17.11.2015 Author: Jim Dean

The Unholy Trinity – War, Political Incompetence and Sanctions Profiteering

635435222What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” ~ Pericles … “Including the ones you have murdered.”… Jim W. Dean

Lost in the barrage of war reporting and one crisis after another like the Russian Sinai plane crash, is any focus on some of the other festering issues which seem to spawn new fires as fast as we can put one out. We got a “peace buzz” from the conclusion of the bogus Iran nuclear weapons threat, but that did not last long.

The refugee crisis sprung out of what seemed to be nowhere, but actually it didn’t…which is why I wanted to do a review of the old fashioned corruption forces we see persistently involved in all of these tragedies, from the gutter trash ghetto throat slitters, to the board room and political princes that seem to never catch a bullet or get a drone visit during their sleep.

We often dream at Veterans Today about what we could do to change the world if they lent us half the drone force for a year. We have a good target list already. It would be similar to the impact the Russia air group has had in Syria…almost unbelievable.

Russia expert John Helmer recently published a classic political corruption story on how former Polish Foreign minister Jan Kulczyk and coal mine-electricity billionaire oligarch Radoslaw Sikorski got busted for their taped lunch conversation in the Spring of 2014 at the Amber restaurant in Warsaw that changed their lives forever. Sikorski, a major advocate for Russian sanctions, was trying to hustle some sanctions profiteering side money. Kulczyk was unhappy with the low electricity prices in Poland that were squeezing his profit margins due to the low coal prices of imported Russian coal.

Kulczyk seems to have been one of those paper oligarch billionaires that are often highly leveraged and one bad deal away from tumbling down. They often wallpaper themselves up with board members or advisor “ex-somebodies” to help suck in investors for their next pump and dump public stock offering. Two of Kulczyk were ex-Polish president Alexander Kawniewski, and ex-NATO cmdr Marine General James Jones. Kawniewski also worked for others like the infamous Ukrainian/Swiss/Israeli oligarch Igor Kolomoisky before he escaped to the US.

Gone forever are the funds that Donbass people had in his banking network, shared with some special people I am sure. Public service ends up being a stepping stone for too many of these political princes to run with the boardroom hoodlums in their old age and enjoy the good life.

After a partial release in 2014, more of the lunch tapes were released on November 4th. The question of “why now” has not been answered. Jan Kulczyk had died this past July from reported post-surgery complications (or maybe something else), and I suspect the new government in Poland might be twisting the knife on the old one by re-publicizing the scandal.

One or more Intelligence agencies had been aware of the tapes where various big energy scams were being negotiated between Polish politicians and the new Western puppets in Kiev to begin looting Ukraine, things like selling its nuclear power electricity to Poland and stealing Russia’s underground gas storage in Ukraine to have as a piggybank. Lots of Polish and Ukrainian politicians were to get a cut.

Sikorski’s job was to try to push for having EU coal put on the Russian sanctions list to eliminate the cheaper Russian supplies to help Jan Kulczyk prop up his Polish electric margins. This failed, and Sikorski was axed from his foreign minister slot to try to bury the extent of Polish political corruption in the deal.
One head is never too big a price to pay as long as it is not yours.

Sikorski’s reputation was burned in Poland and any future business career there, but it seems like he is “pulling a Saakasvilli” maneuver by getting a cozy US Ivy League slot at Harvard. That is a clue that a US Intelligence agency put a call in to have him parked there to polish him back up for reuse. But I don’t think he will be going to Ukraine like Saakasvilli did. Henry Kamens has already reported here on NEO his new troubles from promoting a violent coup in Georgia, as his usefulness in Ukraine is subject to change at any time.

We are seeing a pattern here where heads of State and high officials who have been Intel assets of powerful Western countries get a lifetime warranty for having a soft landing if the bottom falls out on them. I share this with you today as just one example of the exploitation that took place as part of the anti-Russian sanctions that fleeced innocent civilians in numerous countries to enrich business interests that had the right political connections.

We all remember the Wall Street heydays of mergers and acquisitions, once called the “Predators Ball”, but were not shocked to see that going on there due to its shady past going back to papa Joe Kennedy days, who after fleecing small investors via insider trading made that illegal to protect is own holdings when he became the stock exchange commissioner.

But less widely known, or accepted…is another type of predators ball, where high government officials pimp themselves out as window dressing for big and small scamsters, almost as a right of passage when they leave. But a growing number, like Sikorski, do not wait until leaving service. They do their dirty deeds while in office to collect their deferred compensation afterwards. And yes, top military and defense figures get in on this action, too.

Another current example of sanctions profiteering is the multiple exploitations of the refugee surge into Europe. The German Chamber of Commerce crowd was already laying the ground work of wanting to bring in cheap immigrant labor to help keep labor cost down, even though the costs of these programs are borne by big and small taxpayers alike, and the unemployed worst of all.

Many small German towns are learning they are about have their populations raised several hundred percent because some Berlin bigwigs don’t want refugees in big numbers in the larger cities where they can organize into big protest marches and engage in big city petty crime which would be widely reported. These small town victims are being swept under the proverbial rug.

On the southern end of this human misery chain we find Turkey is turning out more Syrian passports than Syria does, a huge cottage business which they even get Africans to shell out up to $2000 for them with hopes they will get fast lane treatment for refugee approval only to find out an interviewer will easily be able to figure out they are not from Syria. That African accent is always a dead give-away. We hear reports of refuge center toilets being clogged up with people trying to cut them up and flush them down after learning that being caught with a fake passport can get them deported.

The Saudis are funding some of the refugee logistics structure, and both Turkish and Saudi Intel are prepping many of these young single male refugees how to create mayhem to overwhelm the system when they arrive to intimidate the authorities, which is exactly what has happened. The public backlash can also be used do sell anti-Muslim propaganda in their home countries.

The sanctions pirates have made Baltic dairies go bankrupt, as have thousands of marginal farmers in Europe. Insiders that knew this was going to happen were able to short the commodities markets and make a bundle. Pro-Russian sanctions and Syrian War cheerleader Britain has a healthcare system that is turning into a Rocky Horror Picture show.

The British Labor party is pushing for a $100 billion to be spent on replacement Trident nuclear subs which will probably cost $250 billion when done, simply because they want the employment money, and to hell with the state of the country. This cut throat attitude of every politician for himself has flowed down to the working man.

There is not a single Republican presidential candidate but Trump that has not stated they are pro war on Russia simply because they are competing for campaign funding from the huge defense contractor companies who have lots of off shore money then can put into elections now, and legally thanks to our Supreme Court decision. But I don’t trust Mr. Trump any farther than I can throw him. He will say whatever will work to get elected and then do what he pleases, even if it is only for four years as it is all just a game to him. He is a showman to the bone.

I will end with poor Ukraine whose economy is going over the cliff. Yes there has always been corruption there, but Russia was soaking up a lot of the red ink with its huge subsidies and industrial subcontracting to help keep the country afloat with its large Russian population. In the good days before the Soviet Union collapse Ukraine’s GDP was 17% of the Russian Federation area, but with only one third of the population.

But now, after becoming a Western puppet due to its chasing the mirage dream of joining the EU, it has 7% of the RFs GDP, with still around 40 million people, and who can’t keep a country running on that much less ever be able to service the debt they are incurring. That is why anyone who can steal anything is, to build up an escape fund to get out when the country gets swallowed by the next Maiden.

But worst of all the Donbass people have been treated by the Kiev vultures like a big supply of Aztec sacrifice victims to please the Western gods, keeping the war going to keep the sanctions on Russia to help topple the Putin government, when the pro-Western opposition movement was only polling 11%, something never mentioned by US press. This has become the geopolitical blunder of this century with the man now polling 90% at home and probably close to that worldwide.

Never has so little been owed by some many to so few, as the incompetent leadership in the wasted Western wonderland, where even referring to them as statesmen is denigration of the word. I wish it were not true, but you all know it is.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”