21.01.2016 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Beginning the Formatting of Europe

4353454544In conclusion to one of my recent articles, I wrote: “However, the question remains – what happens to European States which prove resistant to the ‘democratic process’ presented to them in the form of refugee intake quotas? In my opinion, these ‘xenophobic’, ‘racist’ European regimes must take into account the possibility of ‘democratic Maidan’ protests popping up in their countries”.

This article was published on 03/12/15. Bang! A short while later, we have a social movement in Poland which wants to organise Maidan here and overthrow the current government. Currently, leading politicians of the so-called opposition, separated from power, are already openly calling for a coup d’etat in Poland.

In the context of the Cologne rapes, countries such as Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are “safe havens” for all ‘backward’ ‘opponents of democracy’ and those who, just like the lone German women on New Year’s Eve, defend themselves against the consequences of Angela Merkel and her government ‘reforms’. An example of such ‘backwardness’ against European values is now Poland. For this reason, the country is being attacked from all sides. I do not only mean the fact that a bunch of fat cats were separated from power, nor is it all about taxing corporations and banks losing their neo-colonial paradise in Poland. According to a report by Global Financial Integrity – an international organization which conducts analyses of illicit financial flows – Poland ranks among the twenty most exploited countries in the world. The stakes in all of this are about something much bigger than the formatting of the whole of Europe.

In this context, it is worth quoting the words of Witold Waszczykowski, the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs: “We just want to heal our country from certain diseases. The previous government introduced a left-wing concept, as if the world under the Marxist model had only moved in one direction: towards a mixture of cultures and races, cyclists and vegetarians, putting the stress only on renewable energy sources and combating all forms of religion. It has nothing in common with traditional Polish values,” Waszczykowski said in an interview with the German Bild.

We are not here concerned with any vegetarians or cyclists or their like. We are dealing with the seeding of specific ‘reforms’ and states in Europe that ‘non-European’ and so ‘backward countries’ (such as Poland under PiS) do not belong to. I am thinking about Agenda 21, for example. Countries such as Hungary and Poland, with their pro-family, pro-social and hence pro-population growth policies, with power finally in the hands of native people, is in complete opposition to the program of Agenda 21, where a supranational body is to decide on all aspects of the life of any individual. The program calls for the limitation of populations, which has nothing to do with family-friendly policies of these states. But the building of the most technologically and logistically advanced control system, under the banner of Sustainable Development that is Agenda 21, was going on in full swing until, suddenly, recalcitrant ‘dictators’ like Orban and Kaczynski appeared on the political scene. Most people rolled up their sleeves, with smiles and great enthusiasm built their own system of slavery from the bottom up, through the nicely sounding names such as the Sustainable Development.

It seems that minister Witold Waszczykowski, in his an interview with the German Bild, objected to the dictatorship of this ‘trend’ in strong words.

So reforms by ‘philanthropists’ encountered the serious obstacle of Eastern Europe. Because here bad ‘dictators’, like Orban and Kaczynski, are beginning to sprout like mushrooms. In this deal, the principal of formatting have two choices – one is to kill Orban, Putin, Kaczynski, Milos Zeman and Robert Fico – all these highly resistant to being formatted by Europe, or in a much simpler way to fund the work of various ‘foundations’ staffed by all sorts of local freaks who would kill their own mothers just to be able to introduce ‘innovative changes’ proposed by the wealthy ‘philanthropists’ and supranational institutions. A very comfortable and proven schematic – see Maidan in Ukraine for reference. We now have to contend with attempts to install the Ukrainian scenario in Poland. After the PiS-led government decided to put an end to Polish neo-colonialism, we are dealing with rapidly growing movement which calls for Maidan and restore the statute of the neocolonial state, with respective prerogatives for local apparatchiks who are deprived of authority who are on the streets and calling for Maidan.

Ukraine has just entered the road which Poland took when the Solidarity movement ended, which, incidentally, led her to the imposition of neo-colonial state. Now the PiS government definitely wants to finish with that way of doing politics. Seeing therefore as Ukraine is Poland twenty-seven years ago, we will have to wait for the real offset of apparatchiks from power (as has happened in Poland today) – I think not. It seems to me that, considering which traditions a part of the Ukrainian nation is adhering – I am thinking of Adolf Hitler and Stephan Bandera – we can count on quite an unpredictable turn of events.This is how Dr. Lucyna Kulinska described the situation in a recent interview I recorded with her: ‘If, for example, we wouldn’t want to implement certain German demands, the Ukrainians will always work as a fifth column. Just as before the war. Today we’re back on the same track. In Poland, for example, in Lodz and other cities, paramilitary training classes for Ukrainians are now formed, organized in this way the whole class. This reminds me of what happened before the war, when Poland gave military training to Ukrainian nationalists.’

This may of course sound like conspiracy theory. However, who apart from a small percentage of thinking people, thought that Europe in such a short time will face a civil war and Ukraine to become the European Somalia? This were also conspiracy stories until recently. I do not talk about it without a good cause. Recently, the Polish newspaper Super Express reported that the Ukrainian Right Sector nationalists are encouraging Poles to fight in the Donbas against Russia. For entering combat, it is offering $1,000 a month in wages, providing weapons for each volunteer. Information about Right Sector recruiting was sent to Polish paramilitary organizations by email.

Given by the fact that the Ukrainian neo-Nazis take pictures with ISIS militants, we can count on a fairly unpredictable turn of events. One must also add that there is a huge number of refugees from the east on Polish territory.

Does anyone want to use this ready-made material to carry out ‘European reforms’ in Poland, which PIS have now stopped? Quite possibly. Given the fact that the European Commission have now launched a review mechanism to inspect rule of law and install supervision of Poland. This can be helped by the Act of fraternal aid, set up some time ago in Poland, allowing foreign armed services to intervene in the event of a crisis, now that the so-called ‘crisis’ has already been created. ‘Democracy is threatened’ and people are taking to the streets to call for Maidan.

While this suggestion of outside intervention in the current situation in Germany may be very unrealistic, Germany is currently in such a situation, thanks to ever more powerful PEGIDA and constantly growing number of so-called Refugees that they can at any moment ask Poland to send police units to help Germany.

Helmut Bike, the president of the German Internal Security Agency between 1994 to 2000, forewarned of a revolutions in Germany if the government used force against the demonstrators of the so-called PEGIDA opposition movement. Roewer also revealed that the current German authorities are using known criminals to agitate against PEGIDA, transporting them to these demonstrations and paying them with state money.

In view of this ‘democratic’ behaviour by Angela Merkel’s government in the fight with the PEGIDA opposition, who then would support this fabricated Polish opposition calling for Maidan? Certainly not the Polish politicians who have been removed from power, the establishment and other duped lemmings. To carry out this operation payed up, trained and tested professionals are needed, like those using sniper rifles on the Ukrainian Maidan, along with large financial resources. Although it seems these measures, according to the Leader of the Party Kukiz 15, are already prepared. This is Paweł Kukiz’s statement recroded in the studio of Radio Zet: ‘Soros, an American banker of Jewish origin, chased in many countries with wanted notices for embezzlement and fraud, intensifying their anti-democratic activities in Poland. He strongly supports the program Citizens for Democracy, which has a budget of 150 million dollars and is financed by the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area. The Batory Foundation is in charge of the money. All the liberal-leftist NGOs fighting against nationalism, patriotism, xenophobia and promoting bringing illegal immigrants into Poland can apply for grants’.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of Prison Planet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.