21.11.2014 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Ukrainian fascists in Poland

z13357897Q“Come and select your fascist” – These are the words written on the leaflet from the previous presidential “election”, with a black eagle holding a swastika in its claws and Ukrainian flag in the background.

In the end, however, we lived to ‘concrete’ representatives in Ukraine.

One of them is the main character of the Radical Party – 81-year old Yuri Shukhevych. Son of mass murderer of the Polish civilians – Roman Shukhevych – commander of the UPA. Here, small reminder for those who are wholeheartedly behind the Ukrainian ‘independence’ at any price.

In the book “Reconciliation through a difficult memory. Volyn 1943. Survivor Pole” Joseph Koziński from the village Omelno recounts his experiences with the UPA in this way:

‘His eyes took out, tongues cut off, hands broke’

‘They lay him on the ground, because it’s an ax chopping, and child in the cradle, or an ax, the blood on the wall or on the ceiling. I watched it all ‘.

Whereas, Grzegorz Rąkowski in the book ” Lviv Earth ” describes his experience with ‘heroes’ from UPA:

‘Armed groups (UPA) were moving forward steadily from hut to hut, killing and fleeing residents ran into the lap ring. Polish farms were robbed and then usually were run with smoke. ‘

Another ‘democratic’ representative is Dmytro Jarosz – Right Sector Leader, who received in his district nearly 30 percent of the vote (29.85%), thereby getting to the Ukrainian parliament. Jarosz got to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of district No. 39 in Dnipropetrovsk circuit.

In a recent article, I wrote about the nationwide action, on October 23, against the glorification of the Ukrainian government genocidal formations of OUN, UPA and SS Galicia in Ukraine. These formations murdered over 100 thousand Poles, mostly civilians. Now it turns out, however, that they are ‘combatants’ and ‘heroes’ in Ukraine thanks to Czekoladaszenko. According to the Regulation of President of Ukraine – Petro Poroshenko, Defender of the Fatherland Day will be celebrated on October 14 – the anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, and no longer February 23.

In connection with the anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (Oct. 14), a group of about six Ukrainian students studying in Przemysl at the State Higher School of East European took a series of pictures – some of them have his hands raised in a fascist gesture and all stand beside outstretched red-and-black flag UPA. Five of them study international relations.

This is not all. According to what a senior officer Polish Internal Security Agency said in a newspaper “Rzeczpospolita”: the activity of Ukrainian has to rely on meetings and debates on the inclusion of part of the lands of our country to Ukraine. During the meetings and debates, among others, they discuss about inclusion of several counties border to Ukraine. Ukrainian nationalists frequently participate in meetings organized in the province of Lublin and Subcarpathian. There have already been several clashes between Poles and Ukrainians. For the time being, however, they concerned only symbols.

Konrad Rękas – frequent visitor in Ukraine and the Center for Geopolitical analyst comments that in such words. I would add that Mr. Konrad Rękas lives in Chelm – a city which is now visited by Right Sector.

Banderism recommends infiltration of the ruling and is now doing exactly the same thing.

Several such demonstrations (protests against the glorification of the UPA by Poroshenko) in Poland was attacked by the Ukrainians, evidently organized groups, which penetrate Poland more and more openly, and more clearly . It’s difficult to get any official information from the authorities. For example, how many Ukrainians went to Poland? There are rumors about groups, certainly thousands of people and we are not talking only about the students or employees interested in working in the construction, but with groups that are oriented towards suppression and dispersion by force such expressions of public concern in Poland. Supporters of peace in Ukraine are attacked in Poland. Banderism, 70 years since the formation of Ukrainian nationalism, is not softened and hasn’t changed in any way. It also hasn’t become any such handicraft version, as they try to tell the Poles – they aren’t just flags, a cry, a portrait, but in reality they are some good natured, nation European Democrats. That’s not true. They are people who really mean it when they say that they will go and take Chelm. Think carefully think about it. There is no need in this case to guess anything. They are the people who, when they said that they’ll kill supporters of autonomy in Odessa, they killed them – they took them and burned alive. And there is no metaphor, no misunderstandings.

They said they would kill. And they did it. When they said they will commence and pacify Novorossiya, we have graves in Donetsk where we dug at least hundreds of bodies of civilians – there is no metaphor here also. We have a clear situation here. When Hitler said that the Jewish problem will be solved, he had no intention to send them to Madagascar. When Bandera followers say that they get rid of national minorities in Ukraine, they will get rid of them unfortunately. If we don’t open our eyes quickly, the next graves near Zhitomir will be Polish graves.

Polish politicians have long been discrediting themselves in the international arena as well as in Poland alone. Actually, it is now a Polish tradition, almost Polish ‘brand’. The country is ruled by the people who have been openly or less explicitly conducting anti-Polish policy of internal and external affairs. These politician are periodically elected by the brainwashed Poles who, Gods now why, blame them after all and so on. Political stupidity and helplessness have become almost a national mark of Poles as once had courage and bravery which doesn’t exist anymore in political life.

Poland has long been deprived of their leaders. I think that a good example of Polish embarrassments is the appearance of Grzegorz Schetyna, Jerzy Buzek, Jaroslaw Kaczynski at the side of the head of the Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok with red-black banners in the background. Chanting banderovite fame Ukraine! and Herojom fame! Notorious tribute to the UPA fighters. The organization that is responsible for the deaths of more than 100,000 Poles in Ukraine. Our politicians are photographed with Svoboda party leader, the party that not so long ago was called a national-socialist. Party, which in its genesis is anti-Polish, anti-Russian and anti-Semitic. Party, which explicitly refers to the criminals of the UPA and SS Galicia.

What Poles who live between Zbrucz and Bug would say? In place where Bandera followers rule. In a place where not so long ago, the same Bandera followers burnt alive and cut the axes of their parents. What do they think when they see the Polish politicians shouting ‘Fame Ukranie’ or being photographed with Svoboda party leader Oleh Tiahnybok? – The leader of the Party which praises Bandera – the man responsible for the mass murder of Polish peple. If this is not an anti-Polish action – what is it?

At a meeting with inhabitants of Uzhgorod (Transcarpathian district), the leader of the right sector Dymytro Jarosz said that the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine will return to Ukraine, and local Tatars will become the driving force of the revolution. According to what Jarosz said, the Islamic radicals will contribute to the collapse of Russia in 2 – 3 years.

Banderovite territorial claims not only pertain to the Crimea and Russia, but also the Polish border areas that Ukrainians would like to see at home. You would ignore it if not for the fact who is now in the Ukrainian government.

A good example would be the Environment minister in the Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s government – Andriy Mokhnyk. The man in charge of Svoboda militia squad that crashed the press conference devoted to the genocide wrought by the UPA against Poles and Jews. During the conference, the militia chanted: Jews away! and Chamy home!

The hypocrisy of the Polish foreign policy was summed by Putin himself who said that the Poles fighting for the memory of a few thousand murdered by the NKVD in Katyn officers and forget and keep silent about 200,000 victims murdered by the UPA. The Poles not only forget it. They run amok against Putin and help the ‘poor’ Ukraine shouting Banderovite glory Fame Ukraine! Herojom fame! Thus giving a face to those Poles whose parents were brutally murdered by the UPA.

In this context, the present self-defense of Eastern Ukraine reminds me the situation in which Poles fought against the UPA. Where the Poles were in majority, they created institutions of self-defense which quickly gained support of the Polish National Army. So they could at least in any way defend against bestiality of UPA.

Perhaps the Poles, as citizens of eastern Ukraine now will have to defend themselves against ‘patriotic’ battalions, which profess Shukhevych and Bandera. However, the eastern Ukrainians can theoretically count on Russia’s favour, which undoubtedly has a strong leader. But who the Poles may count on? Well probably they can count only on their own politicians shouting at that time ‘Fame Ukraine! Herojom fame!

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.