09.05.2021 Author: Journal NEO

Happy Victory Day!


Dear readers and authors,

We want to full-heartedly congratulate you on the 76th anniversary of the great victory of the Second World War. This is a day of our common memory, a day of celebration of a great feat.

Victory Day unites everyone, regardless of their religious views, of their nationality, and of their political and social alignment. After all, there is no family in Russia that wasn’t affected by this conflict, granted there were countless families in other states that endured suffering and hardship of one of the most terrible and bloody wars in history.

There’s monuments all over the vast expanse of Russia and far beyond its borders commemorating the soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice during this war. The eternal flame will never stop burning, as on this day people come to pay gratitude and lay flowers. With the deepest respect and sorrow, we bow our heads to those fallen on the battlefield. We thank them for the opportunity of living under peaceful skies for the last 76 years, building cities, cultivating crops and raising children. The more days that go by, the deeper our awareness becomes of this great feat achieved on the battlefield.

Having liberated the world from the Nazi threat, the Soviet people have always been persistent in their attempts of protecting the world. And today, Russia stands for the cessation of all wars, for peaceful and constructive discussions, for the cooperation of all peoples in the name of common good and the improvement of people’s lives.

On the day of the Great Victory, we wish everyone good health, heartfelt warmth, care and attention of those who are dear to your, and may every new day be peaceful, with clear skies over our heads!

The New Eastern Outlook editorial board.