16.10.2016 Author: Gordon Duff

The Election: America’s Garden of Insanity

231231231231Donald Trump is under attack for a series, seemingly endless, of tasteless comments and admissions of what may be legally defined as serial sexual assaults, perhaps numbering in the hundreds. Yet millions of American voters are choosing to overlook these behaviors. There is a reason for this and Trump, in his own clumsy way, is trying to communicate it to the world.

In the process, we are going to address a question long forgotten, “Who is Jeff Gannon?” This, we believe, is where Trump really should go, not after Bill Clinton, but after George W. Bush, who has judged Trump as unfit.

The double standard has long ruled America, where crude sexual practices, open corruption and blatant disregard for public duty is as common place as rain in the jungle. Washington is the home of endless sex scandals, we are going to pull out one, perhaps to get Trump off the hook.

What really needs to exist is context, not just to judge Trump but to recognize American hypocrisy. In a world of false flag terrorism manipulated wars that kill 100,000 per year on average since 2001, that the focus never lands on the hard questions is, in itself, worse than criminal.

If the tawdry and obscure are the only fit subjects for public perusal, then so bit it. Let’s get some background on the most disgusting political race in American history and a few surprises, for some anyway, along the way.

The second presidential debate wasn’t just an attack on reason itself, as most pundits agree, it laid bare America for what it is, a nation in decline, once believed the “hope of the world,” now laid bare as simply “nuts.”

The worst part is that it was Trump that said the only sane thing in the entire evening, when he stood against his own vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence, by supporting Russia, Syria and Iran against ISIS. Trump stopped short of naming the US as the founder and supporter of ISIS, but we knew he came close.

Problem is, Trump, in what may have seemed a moment of clarity, simply didn’t mean it. His prepper squad had been longtime VT readers and some had contacted me early in the campaign to arrange for a briefing team for Trump. In the end, Trump was drawn to “fear porn” websites and “shock jocks,” favoring numbers and impact over substance. Who know, he may have been right, but we don’t think so.

Much more frightening is Hillary Clinton. Her emails, including those recently released by Wikileaks, which included considerable fabricated hoax material, as has always been the case with Wikileaks, reveal something more startling. The Washington double-speak of the mainstream media, recognized around the world as “controlled media” is actually Clinton’s real world view. She really believes Russia is planning world conquest and that Assad has murdered 400,000 with poison gas and barrel bombs.

One might assume that an American Secretary of State would actually get honest briefing material and be given the opportunity to make up lies, knowing the truth and simply not caring. Instead, Clinton seems to actually believe the irrational and insane things she says, things that defy facts and reason. What kind of stupid is this?

That answer is easy. I worked as a lobbyist representing communications and aerospace clients during the 1990s. I also sat on an advisory group for a governor of one of the larger industrialized states, dealing with policy issues and, on public occasions, not only sitting with the governor but the president as well.

There is an aspect of “dumb” in Washington that few would believe. Yes, moral relativism is also an issue, the concept that any act is justified if done for the greater good. In Washington and around American politics at every level, the “greater good” is simply getting into office, no matter what is sacrificed, what special interest is given control, no matter how much America is hurt, how much the American people suffer.

I heard it so many times, this promise that on some magical day in a future that never comes, once there is pure and utter political control, the neocons, the right wing extremists, the petty thieves will all suddenly develop a moral compass and turn into Bernie Sanders socialists.

That magic day of high wages, safe work places, clean water, trade protections and cuts in military spending, of taxing the rich never comes, though it is always spoken of, the “idealism” that the self-serving underachievers who make up political America, the elected, and the armies of “staffers” who have the real power, wear as a cloak of self-justification.

Ignoring the sex scandals is wrong. First we have to look at Trump but also place what he has done and said in context, not one context but several. Trump is a casino, resort, hotel owner with hundreds, maybe even thousands of female employees. When Trump brags about groping and being a “star” and “getting away with it, something much darker comes to mind.

He is also an employer, has powerful friends, police, prosecutors, and mobsters, who employ paid killers. He has been at the center of this world since he ran with mob lawyer Roy Cohn, his mentor, who was central to New York’s criminal world.

Is Trump a serial rapist? The answer is “probably.” Is he a confessed sex criminal, and the answer to that is a resounding “yes.” The recordings released were far from the worst, according to the Times of Israel:

‘’’As a producer on seasons 1&2 of The Apprentice I assure you: when it comes to Trump tapes there are far worse,’ Bill Pruitt tweeted in the wake of the release of Trump’s 2005 vulgar and sexually charged comments caught on tape.

In recent weeks, more than 20 “Apprentice” crew members, editors and contestants recalled Trump making lewd or sexually suggestive remarks about women on the hit show that made him a media star.

However, Trump has been a very public person all his life. He has always spoken like this and, quite frankly, everyone knows it. Trumps nodding pride when radio scumbag Howard Stern made pointed sexual references to Trump’s own daughter is not acceptable in America, in fact Stern should have expected to be pounded in the face. Trump’s actions here were bizarre, unnatural and sick.

When this was made public, Trump knew no apology would be enough. Instead he went after Bill Clinton, and in the process permanently alienated any undecided voters looking for signs of character.

What the real truth is, and having to differentiate between “truth” and “real truth” is increasingly becoming a sickening process in itself, Americans know Washington is a cesspool. Whatever the Clinton scandals, there is more than enough evidence of Bush misdeeds of a different type.

Why is Trump ignoring these, considering it has been Bush that has organized the real move to undermine the Trump candidacy. Bush has something in his own closet a hundred times more serious than Hillary emails or Trump “locker-room” antics.

Jeff Gannon, or Jeff Gluckert, as is his real name, is known best as a former White House correspondent who was exposed as a gay escort with no background in journalism, who was given a front row seat at Bush press conferences. Gannon spent up to 12 overnights in the White House and had 32 private meetings there, according to Secret Service records as cataloged by Gary Leupp in his Counter Punch article, The Comings and Goings of Jeff Gannon, from 2005.

Current research on Gannon took me to Wikipedia where the following links, of many, led the list:

Congresswoman Asks for Probe After ‘Gannon’ Quits WH Reporting Post”. Editor and Publisher. February 9, 2005.

Congresswoman Asks for Probe After ‘Gannon’ Quits WH Reporting Post

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“Gannon comes out: Former escort, conservative reporter grilled on White House visits”. The Raw Story. May 5, 2006. Archived from the original on August 31, 2006. Retrieved September 7, 2006. “Rogers went farther: ‘Are you a gay man?’ ‘Absolutely, but I’m not proud’ Gannon said.”

All but one of the dozens of links to the Wikipedia article on Gannon and Bush are now removed from the internet though most are from major news agencies. Time after time, “error” came up, every browser even when accessed through overseas servers, all but one. From the Boston Globe, the only one not censored:

The Bush administration has provided White House media credentials to a man who has virtually no journalistic background, asks softball questions to the president and his spokesman in the midst of contentious news conferences, and routinely reprints long passages verbatim from official press releases as original news articles on his website.

Jeff Gannon calls himself the White House correspondent for TalonNews.com, a website that says it is “committed to delivering accurate, unbiased news coverage to our readers.” It is operated by a Texas-based Republican Party delegate and political activist who also runs GOPUSA.com, a website that touts itself as “bringing the conservative message to America.”

Now, the question of how Gannon gets into White House press conferences is coming under intense scrutiny from critics who contend that Gannon is not a journalist but rather a White House tool to soften media coverage of Bush.

Now to put this all to bed, if you excuse the term. Bill Clinton, when he lied about Monica, showed himself to be a security risk. Trump is the opposite, sort of. He would have bragged about it though he is more likely to have insulted Monica as a “fat pig” rather than have sex with her.

Let’s look at Hillary’s emails. Considering Wikileaks, or Israel as this is who Wikileaks likely is, a Mossad disinformation operation, regularly stole and published all State Department, not only emails but encrypted cables as well, the idea of using a private email service, may well have been the most secure solution possible. Is this an excuse? Yes, but this election is all about excuses, isn’t it?

As pointed out above, stupidity is a bigger enemy. Trump, even when he gets it right, has no idea of what he got right and why it matters. He is right about McCain’s military record, he is right on trade, he may well be right on immigration and even jobs, but few believe him, though he is saying the right things all the time. This is the nature of the “populist.” They say anything and mean nothing.

But, while Bush and Clinton are destroying each other, the Bush family goes on, virtually untouched. We have George W, playing “sleepover” with a gay escort, while condemning homosexuality from his righteous pulpit. This is a security risk.

Did blackmail over Jeff Gannon bring about the invasion of Iraq or the 9/11 coverup? Was the Mossad allowed to write the Patriot Acts because of blackmail? These are the real questions.

How much of the political meltdown is being pushed from behind the scenes? Wasn’t Jeb Bush supposed to be president with Ohio’s John Kasich as VP?

Is there something orchestrated about all of this?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”