28.10.2021 Author: Christopher Black

Descent Into Madness: Germany Threatens Russia With Nuclear War

On October 21 the German Defence Minister warned Russia that NATO will use nuclear weapons against it in case of a Russian attack on its members and then referred to non-existent Russian attacks in the Black Sea and Balkans as examples. This statement reveals the complete moral bankruptcy of the NATO nations, their contempt for international law, for their own citizens, their innate fascist foundation.

Russia threatens no nation in the region or anywhere. It is instead responding to what I have several times in other articles termed Operation Barbarossa II; the continuing and determined NATO preparations for war on Russia which began with the NATO moves into former Soviet nations, despite promises from the US that they would not do so, duping the USSR into withdrawing its forces from Eastern Europe and especially Germany.

That build-up of forces has been on going for several years now, including the US moving its bases forward right up to the Russian borders from Kaliningrad to Odessa. The attack on Yugoslavia was part of this operation, the failed attack by Georgia and the US in 2006, in Ossetia the NATO coup in Ukraine in 2014 and subsequent siege of the peoples of the Donbass who refused to recognise the fascist, NATO agents that took power by violence and massacre.

They have installed logistics bases, arranged all necessary routes from the US to Europe to allow for the rapid transportation of men and weapons, installed forward bases, unit headquarters, continually run military exercises practicing the invasion of Russia, harass the country with aerial reconnaissance, naval reconnaissance, and support 5th columnists to weaken Russia internally and provide propaganda for the NATO citizens to support war.

The German threat is not just reckless. It is criminal for it means they are preparing for a nuclear first strike since Russia has no intentions of attacking anyone unless attacked and so it has to mean that NATO will invent another pretext for an attack, a false flag incident anywhere from the Black Sea to the Baltic, that they will claim is a Russian attack on them. It’s the same old trick that Hitler used to start WWII. The same trick that the US used with the Gulf of Tonkin incident to justify to their own people their attack on Vietnam, the same as 9/11, used as a pretext to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is a violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty since that requires all nations to seek nuclear disarmament whereas Germany permits the presence of dozens of nuclear weapons in its territory under the so-called “nuclear-sharing” policy of the US so that US nuclear weapons can be used by Germany for example, with US permission. But this means that Germany is then a nuclear weapons power. In any case, to threaten to use nuclear weapons, as they have done, when the USA has adopted a first strike nuclear policy as part of its overall war strategy, which is a fundamental violation of the principles of the UN Charter, and arguably a criminal action, is part of a conspiracy and preparation to wage nuclear war on the world.

One has to wonder what kind of human being the defence minister, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, is, to make that threat; whether she has any conception at all of what a nuclear attack on Russia would do to Germany, let alone the world, for the response from Russia would be the immediate destruction of her country. Is WWII so far behind us that Germans now think they can get away with threatening Russia again? Are they that deluded? It seems so and that is why they are so dangerous and why the Russian Government handed the German ambassador a note on the 25th of October. Tass reported,

“The German military attaché in Moscow was summoned to Russia’s Defense Ministry where he was handed a note and told that statements by German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer on nuclear deterrence of Russia provoked tension in Europe, the Russian Defence Ministry reported on Monday.”

“Provoked tension in Europe” is a mild way to put it when Russia now has to consider whether the NATO attack will come today, tomorrow or next year and so keep themselves on the knife’s edge of expectation and fear, watching the NATO moves with grim determination.

And the provocations to set up a pretext are constant. Last week the Kiev regime in Ukraine threatened Moscow with missile attacks, and are now stirring up more trouble in the Donbass, tightening their long siege of the peoples resisting the fascists in Kiev and their NATO allies, while the NATO forces are pressing home their probes of Russian defences and once again building their propaganda campaign against Russia.

Even the recent NATO action of kicking out of their HQ the Russian liaison officers on a pretext has to be seen as an indication something is happening, that NATO could not risk those officers being around as war plans are made. What else can it mean? Russia responded in kind and ordered NATO officers to leave Russia.

As Hans-Rudiger Minow, of German Foreign Policy, reports in a post,

“The German Bundeswehr (army) has commissioned the “fabrication and delivery” of high-resolution maps of Russia – vector maps in military format, according to a report. Germany is part of a cooperation network, wherein 32 countries – grouped around a NATO core – “share photos and maps with one another.” This procurement of militarily applicable maps comes at a time when tensions between the West and Russia continue to escalate. Most recently, the EU threatened new sanctions. According to the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), new investments must be made, not only “in the defense capacities within the NATO and the EU frameworks.” “Change in Russia” must also be promoted through intensive contacts within the Russian society. At the same time, the US company, Google, and its video platform YouTube has deleted RT DE – the German language edition of the Russian international broadcaster “Russia Today.” This move is akin to measures the DGAP had proposed to accompany a more aggressive German foreign policy.”

And while Germany, on behalf of NATO threatens the destruction of the world, the US threatens the same as well vis a vis China with President Biden, stating the US will “defend Taiwan” if the central government in China decides to establish its governance over the island once and for all. Biden’s statement breaks a long standing US policy of recognising Taiwan as part of China, and is a provocation that he knows China cannot ignore. And if the US inserts itself into an internal dispute in China, it is an attack on China’s integrity as a nation and if war breaks out it could lead to nuclear war as well.

Both Russia and China have reacted to this threat and last week sailed their combined naval flotillas around Japan which surprised the Japanese and the Americans, but the message was clear. Russia and China, to coin an American slogan from their history, are telling the US, “Don’t tread on me.” Or else.

Yet, while all these developments are occurring the UN appears helpless to stop it, the International Criminal Court prosecutor says absolutely nothing about these criminal threats being made, national governments of NATO, all co-conspirators in this plan to commit aggression, are happy to go along and join the attack, and their media are just part of the war propaganda machine, which just praised American General Colin Powell, one of the US war criminals, as a “complex man” who “may have made mistakes.” One even saw such statements from Americans who claim to be “left” and “anti-war.” No doubt, if they were Germans, they would say the same about the generals of Hitler’s Wehrmacht and WaffenSS Divisions and Armies. But at Nuremberg and Tokyo such generals were hanged.

So, what has “democratic society” produced in the past hundred years except war, war and more war? All the tears about the horrors and losses of WWI, WWII, and all the US wars since 1945 mean nothing. Morality means nothing to these people, the law means nothing, people are nothing. They don’t even care about themselves being incinerated in flash of light and thunder. We are faced with the fact we are ruled in the west by psychopaths drunk on illusions of omnipotence and immortality. And so what will stop them?

They have the masses under their thumb. Just try speaking out on social media now and see what happenes to you. Only counter-threats from their planned victims seem to have any effect at all, and that is not working either as the descent into madness accelearates and we move closer and closer to the edge of oblivion.

Christopher Black is an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto. He is known for a number of high-profile war crimes cases and recently published his novel Beneath the Clouds. He writes essays on international law, politics and world events, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.