31.03.2015 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Poland: NATO’s Logistics Base

N432434234Foreign colleagues journalists often ask me why Poland and the Poles are so stupid and help sinking Ukraine with being a useful idiot for the United States. This question expresses a profound misunderstanding about what Ukraine is and what Poland is now. At present, in the current geopolitical game there only seemingly occurs the division into Ukraine and Poland. It is more appropriate to say that we are dealing with two colonies of the United States: the Colony A – Ukraine and the Colony B – Poland. Both US bases are designed to perform certain, specific military functions. Poland serves as a training ground and the warehouse whereas Ukraine is a typical battlefield. The battlefield is supported by the storage facilities, logistics i.e Poland.

In the last six weeks the government which is supposed to be Polish announced compulsory military training to both men transferred to the reserve forces as well as reservists that have not been on active service yet. In line with previous regulations, only those who have been on active service can be appointed or those who for example went through a period of military service conscription.

In other words, compulsory military training was introduced for all men under the age of 50. After 23rd March this year, when the Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz regulation came into force, Poles may be called up for service in case of military training at any moment, even inconvenient for them.

What is more, within 6 weeks the Polish government also introduced several other laws concerning the army, which may be perceived as preparations for war. I mean for example the regulations in respect to damages caused by foreign troops, or the regulation on the costs of non-professional soldiers’ funerals.

Obviously that way Poland is to defend defend itself against ‘Russian aggressors’ although in my opinion, it would be more reasonable to protect ourselves against those who are in you tube decapitating an effigy of the Polish president which is then tossed over the fence right in front of Polish Consulate.

However, according to what one of the main sponsors of ‘democracy’ in the world – George Soros said: ‘Ukrainian democracy’ should be a role model for other countries. This pattern is part of the broader context in which, for example Poland has become the country somehow subordinate to Ukraine due to the possibility of improving the conduct of military operations in Ukraine by the US.

Independent Poland with its own foreign policy would be only an obstacle for those who control this strategic plan. Poland as a country must be secondary to the performance of the US military plan in Ukraine – both in financial, military, ideological or social terms.

Poland: logistic base for Ukraine

Financial background:

We gave the Ukrainian army aid worth 4 million euros and we are preparing the next part. Poland has always said that since there is no embargo on arms supplies, we are willing to make our defense industry collaborating with Ukraine. There are no obstacles to that – said Minister Tomasz Siemoniak.

Military facilities:

– Stephen Mull, US Ambassador in Poland: If there is a threat to Poland, we will install Patriots here. I talked about this recently with the General Ben Hodges (the commander of US forces in Europe – ed.) and he ensured the readiness of deploying them if necessary.

We will spend one billion US dollars to increase military infrastructure in Poland. Several million dollars will be spent, e.g. to increase the base in Lask. The Ambassador added that the expansion of military bases will allow to send US troops quickly.

Ideological base:

We must not only speak with one voice, but also act in unison, because who we will be tomorrow depends on what we do today – said Donald Tusk and also argued that now is the best time for “a revival of faith in the Transatlantic Community”.

Social base:

As the Minister of Defence Thomas Siemioniak mentioned 41 wounded Ukrainian soldiers who took part in the”anti-terrorist operation” in Donbass being treated in Polish hospitals. They were sent to Wrocław, Kraków and Lublin. The cost of this treatment is 700 thousand zlotych.

The two parts of the US colony: Poland and Ukraine

Poland as we learn from the New York Times has been intended for a logistic and military base for Ukraine in the fight against Russia. As a result of this, it cannot have its own policy and for example be a neutral state. Poland must be what it is now – the base for war with Russia. Therefore, in the meantime we will have to deal in Poland with impending ‘democratic processes’ by Ukrainian standards which, like Soros states, should be followed as an example. The typical symptoms of those ‘democratic processes’ are: destabilization, bankruptcy and depopulation of the country, what we can observe in Poland now.

If Poland had its own foreign policy, the US would lose its important military, social and economic facilities. Thus, despite the protests of a large part of Polish society the government claiming to be Polish does not care too much about its own citizens. The question should be put rather in a different way: why was not one colony of the United States to send support to the other colony of the US in the fight against another enemy of the US?

In this context, a part of the Polish society protesting against the Polish involvement in the conflict in Ukraine are of no greater importance. Both governments: in Ukraine and in Poland do not represent the will of their citizens, instead of this they follow the instructions of their superiors from the other side of the Ocean

This is what can be expected in Poland and other Baltic countries: the process of deepening instability and eventually open warfare to which Poland is already being prepared through a series of new laws that have been implemented within just 6 weeks.

This is a consequence of the information war that has already led to a situation in which the meaning of the words democracy, freedom, European values etc. has been appropriated by those who control the narrative doing so through their corporate media. Today no one is surprised by neo-Nazis, racists and Islamic extremists fighting alongside the Ukrainian forces, no one even asks why, while others still do not believe it. And if they do so, they are fighting for “democracy and European values’ after all as in the past ISIS used to. The meaning was already appropriated by those who control the narrative.

The conflict between a large part of the Polish society and the Polish government claiming to be Polish and the government of Ukraine will increase. The Polish government openly supports neo-Bandera regime in Ukraine. Meanwhile, a large part of the Polish society, after all, does not want to die for the people who officially worship those who not so long ago murdered their families – for example, I mean Volhynian Massacres in which Ukrainians killed around 200,000 Polish civilians in such a savagely atrocious manner that it is even hard to imagine. The perpetrators of the massacres in Volhynia are now officially honored as heroes.

Therefore, the gap between the people and their government claiming to be Polish will increase, which could lead to overthrowing it, or putting on the political scene a completely new political movement that will change the Polish foreign policy. The symptoms of this are already visible. The dissatisfaction of Poles because of Polish foreign policy is manifested through the establishment of new political parties and the formation of mass social movements. Both of them postulate overthrowing the current government in Warsaw. As a result of pulling Poles by this government to open war with Russia, as well as due to the deteriorating situation in the euro zone, these movements and parties will be growing in strength.

This discrepancy between Polish society and the Government is the price of being a US logistics facility. Although as I mentioned earlier this is not so important right now because both the Polish government and the Ukrainian government do not represent national interests of their countries being only one of the two mating parts of the US strategic colony in the war with Russia.

The legitimacy of neo-Nazism and neo-Banderism in Ukraine and now in Latvia (not without reason these are the countries in which we have now US military bases) is not accidental. Without the legitimacy of the extremists who after all fight for ‘democracy and European values’, the war in Ukraine would be over within two days. Without the oligarch money, propaganda, troops from the US, without the Poland’s support, rearming Ukraine and the support for neo-Nazis and neo-Bandera extremists everything would have ended within a week. None of the so-called normal Ukrainians would go to any war, which can be seen even after the failure of general mobilization. Without inspiring the nationalist flame, Ukraine would very quickly cease to burn and could get back to normal. This scenario, however, does not suit those who now bring there ‘democratic processes’ such as before in Libya and Syria etc.

The neo-Nazi and Bandera ideology is needed to be able to continue the war and therefore must be legitimized. Although in the long run it is unnecessary and harmful for the US. Poland in this context must remain an aid base for the US performing ‘democratic processes’ on Ukraine known from the Middle East. It is entirely secondary whether Russia is a threat to Poland. Poland represents the interests of the US and if we, instead of Russia, considered any other country where the US have interests, Poland as in the case of Afghanistan, would send its troops there without any criticism.

Poland goes to war

In Poland, we are now faced with the formation of the same disease as volunteer battalions in Ukraine. An example is one of the newly formed paramilitary organizations: the National Guard from Szczecin.

Our social initiative is an expression of concern for our country. Disturbing the international situation, including the currently ongoing armed intervention of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine and the threat of Islamic fundamentalism compels us to seek the fate of our loved ones and our country – say the founders of the National Guard.

War propaganda is very well implemented in Poland after it was implemented in Ukraine. Having inferred from the number of American troops sent to the Baltic countries as well as Poroshenko’s appeal to start open conflict, the only thing which would do is just the right detonator.

Konrad Rękas, the analyst of the European Centre for Geopolitical Analysis, very well presents this issue:

You can imagine that we will have to deal with the mechanism of provocation. For example, unknown perpetrators, acting as in Maidan, or Malaysian aircraft, at some point detonate an explosive device near the NATO base, with soldiers killed, American citizens, British or Polish, and this will give “war hawks” an excuse to open and full military intervention, the introduction of troops to Ukraine and so on.

This version of events is confirmed also by Joaquin Flores, an analyst from the Center for Syncretic Studies.

“One thing we see from this clearly is that the US is doing everything possible to break the Minsk agreement on truce in Ukraine,

“We can see that armament shipments which are really conforming to two plans.”

“One is to inspire arms sales and arms shipment” in the area to benefit US Armaments industries, he said, adding “the second piece of this is to scare Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish leaders into thinking there is something that is not happening. They’re creating false intelligence reports which indicate the imminent increase in Russian military actions while they’re not the case at all”.

What will be the igniter? It can be anything. Perhaps, as in the case of the WTC or the recent Poroshenko’s pathetic passport ‘proof’, they will find passports of ‘terrorists’ who wanted to blow up a NATO base. As we know, each terrorist carries a Russian passport to leave it in the place where he commits an ‘act of terror’. What will be the trigger does not matter as long as those who show evidence also control the narrative by the media.

Konrad Rękas continues.

These are the same circles of people that next to military-industrial complex are most interested in the “hot conflict”. Why? Jacek Rostowski ,being a few years ago the Minister of Finance of Poland plainly said,

This war, full-scale war, will allow to hide and in some way protect financial circles against the effects of the collapse of the dollar based Western economy which is so vulnerable to speculation.

Even a reasonable Kissinger’s approach in relation to Russia, or the change in attitude of Germany which eventually resulted in the psychopaths in Washington pushing Europe to war, do not change much. Let me remind you that in Germany itself US troops are scattered in dozens of different bases, not including hardware stores, weapons and food supplies which were established there in the event of war, Germany has on its territory 48.1 thousand of US Soldiers. The US Military bases in Germany:

Ansbach, Babenhausen, Bamberg, Baumholder, Bad Aibling, Bad Kissingen, Bad Nauheim, Buedingen Darmstadt, Dexheim, Garmisch, Gelnhausen, Giebelstadt, Giessen, Grafenwoehr, Hanau, Heidelberg, Hohennfels, Illesheim, Kelley Barracks, Kitzingen, Mannheim, McCully Barraks, Neubrucke, Panzer Kaserne, Patch Barracks, Ramstein, Schweinfurt, Vilseck, Vogelweh, Wiesbaden

The fact that Poles find out from the New York Times that they are preparing for war for me is something paradoxically positive. The notice finally comes from the so-called real place of Polish government.

Will rising dissatisfaction from the actions taken by Polish government pushing Poland to war eventually lead to overthrowing it? – quite possible. In Poland, there are more and more political movements which postulate this scenario. They just do not want to repeat the democratic ‘success of Ukraine’.

From the statements of the head of the operation, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, we know that the US will be pushing other Baltic States to repeat political and economic ‘success’ of Poland. The sponsor of this political and economic ‘success’ George Soros says that Ukraine should be a model for other countries to follow. At this point, it only remains for me to feel compassion for other Baltic countries.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of Prison Planet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.