08.03.2016 Author: Gordon Duff

Winning the Right Upcoming War

19243121596_d24ac9bcec_oThere is a nasty case of blindness going around. Mad King Erdogan has just been in Ghana and Nigeria, extolling the virtues of doing business with Turkey. Nigeria is drowning in terrorism and Islamic extremism, Turkey’s biggest financial export with “reluctant” buyers all over the region.

Now he is aiming for Africa, the real soft underbelly, where the Saudis have bought their way in behind their Israeli business partners for decades. They have been sewing corruption, infiltrating media, communications, government and gaining control of the region’s natural resources.

All the while, money has moved out, poverty has moved in, with rigged elections, leaving hopelessness and instability behind. Even Christian nations like Ghana will eventually fall under the sword of Islamic extremism, which many now accept is little more than a front for global organized crime.

There is little question that there can be no stability in the world until Turkey and Saudi Arabia see regime change. It seems to be happening already in Saudi Arabia, or so we read on an almost daily basis, but in Turkey, we see centralization of power, ethnic cleansing, and a military dictatorship that has now morphed from pseudo-democracy to a full-scale predator state.

Turkey has almost single handedly destroyed Europe and has done so “on the cheap,” using only a couple million refugees. Coffers are filled with Saudi cash to bribe the corrupt EU bureaucracy and the rest, the rise of the right, the media frenzy – all has cost little or nothing.

This has been brilliant.

Russia’s standalone attempt to block what they see as a war on Christianity — yes, Russia sees itself as defending Christian values, if you can believe it — is a huge risk. Erdogan’s use of NATO and the politically divided and deeply radicalized United States as a surrogate has been less successful than he wants, but the endgame favors Erdogan.

There is little doubt that with Saudi planes sitting in Turkey, with nuclear weapons in play in the hands of Saudi Arabia and perhaps Turkey and the Gulf States as well, that these “tin pots” believe the US will prevent Russia from turning their cities to glass. We are seeing what may well play out as decades of ever expanding war.

Yes, the oft-warned clash of civilizations, the high birth rates of Islam, the failed states, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt and but for Russia, Syria as well, are a “stage one” base of operations. Add to that Sudan and then Mali, a balkanized Nigeria, Cameroon, perhaps Kenya or the Central African Republic or the Congo, and you begin to see world conquest “on the cheap.”

One regiment of Rommel’s tanks could have wiped out the whole pack. Yet the corruption, lack of political will and momentum alone will recreate what we have seen on a small scale in the experimental “hot house” Islamic State, the political surrogate of the Israeli-Turkish-Saudi nexus in partnership with organized crime.

In the end, the only answer will be war. Only Russia can split Turkey to balkanize the bastardized remains of the Ottoman Empire before it spreads like a disease across Europe and Asia. Am I overestimating? I think not.

A military review of capabilities shows that Russia can, when and if it chooses, take down Turkey in less than 6 months. A Russian buildup in Armenia and recent exercises are more than a show of force, but a preparation for combat operations that Russia recognizes, though no one else does, that there will be no option other than surrender or fight.

America has “punched itself out,” like an exhausted fighter, purposely drawn into wars by its own corrupt leadership, beholding to organized crime and subservient to an Israeli lobby that may well now be reconsidering its suicidal partnership with the Turks and Saudis.

From both a military and geopolitical standpoint, a number of things need to happen.

  • Iran needs to confront Turkey and prepare a mobile combat force with a credible air force that can move against Turkey as part of a Russian led coalition.
  • The United States has to more openly recognize its commonality with Russia. Like it or not, America may be confronted with that crusade that the Bush regime talked about, but one that is more action than talk. America’s national security is threatened by Wahhabist extremism, which America is largely responsible for. The only remaining answer is war, quick and surgical if possible, but war. Pointing this out is painful.
  • Turkey needs to be split, with the Kurdish people getting the nation they deserve, one with Barzani and his gangster allies excluded.
  • America needs to recognize that the creation of a failed state in Ukraine and the destruction of Greece and the Balkans has been perpetrated on behalf of Islamists only, that the new “Cold War” has been a con from day one.

After nearly 60 years of supposed post-war decolonization in Africa and the Middle East, most of which has been achieved by CIA machinations, combined with a decade of drought, two decades of war and worldwide economic collapse, the world is a tinderbox and the jihadis have lots of matches.

The Gulf States have too many arms, too many mercenaries, and no one who wants to take responsibility for any failures. The chances for a soft landing getting slimmer and slimmer.

In terms of looking for any real leadership, I am reminded of Ross Perot’s famous line about the NAFTA trade bill — that America would hear a giant sucking sound as jobs left the country forever, and he was right.

It was the beginning of the decline of America’s middle class, and the flooding of illegal immigrants into the country, a different version of what is happening right now in Europe. The death blow will come when Ukraine gets its EU visa regime in place, which will unleashes five million new economic refugees, angry people over the US and EU using them as cannon fodder against Russia, and turning a struggling Ukraine into one with no future.

Welcome to the New World Order.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”