18.02.2016 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Are We Waiting For a Civil War in Europe?

3423423423433In an online manual ISIS suggests that IS militants living in the West should blend into the crowd. Among other things, they are to shave their beards and act like Christians. They also suggest that their supporters carry out bombings in nightclubs. After “the work” is done, European leaders of ISIS cells should go to the front lines or end their lives in a suicide attack. This way they will minimize the risk of information falling into the wrong hands.

Who will defend the EU from ISIS? The Swiss?

It seems that the wisdom of the Swiss is not limited to just being a global financial Safe Haven. According to General André Blattmann, Chief of the Swiss Armed Forces, Europe is just a step away from a civil war. Blattmann even advised his countrymen to start rearming. It is currently estimated that 8 million people in Switzerland own from 2.3 to 4.5 million weapons.

In autumn 2015 Switzerland conducted exercises codenamed “Conex 15”. The scenario assumed a disintegration of the European economic zone and the countries bordering on Switzerland.

Whereas the current Chief of the Swedish Army, General Anders Brännström, told his people that “in a few years” they can expect a war to break out in Europe – against well-trained opponents.

Additionally, in recent months several hundred soldiers in Denmark received specialist training in case of war with immigrants.

As we read on Infowars, in a speech to the Oslo Military Society Norwegian Army Chief Odin Johannessen warns that Europe must be willing to fight Muslim extremists:

“I think we must be ready to fight, both with words, actions – and if necessary weapons – to preserve the country and the values we have in common. […] Europe can no longer expect to live in peace and security, without having to defend its interests and values.”

Many promoters of the conspiracy theory that EU keeps everything under control can also be severely shocked by the European Parliament report that the British “Daily Mail” writes about. We learn in it that European governments should consider informing the general public about the “risk of terrorist attack using chemical, biological, radiological and even nuclear materials”. It has been confirmed that the Islamic State recruits chemists, physicists and computer scientists in order to use weapons of mass destruction in the EU.

According to Wolfgang Rudischhauser, the Director of NATO’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Centre: “The Islamic State has knowledge how to create weapons of mass destruction, it has gained relevant experts.”

British Sky News managed to obtain recordings that confirm this. ISIS already holds within its arsenal rockets capable of downing commercial airliners and autonomous vehicles that could be used in attacks. They have mannequins disguised as humans that make it impossible for any device to assess whether it is a human being sitting behind the wheel of a booby-trapped vehicle, since the mannequin is warmed up to body temperature by a thermostat. ISIS also knows how to convert fighter bombs to ground-to-air missiles. Such a missile could knock out a commercial airliner. The effectiveness of the hit is 99%.

We all are safe here forever and ever

Another serious blow to the advocates of the conspiracy theory that the EU is a safe place to live in is that Norwegian newspaper “Dagbladet” reports of two “Islamic State” groups of terrorists specially trained to carry out attacks in Europe. The first of one had already reached Europe. “Dagbladet” writes that it initially consisted of 300 people. 28 of them died in Syria, while 272 managed to escape to Europe. They were instructed to go into hiding. This first group of terrorists was trained in conducting two types of attacks. Some of them are meant to die as martyrs in suicide bomb attacks.

Quite an unpleasant surprise awaits European civilians, since they are the main targets for ISIS. According to the article on RT, the Europol report says that the attacks will be primarily aimed at “soft targets”, i.e. vulnerable installations and civilians, because of the “impact it generates.”

For example the ISIS cell led by a Chechen terrorist Akhmed Chetayev is planning to carry out terrorist attacks in Europe and Russia.

Even if Security Services would successfully infiltrate the Islamist community, the threat does not have to come from the outside. We have to keep in mind that it is German Salafists posing as charity employees who are trying to recruit refugees. They are cunning enough to give them money and clothing, they offer to be their translators and invite them to their homes for tea. Some are handing out pamphlets with information about the local Salafi mosques.

If we are to believe the German “Bild”, in order to monitor a German jihadist 24 hours a day you need at least 60 police officers. However, given the political correctness and an underlying concern that the police might be suspected of racism, we can perhaps assume that the number would have to increase to even 120.

This issue is well described by Udo Ulfkotte, former editor-in-chief of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”:

“In recent days, I was in the border area of Passau/Deggendorf and later also between Graz and Spielfeld in Austria, near the Slovenian border. At both border crossings there was open transporting of weapons in the direction of Germany and of children destined for abuse. No, that is not being said by conspiracy theorists, but by government security officials on the spot.

I have spoken recently with politicians, mayors and security officials in the area of the Czech border, on the Austrian-German border and close to the Slovenian-Austrian border.

[…]weapons and drugs are being smuggled in the waves of refugees.

This is obvious to the security officers in all the countries along the route of the asylum tsunami (emphasis on a final destination in Germany), but no one dares to inspect the immigrants, because politicians would see that as »provocation« which would have incalculable consequences.”

Internal destabilization

In addition to clear signs of destabilization of the EU from the outside, we have to deal with internal destabilization and an increasingly intense polarization of social groups.

For example, the French police have estimated that last year the number of anti-Semitic attacks in France has increased by 85% compared to 2014.

There is also fighting between the so-called left wing groups, anarchists and PEGIDA in Germany.

In turn, the Interior Minister for North Rhine-Westphalia, Ralf Jäger, still stresses that the extreme right-wing groups spare no effort to win votes of “decent citizens” who are concerned about the course of affairs in Germany, and it seems that they are increasingly successful.

Plicker Arnold, chairman of the Trade Union of NRW Police, says that in some German cities there are “fear zones” within which it is extremely difficult for the police to act against criminals.

At one point while writing this article I had the impression that this is probably what press releases on the eve of World War II looked like. When no one took the threat seriously, at least not yet. I truly hope that this comparison is deeply misguided.

When a few months ago I wrote the article “Game Over, Europe, a Color Revolution Is Coming” I expressed hope that my prophecies about Europe will prove unjustified. Unfortunately, they proved to be very accurate. Although the speed with which the current changes are taking place in Europe surprised even the author of this article.

In face of the incoming information about planned attacks in Europe carried out by ISIS, the citizens of (mainly) Western Europe (if this trend does not change) will have to gradually get used to living with the possibility of sudden death in a terrorist attack. Something that is commonplace in the Middle East.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of Prison Planet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.