11.06.2018 Author: Grete Mautner

Even Lithuania Thinks the UK has Gone Too Far with its Good ol’ Slavery


The public prosecutors office in Klaipeda has recently finished an investigation of numerous instances of human trafficking and filled all related documents to the Lithuanian court, notes BaltNews Among the accused one can come across a married couple from the United Kingdom and a Lithuanian resident, who deceived into believing that he could assist them in emigrating to the UK, only to sell them latter on into slavery to his above mentioned English accomplices.

Those successfully tricked were smuggled to the UK, without any command of English and no resources to support themselves with. With no social guarantees, long night shifts, with no rest to enjoy, had wages than were far inferior to those that are described as minimal in Britain. Kept in slams, with no medical assistance to right home about, some of those modern slaves received no pay at all.

Some people could shrug off this report as yet another instance of modern day propaganda, but unfortunately facts listed in this report are the findings of an official investigation, which shows that slavery is alive and well in the UK these days!

Everybody knows that such colonial powers as Great Britain used to be actively engaged in exploiting slave labor and slave trade, but few had any clue that old habits die hard. And even though slavery has been officially abolished in modern world, with Mauritania being the last state to put an end to it officially in 1981, it turns out that it hasn’t gone anywhere, finding refuge in such champions of democracy as the UK.

There’s been all sorts of reports of people being mercilessly exploited in Britain that have forced the sitting UK prime minister, Theresa May to admit that slavery is a day-to-day reality in modern Britain, by making the following statement:

They look around London and see all the positives of a dynamic, prosperous city. But hidden underneath are a lot of people who are suffering because slavery, sadly, is never very far from us.

However, these facts are of little surprise of anyone who possesses even the basic knowledge of British history that became the first industrial nation to establish banks and law firms on the wealth generated by slavery. The fruits of slavery that have become an integral part of both British history and present day reality, essentially shaping the perception that Brits of themselves and other races. A handful of modern British politicians are enjoying the position they have today due to the fact that their ancestors were heavily engaged in slave trade like the former head of the conservative office, David Cameron, who ancestors made a fortune on slave trade.

One can still remember captain Frederick Marryat, a heir of a large slave owner that became a well-known novelist that actively participated in the establishment a racial hierarchy where the white Anglo-Saxons were destined to take the top. After the official abolition of slavery, such racial theories have not been dumped into trash, instead they became a basis for the British society where inequality remains a haunting ghost of the British colonial past that has never been put to rest. According to the UK Home Office, these days citizens of over a hundred countries of the world kept as slaves in the UK, including residents of Albania, Nigeria, Vietnam and Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Albania, Lithuania, and Ukraine.

According to the statement of the National Crime Agency released in the Christian Today, trafficking activities are being reported every major city of the country. There is cases of sexual exploitation and cases of individuals being forced into manual labor on car washes and farms. It sounds shocking that in the modern West there’s still states where minors are still being seen as a commodity, with tens of thousands of them being bought and sold every day in Britain.

Since trafficking in the UK has recently climbed to an all-time high, according to yet another statement of the National Crime Agency, one can’t fight the impression that the so-called migration crisis in Europe was orchestrated deliberately for the modern-day slave barons to be able to profit from a massive wave of migrants coming to Europe from the Middle East.

It’s been noted that the statistics released by the NCA show the number of potential officially recognized victims of slavery has increased by 35% to 5,145 since 2016 – the highest since records began in 2009. And it’s likely that number will only continue to climb.

Liam Vernon, a senior manager in the NCA’s modern slavery and human trafficking unit, said the figure is “shocking.” “The reality is that there isn’t a region in the UK that isn’t affected.” “The number is shocking and our assessment is that this is an underreported crime, noted Zero Hedge.

British are known for their condescending approach to other states, since they pretend to occupy the moral high ground, while completely ignoring the absence of any human decency that reigns in the UK these days. Last February, Her Majesty’s Treasury released in a report that congratulated “millions of British citizens” with the fact that up until 2015 their hard-earned cash they paid as taxes was spent on repeated “attempts to put an end to slavery.” However, what this actually meant is that the British government had been compensating slaveholders’ losses ever since 1833, instead of paying compensations to the freed slaves. This is the source of the incredible wealth enjoyed today by the Rothschild, since Her Majesty’s government handed over to this clan a considerable chunk of the state budget for their so-called losses, while paying interests on top of this. During this time, a son of Nathan Rothschild got a sit in the House of Commons, while his grandson became a Lord. What this basically means is that the descendants of British slaves were forced to pay compensation to the descendants of slave owners until 2015, thus supporting the unparalleled prosperity of the richest families of the kingdom.

The states of the Caribbean and African countries regularly raise the issue of reparations that Britain must pay to the countries whose citizens it once exploited and murdered. In 2007 (that is, the 200th anniversary of the Slave Trade Act, but not slavery abolishment), the government was waiting for Queen Elizabeth II to finally apologize for the inhumane practices that destroyed the lives of tens of millions of people, while maiming tens of millions more, effectively becoming the foundation of Britain’s prosperity. But no apologies was offered to the public.

So when will Britain put end to its slave trade habits and confess in its past and present sins? Or will we continue to sit and watch new lawsuits beings filled against the British slavers, as the Lithuanian media show us today?

Grete Mautner is an independent researcher and journalist from Germany, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.