21.05.2019 Author: Grete Mautner

Britain and its Failed Attempt to Propagandize Hysteria


Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the sitting British politicians can be short-sighted enough to support Theresa May’s failing policies, while the UK media remain scared to openly discuss the ongoing Brexit disaster as well as the fact that under the current political leaders the country took a wrong turn and rapidly approaching an imminent calamity. In this situation the massive British propaganda machine made the decision to carry on distracting the public opinion from the most pressing challenges of today by spreading anti-Russian hysteria. No matter how absurd this may sound, but today an average British citizen is required to believe that the “Russians are coming,” even though nobody has been able to provide logical explanation of the notion that Moscow for some strange reason could be interested in invading the UK. However, under this dubious pretext the Tories are pushing things like increased military spendings down people’s throats, while making every attempt to escape criticism for cuts in social benefits that are still being provided to British citizens, most of which are in a state of distress these days.

One doesn’t have to go far to find evidence supporting the above mentioned statement. For instance, Lebanon’s Al-Mayadin has recently shed light on the tactics of hybrid warfare that the UK keeps waging against Russia. In fact, London has been spending millions of pounds to stir anti-Russian sentiments across the world under the guise of supporting the so-called Integrity Initiative. This fact was revealed by the hackers of the Anonymous movement that stole documents revealing the rationale behind this latest money drain.

To be specific, it was revealed that the so-called Integrity Initiative project was founded in the UK in 2015 with the goal of interfering in the internal affairs of various European countries. The masterminds behind this project wanted to undermine any attempts that EU states could take at seeking rapprochement with such countries as Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela. The documents leaked by Anonymous hackers indicate that Britain’s foreign office would launch British subversive activities in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Norway, Serbia and Montenegro. For instance, it turned out that the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung operating in Germany was among the beneficiaries of the Integrity Initiative, which in turn is accused of sponsoring the fascist coup d’etat in Ukraine.

It curious enough that the Integrity Initiative was founded by a man called Christopher Nigel Donnelly who occupies the position of the co-director at the Institute for Statecraft. Back in the 90s this figure was employed at the position of Special Adviser for Central and Eastern European Affairs to the Secretary General of NATO and he carries on receiving paychecks from the British government every month. Donnelly’s affiliates are known for conducting seminar on the Orthodox church as a weapon of war and the practical implementation of the ideas that those people advance in their sermons is the recent provocation in Ukraine that resulted in a split within the Orthodox church.

However, splitting religious communities is hardly the only tool London would use in its subversive activities. In fact it would use the tactics of alleged leaks to stir anti-Russian sentiments across the EU. It would present its propaganda messages in a form of a document that was allegedly leaked by some government body. Due to the fact that those alleged leaks are being publicized by media sources with London taking no official position on those, when a representative of the government body that was described as the source of the leakage would come forth to rebuke those lies, nobody would believe him or her anyway.

It’s curious that the now broke Britain would pay generous benefits to any state willing to support the anti-Russian hysteria it has been stirring for decades. This notion is confirmed by the British media sources that are telling us that Ukraine received 700 million pounds for its determination to “resist Russia”. In turn, Warsaw’s willingness to support Britain’s anti-Russian sentiments resulted in Poland receiving over 5 million pounds each year!

One can only imagine the benefits that the former British Secretary of State for Defence, Gavin Williamson received for stating in an interview with the Telegraph that Russia was about to kill thousands upon thousands of British civilians in the course of the imminent military aggression that would aim at the destruction of UK’s infrastructure and power supply lines.

One can remember how the British media would go on for month about the alleged “use of misinformation” by foreign players, namely Russia, in its alleged attempts to interfere with the democratic processes of the United Kingdom. However, last October London would reveal that it had no evidence to support such claims.

Yet, this fact didn’t make British propagandists from the BBC and the Times any wiser as they proceeded with spreading fake reports about Russia’s alleged involvement in the staging of the ongoing protests in France. However, France’s Journal du Dimanche would reveal that upon studying those claims and conducting an investigation French intelligence agencies found no trace of Russia’s involvement in the yellow vests movement. This resulted in the BBC confessing to the fact that its provocative accusations against Russia had nothing to do with reality whatsoever. Moreover, British journalists revealed that they were demanded to implicate Russia in the staging of such protests by their superiors.

However, the BBC is not the only offender here, as Reuters would run a provocative article about Venezuela circumventing US sanctions by spending the money received from oil trade through Russia in mid-April. Mere days later under the pressure of irrefutable evidence Reuters was forced to take down this article and acknowledge its false pretext, while recognizing the fact Moscow did nothing to undermine the existing sanctions regime.

It goes without saying that for someone to put his name under fake reports this person must have his or her principles and integrity shattered in one way or another. This notion can be exemplified by the confession made by the Financial Times journalist Joel Lewin, who revealed that he was engaged in shop lifting during his employment in this media source, adding that he would often get high on crack while performing his duties.

According to Bloomberg there’s a visible fatigue from “Anglo-Saxon lecturing” to be observed all across the globe, which is a sign that the English-speaking world is losing intellectual legitimacy. So British propagandists would be better off getting their facts straight while they still have some readers to fool.

Grete Mautner is an independent researcher and journalist from Germany, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”