29.11.2015 Author: Viktor Mikhin

The Middle East: Patrons of Terrorism

435342222US President Barack Obama expressed sham confidence that the US and its allies will crush the jihadis of the Islamic State. Speaking in Malaysia, where he participated in the ASEAN summit in Kuala Lumpur, the president loftily announced: “We will destroy ISIS, we will return the territory that they now occupy, we will stop their funding, we will hunt down their leaders, we will destroy their network, delivery routes and eventually destroy them. But in doing so, we are not willing to abandon out values and principles.”

Of course, this great desire of the American president is to destroy all that Washington has worked so hard for so many years to create. Responding to this Obama’s statement, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said: “At one stage, the United States fostered the strengthening of Al-Qaeda, which led to the September 11 tragedy. These lessons support the idea that the fight against the terrorist threat can only be led together, without dividing the allies in this fight into us and them”. Earlier, the Russian prime minister said that terrorism has no borders, therefore it is necessary to work together to fight the Islamic State militants.

If you take this perfunctory statement of the American president seriously, then you may recall that Washington and the CIA didn’t just create Al-Qaeda but they also had a hand in creating the terrorist organisation of the Islamic State. Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani told Fox News on the Hannity show, that Obama’s short-sightedness has led to “catastrophic consequences.” The emergence of the ISIS and the tragedy in Paris would not have happened if the US leader had adopted a different development strategy. “If President Obama had listened to Sen. McCain and Sen. Graham and other expert, and had set up a no-fly zone in Syria five years ago, if we had gone in and worked with the Syrian legitimate rebels, if we had not taken our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, ISIS never would have emerged”, the former mayor of New York believe. He added that the expansion of terrorist groups is the result of a “vacuous” foreign policy of the US president and that “ISIS is an Obama creation.”

Canadian historian and political scientist, former CIA station chief in Kabul and ex-vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council of the CI, Graham E. Fuller, clearly stated in his article for the weekly magazine, 2000, that “there would be no ISIS today if the US had not invaded and destroyed Iraq’s leadership, government, ruling institutions, elites, army, infrastructure and social order. We must remember that history in the Middle East did not begin with 9/11. Rather 9/11 was already the culmination of years of previous western policies of interventions and political manipulations,” the expert said.

According to Fuller, the situation requires the cooperation of the international community. “ISIS must be eliminated as a territorial entity – The UN must maintain the operational and legal leadership of the operation—not the US, or “the West” or NATO that spark volatile reaction. -Disarm militias and restore order. Order is the bed-rock of any further progress. -The Syrian state itself must not be dismantled á la Washington’s folly in occupied Iraq—whose disastrous repercussions are still with us,” the expert wrote.

In other words, R. Giuliani and Graham E. Fuller openly and impartially said what the world press has been writing about US policy in the Middle East and Washington’s so-called fight against international terrorism for years. Over the course of the last four years of the war in Syria, the world has well understood that Washington does not consider the killers and terrorists of the Islamic state the enemy. That is why the US Air Force, and their allies from the so-called International Coalition still undertake mainly recreational and training flights or simulate bombing, which for some reason the terrorists did not suffer from, and sometimes even made use of dropped ammunition and supplies.

The British newspaper, the Guardian, for example, believes that the drones are playing into the hands of the Islamic State recruiters. The newspaper published information about an open letter from the US military to President Obama. In it former soldiers who operated the drones at the time warned the US leader that the “surgical” strikes carried out by these aircraft, help the Islamic State and other terrorist organisations to recruit new supporters into their ranks. According to the authors of the open letter, the drone strikes are killing civilians and had become one of the most “destructive driving forces of terrorism and instability in the world.”

Moreover, the full responsibility for financing of terrorist organisations weighs on the conscience of the United States, the Western world and their allies from the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. Russian president Vladimir Putin clearly and firmly stated the same at the closing ceremony of the summit in Antalya: “I provided examples based on our data on the financing of different Islamic State units by private individuals. This money, as we have established, comes from 40 countries and, there are some of the G20 members among them.”
In this case the Ministry of Finance of the United States is in question, which published a report in the spring of 2014 on the “private donations” by citizens of Qatar and Saudi Arabia that are shipped to the ISIS via the banking system in a number of countries of the Persian Gulf. But these countries are close allies of the West, which keeps these states permanently supplied with modern weapons, which then fall into the hands of terrorists.

Kurdistan.ru writes that Fouad Hussein, head of the cabinet of Massoud Barzani, the leader of Iraqi Kurdistan, believes that “many Arab countries of the Persian Gulf funded Sunni groups in Syria and Iraq in the past, which then joined the IS or the Jabhat al-Nusra, which allowed the terrorists to buy weapons and pay salaries. Incidentally, one of the biggest reasons why the Gulf countries do not hinder these private investments is their desire to keep these terrorists as far away as possible from them. David Phillips, a former senior State Department official, said: “A lot of rich Arabs are playing dirty, their governments state that they are fighting ISIS but in fact they are financing it.” The Washington Post also published the opinion of Admiral James Stavridis, the former Commander of NATO, who said that the money of these “angel investors” comes from “Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Emirates” and “becomes the seed from which jihadist groups sprout.”

Incidentally, the other members of NATO, as well as new US allies, following the example of their overlord, are actively helping to smuggle advanced weapons to the terrorists in Syria. For example, an accomplice of the terrorist organisation ISIS arrested in Kuwait said that weapons can be purchased in Ukraine. Usama Khayyat, a native of Lebanon, said that he had bought Chinese MANPADS that the militants then transported through Turkey to Syria. The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry did not disclose data on the size of the transactions and the volume of deliveries, specifying only that Khayat had helped the ISIS attract new members and raise money. The funds raised were transferred to the bank accounts of groups in Turkey. Previously, there were repeated reports that the Balkan countries were even selling old Soviet weaponry to the conflict zones. They themselves had transferred to NATO standards, and the outdated models of weapons were simply no longer needed. Now it has also become known that Ukraine joined in the supply of weapons to the ISIS militants.

It is of particular note that all deliveries of weapons were conducted via Turkey, where the authorities must have known about it, but did not take any measures to prevent the smuggling of weapons. Moreover, it is well known that the ISIS militants that were recently forced to flee from Syria, have also passed through Turkish territory, where they receive the necessary documents, and then go on to hide in Europe. It was in Turkey, a NATO member, that the Islamic State printed coins and sold smuggled oil at one time. And the Turkish authorities turned a blind eye to all of this. And now in Kuwait a group of people was discovered who were sponsoring the Islamic State and delivering Chinese weapons from Ukraine to them.

Why do they all have to notice all this if they are tacit allies of the Islamic State and other terrorist organisations that commit murder, robberies and violence on the land of the once prosperous Syria? For example, the British media have published data on the user’s posts on Twitter, which support the IS. The infographics on the site, which is a part of the British newspaper, the Independent, presents data on the location of tens of thousands of social network users that publish posts in support of the terrorists “of the Islamic state.” The top three locations are Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iraq. In fourth place – the United States.

There’s your direct and clear answer about the allies and supporters of the ISIS.

Of course, it’s possible to pay lip service to the fight against the terrorists and even promise, as Barack Obama did, to put an end, if not today, then tomorrow, to terrorism, but the hard facts prove otherwise. As the Washington Post correctly pointed out, the fight against terrorism is a challenge for the next administration.

Victor Mikhin, corresponding member of RANS, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook“.