions for millions of people and ruined public health, I’m inclined to disagree. Compare the reach of fast food to cattle injections, and the accepted narrative becomes not a little dubious.

Schlosser is much in the tradition of Upton Sinclair, of The Jungle fame. This was an indictment of the terrible conditions in the slaughterhouses of Chicago – including the quality of the meat, and how sick and dying animals, some already dead, were turned into quality meat products.

The Jungle is best known as the novel which led to the Meat Inspection Act and partially to the creation of the FDA after much public outcry against the unsanitary conditions of food processing and packaging. But as in all such cases, when the powers that be make a new rule which is supposed to resolve a problem, that must mean the problem is solved, and they will not engage in any argument that it still exists, and that they know it does.

Conspiracy Theorists

There are many possible explanations for the Kansas cow fatalities. They range from the plausible to the outrageous. But they are only considered plausible or outrageous based on the official interpretation of previous precedent, and if everything followed precedent, nothing would ever happen.

Everyone can have a field day with the dying off of cows. Maybe aliens did it, or animal protein.

After all, the Americans should know about this subject, having found a way to slaughter all the buffalo the Native Americans had hunted for centuries without being able to destroy the whole population. They should also know that the buffalo would still be there if they had been the staple food of the white man, not the natives whose land they stole.

If aliens really did this, it could add some credence to the concept that Bill Gates himself is not of this world. It also makes it sooner rather than later that we will be eating Soylent Green, either made of human protein or insects, as this is another Gates programme.

It may turn your stomach, but to reflect on an earlier Bill Gates quote:

“I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef. You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste even better over time. Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the [behavior of] people or use regulation to totally shift the demand”.

Perhaps it would be best to call in the Chinese. They understand what it is to experience massive die offs of pigs, and they too know the source of African Swine Flu, which is not Africa. Jokes aside, there is a region in Tbilisi Georgia called Africa, and it is near the airport, like the Lugar Lab.

The current effort, or lack thereof, to discuss it – all the possibilities, is especially concerning, as recently discussed on YouTube. There appears to be some smoking gun, but nobody is really willing to look at the sudden die off in a concentrated area.

Too many things are acting concurrently, and although jumping to conclusions raises too many flags at first glance, they may simply be the sort they throw in American football, which disappear when the facts are established. There are just too many “mysterious” fires simultaneously destroying huge food processing and distribution facilities, and now pperhaps as many as 10,000 cattle in reality all suddenly die at once.

It is an understatement that, “what’s happening in the US now is like something out of a nightmare.” and not only in terms of the food supply. All the things we were warned about, all the monsters roaming around unchecked and even protected by those who are supposed to be protecting us, are being thrown in our faces daily.

Who is Behind the Curtain?

It leads one to think that what is happening, such as in Kansas, is more akin to a bio or targeted weapon being tested, not for warfare against the nation’s food supply per se but to create a weapon of mass destruction.

We might remember that the 1917 influenza pandemic should have been called the Kansas Flu and not the Spanish flu. It got that name only because Spanish newspapers were not being censored at the time and could write about it openly.

Reuters Fact Check says that it was 100 degrees F during day and not much cooling at night, plus no wind and high humidity. All these combined to cause heat stress. We know this because these factors always do, it is an observable phenomenon. But they don’t kill 3,000 cows in the process.

Farmers themselves, having lost their cattle and therefore income, are copping it from some embarrassed quarters as that is the only way out for the guilty. One of then has said in response:

“Absolutely I know what you mean, and are insinuating. We sold some cattle the week before, and definitely the market was down. If they’re ready to go to market and they’re not going to bring the price they expect there may perhaps be some foul play – but then there should be a common denominator, either they were all insured or they were all owned by the same management – something more than just the weather”.

Apparently the management of the confined feeding area had not installed hot weather mitigation such as fans and misters. If so, this was not clever, but like the creation of the Dust Bowl prior to the Great Depression, it reflects the sort of thinking coming out of urban areas rather than the straightforward farmers of Kansas.

Even if insured, the insurance company should have expected this in these circumstances, or had never experienced other than isolated heat,related deaths, and would therefore be braced for big payouts unless negligence could be proven. Even if many deaths could occur in a confined space over time, the cattle don’t just die suddenly. They are sold off for canners and cutters ahead of time, and made into dog food or prime meat for the fast food industry.

Heifer Off

Having raised cattle, and having also read what the mainstream media is writing, I can say this much – the story of why so many cows died off so suddenly is not adding up. Let’s assume for instance that the farmers and feedlot operators are not to be blamed, there was no insurance fraud, for the sake of discussion.

There are things which could have been done to protect the cows in unrelenting heat. They should be given additional water sources, and sprinklers should be deployed to cool the pen down at night. Keeping their grazing area free of hay bales, weeds, and large mounds makes for freer air movement. Changing the timing of feeding, and giving cows more easily digestible foods, also lowers the amount of energy they use to eat — and therefore makes them more able to survive the elements.

Were all these steps taken? No one wants to say, or ask. The official line on this is as believable as the idea promoted by some academics that drinking milk may cause hard drug use, because all drug users have drunk milk, and no one wants to examine, or acknowledge the existence of, any other possible causal factor.

It is alarming that the same story is repeated in the same fashion, and little attention is being given to possible motivations, which in itself is incriminating. At the end of the day, if somebody has money to spend the best industries to invest in are food and pharmaceuticals. Even better, the nexus between the two.

It will be interesting to see if this is an isolated case or will be repeated in the unrelenting heat, or even without it. Some historic die offs have been noted, but these are unexplained, which raises even more questions about why there is such a simple explanation for this anomalous event.

Reading insurance policies, options, you can find optional hypothermia coverage as a possible element of Livestock Feeding and Growing Facility Coverage. This covers loss through hypothermia caused by exposure to freezing rain, sleet, blizzard, or snowstorm which results in the death of covered livestock. Even this is not available in all states/provinces, and can only apply to feedlot or dairy cattle, not pasture cattle.

When such detail is included in insurance policies, it is implausible that something as simple as heatstroke death is not covered equally. It isn’t, in itself. Hypothermia yes, heat no. So we can’t be talking about something which can happen when the sun comes out, as it does every day.

Getting out my tin foil hat, I start imagining an energy ray, a directed energy weapon or the impact of 5G. According to PBS, a mostly trusted source, the cattle deaths have sparked “unsubstantiated reports” on social media and elsewhere that something besides the weather is at play, but Kansas agriculture officials said there’s no indication of any other cause.

What indication or they looking for? The conspiracy theories are starting to sound more reliable – DARPA is testing out a new weapon, etc. There are likely more obvious explanations: cattle deaths could be linked to potential toxic feed. However, few are talking about other reasons for the sudden die off, because no one wants other credible explanations to exist, only one being allowed.

They can put anything in pelleted feed. Feedlots are part of the general problem with how factory farming is conducted in the United States, and it needs to be reconsidered as an agribusiness model, alongside the general principles of animal husbandry. But no one wants to talk about such benign things, when an explanation linked to them would shut down wild conspiracy theories. Nothing has only one dimension, but that is what we who consume such stories are also being expected to have.

Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.