27.08.2014 Author: Christof Lehmann

Rogue Networks Behind Wars Usurped Sovereignty

4184954525_682cdc0572_oThe wars in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq are 4th generation wars. These wars are not waged by governments but by rogue networks who in part enter symbiotic relationships and in part cannibalize on one another. Besides being a threat against targeted nation states and alliances, these networks are mounting frontal assaults against the political systems in which they have embedded themselves. These networks are abusing democratic systems as their play-toys and are mounting the greatest of all threats against the sovereign within democratic systems, the people themselves.

4th Generation Wars and Oligarchical Anarchy. 4th generation warfare was developed on the basis of the perceived need to end the cold-war stall-mate that had made head-on military confrontations between superpowers or alliances impossible. The foundation was laid by think-tanks around Zbigniev Brzezinski and the establishment of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan during the 1980s. The first actual 4th generation war was that directed against Yugoslavia.

From Yugoslavia to Ukraine. It is a well-established and documented fact that the internal conflict in Yugoslavia was manufactured by an alliance of Slovenian, Croatian separatists with ties to WWII German National Socialism. National Socialism has also been entrenched in the political system of the USA, its military-industrial complex, and post-WWII civilian and military intelligence services in the USA and NATO.

As international lawyer Christopher Black noted in our joint article, written by Black, Fetzer, Mezyaev and Lehmann, titled ”South East China Sea, A Perfect Crisis for the International Crisis Group”, these Slovenian and Croatian networks received covert support via the German intelligence service BND as well as via the Vatican.  The fact was also noted by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, in his article German Intelligence and CIA supported Al Qaeda sponsored Terrorists in Yugoslavia”.

4th generation wars like those in Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Ukraine are planned years, sometimes decades in advance. Alexander Mezyaev noted in our joint article that the retired French Brigadier General Pierre Marie Gallois made a stunning confession in that regard.

In two video-recorded statements, Brig. Gen. Gallois admitted that European powers or rather networks within European powers, had held secret meetings on a farm in Germany to plan the war on Yugoslavia. These meetings were being held since 1976. Gallois stated that he was present at these meetings.

The war in Ukraine has been planned by rogue networks for years. The war in Ukraine was modeled over the same blueprint as that against Yugoslavia. The ally of choice were Ukrainian ultra-nationalists with direct links to WWII Nazi organizations. The function is to sabotage the peaceful integration of the Russian and European market economies and to preserve the US/UK dominated hegemony in Europe

The killing of hundreds of police officers and protesters in Kiev on February 22, 2014, involved the UNA-UNSO, noted German geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl. UNA-UNSO leader Andriy Shkil was adviser to Julia Tymoshenko during the US-instigated 2003-2004 Orange Revolution. Links between the UNA-UNSO and the German National Democratic Party (NPD) have been documented in Wikipedia, noted Engdahl.

Confusion of Principles – Nazis are Not Germany. Close ties between the German NPD and the British intelligence service MI6 have been documented, among many others by John Hopper. It would be a great mistake to confuse German Nazi and Neo-Nazi involvement in Yugoslavia and Ukraine with involvement of the German government. The driving powers behind 4th generation wars are not any longer governments but rogue networks who are embedded in government agencies, NATO, the UN, and other NGOs.

As noted in my article ”Myanmar, Gas, and the Soros-Funded Destruction of a Nation State” , it is especially the UN-Interagency Framework Team for Preventive Action (Framework Team) that serves as UN-agency for subversions carried out by these rogue networks.

In fact, the governments of Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and in part France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland are conducting damage control against a primarily U.S./UK-interests driven attempt to sabotage the peaceful cooperation between continental Europe and Russia. 

The Frontal Assault on International Law and National Sovereignty. Beginning with Yugoslavia and accelerating after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, there has been a steady erosion of international law. To mention but a few of the most obvious points which were described in greater detail by international lawyer Christopher Black,:

  • The erosion of the principles of non-intervention into internal affairs as established in the Treaty of Westphalia and enshrined in the UN Charter. The establishment of the principles of humanitarian intervention and a ”responsibility to protect”.

  • The erosion of the Geneva Convention by adopting constructs such as unlawful combatants, enhanced interrogation techniques, extraordinary rendition, the legalization of summary executions via drones and White House kill lists.

  • The erosion of the Hague Conventions by using Al-Qaeda, UNA-UNSO, ISIS, ISIL, IS, Jabhat al-Nusrah, LIFG, among many others as de-facto mercenary forces which are managed by rogue networks embedded in intelligence services. The term plausible deniability is crucial in this regard.

  • The establishment of illegal international courts and politicized show trials, including the ICTY, ICTR, SCSL, SCL and similar special courts or quasi-legal judicial institutions.

The assault of these rogue networks is not only directed against international law and national sovereignty abroad. These networks are targeting the sovereignty of the people in European Union and NATO member states as well.

Confusion of Principles. Although one can argue variances between democratic systems, their common denominator is that it is the people who are the sovereign of the state. The variance is defined by the degree or system according to which this sovereignty is delegated.

One of the highest expressions of sovereignty according to international and national laws is the right to wage war. A nations sovereignty, for example, is to a large degree defined by its ability and right to project military power. The sovereignty of Germany after WWII, for example, is virtually non-existent. The expulsion of the U.S. spy-chief from Berlin in July 2014 opened that “can of worms”. 

This sovereignty of NATO member’s governments and of the sovereign himself (the people) has been aggressively attacked since Yugoslavia. The jus belli or right to wage war, which implies potentially catastrophic consequences for the people, has been utterly eroded in Western democracies. Sovereignty and one of its highest expressions has been usurped by rogue networks.

Some of the primary architects of the anarchio-oligarchical system are Madeleine Albright, Zbigniev Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, Frederick Kempe, and George Soros. The system could not function without the direct and indirect support of Europe’s and the U.S. leading families. In many cases the elected governments of EU or NATO member states are merely responding to policy that is being implemented via these networks.

Simplifications like “NATO’s war in Ukraine” are helpful in some regard. Limiting the discourse to that level of analysis is the sovereigns’ greatest fallacy. Control over media plays the greatest role in keeping the discourse at a level that does not allow for intervention by the sovereign, people are misled.

The consequence is that a wider Middle East war has been ongoing for years; a war has been launched in Ukraine; most elected officials are being held in the dark about the actual dynamics. Populations are kept blindfolded and are being led like lambs to the slaughterhouse.

Considering the already ongoing economic and military wars; Considering the risk of a large-scale military confrontation, whether wanted or unwanted or because events begin to run out of control, the people in NATO member States would be well served by confronting themselves with a set of questions.

Will we surrender to parasitic rogue networks or anarchio-oligarchs? Will we let ourselves be driven into wars by rogue networks of anarchio-oligarchs? Will I surrender or will I demand that my elected representatives take back our sovereignty? Is there a way to reestablish lawfulness and sovereignty by peaceful means? Or has the time come where I have to begin organizing mass citizens arrests and a revolution? Do I know the names and addresses I need to know so I can retake sovereignty? Do I have allies among power-brokers? Who is my ally, and who is not? The facts that stealth and propaganda enabled rogue networks to usurp sovereignty and the fact that one has to begin considering revolt and resistance in “the free world” are staggering but not paralyzing.

Dr. Christof Lehmann an independent political consultant on conflict and conflict resolution and the founder and editor in chief of nsnbc, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.