17.06.2014 Author: Viktor Mikhin

Syria and the West: elections have passed, problems remain

8887The results of presidential elections in Syria are, according to many sober-minded politicians, impossible to ignore; and for those who seek a political settlement, they will inevitably have to, sooner or later, recognize their results. The massive participation in the election by Syrians have demonstrated that any negotiations on a political resolution to the crisis cannot go in any direction other than with President Bashar al-Assad, the legitimate leader who won a landslide victory in elections. As was reported by Reuters, citing a statement by the speaker of the Syrian parliament, Mohammed Jihad Laham, in these presidential elections Bashar al-Assad received 89% of the vote, with that turnout and according to a local Constitutional Court, the margin of victory was set at 73%.

Nevertheless, the West, primarily the U.S., in a futile attempt, is cynically contesting the results of the election, the will of the Syrian people and shamelessly to not accept the results. However, to consider the Syrian elections legitimate, approval from the West is not required, because the Syrian people overwhelmingly voted for B. Assad; this made it a legitimate vote. “We really do not expect from the West recognition of the legitimacy,” said Syrian President Advisor Busan Shaaban, correctly accusing Western and some Arab countries of a rude bias and double standards towards Syria and its people. It is precisely these countries that are constantly arming and funding the opposition, consisting mainly of terrorist organizations such as “Al-Qaeda” and “en-Dzhebhat Nusra.” “The Syrian people not only voted for President Bashar Assad, stressed B.Shaaban, but I think they voted for Syria. They voted against foreign intervention.”

Results of the elections in Syria brought a sharp and cynical reaction from the West, who didn’t send a single observer to monitor the vote. Yes, they were not needed. Decisions were already made even when Damascus set a date for the first contested presidential elections in a half a century. “It a disgrace.” “This is a farce.” “It has nothing to do with democracy.” These are just some of the cynical comments of hardened Western politicians and their well-funded press.

But almost simultaneously the so-called “elections” have been characterized as “democratic and free,” during which the Nazis in Kiev, with the implicit support of their Western masters, continued their attempts to destroy the peaceful population of South-Eastern Ukraine. And by the way, their results had been predicted far in advance by the cute-hearted President elect, Poroshenko and the West; and nobody else. Moreover, Western fascists presented Moscow with an ultimatum – if you do not recognize that bandit in the form of a new Ukrainian president, it will be meet by a new round of sanctions against Russia. We can remember the infamous Adolf Hitler, which before he attacked one country or another declared his ultimatums. We remember that fascism was born in Europe and the Soviet state fought for almost all European countries.

Successful presidential elections in Syria, according to independent experts, have dealt a serious blow to those who doubted that the residents are able to confront terrorism. But the very problem of terrorism will only be resolved as soon as the United States, France, Saudi Arabia and the countries of the Persian Gulf end their support of the militants,” said Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister, Faisal Mekdad in an interview with Lebanese television channel, “Al-Mayadin.”

Most interesting is that the West, having let the genie bandit out of the Syrian bottle, has recently shown more concern about his fellow terrorists. In this connection it may be recalled that the CIA fostered “Al-Qaeda” efforts to successfully carry out a major terror operation in the United States, known as the events of 9/11. At least the Americans themselves strenuously assure the world that the mastermind behind such events was “Al-Qaeda” and its then leader, highly paid CIA agent, Osama bin Laden. Now there are reports that France and the United States, trying to prevent such similar events, secretly turned to the official Damascus with a request to provide them with lists of those Europeans and Americans who are active an fighting for terrorist organizations.

In this case, the casket, as they say, just opened. The West is very extremely troubled by the threat of bandits and terrorists that may take the fight from Syria to Europe and the United States, decided that they needed to enlist the help of Damascus. And by the way, it is precisely to these terrorists that the West provided and continues to provide considerable assistance, including information and propaganda, which has influenced thousands of Westerners in joining in the terror and tyranny on Syrian soil. And there are numerous facts confirming this. Here’s just one fact of many: For the first time in Syria a terror act was committed by a suicide bomber who was an American citizen. According to the U.S. broadcaster NBC, referring to their own anonymous sources, the man was linked to the terrorist network “Al-Qaeda.” The name of the terrorist has not been released and in addition, it has not been reported from what U.S. city he arrived in Syria and if he had died as a result of the attack. “This incident is considered the first act of terrorism in Syria committed by a suicide-bomber from the U.S., said NBC. As was confirmed earlier, similar attacks occurred in Somalia from 2009 to 2011 and were carried out by three Americans who worked with the group, “Al-Shabab.” This group is known to have ties to “Al-Qaeda.”

Head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Komi, told reporters that there is an increased flow of American and E.U. citizens wishing to fight on the side of the Syrian opposition: “Dozens of Americans are joining the ranks of insurgents in Syria to participate in the conflict. At the same time, the influx of thousands of E.U. citizens into the region has been noticed. This trend is causing particular alarm among U.S. law enforcement agencies, as militants returning home spreading the word of radical ideas become a threat to national security. “Many of us recall the link between the events of the 80s and 90s in Afghanistan to the events that occurred on 9/11/ 2001,” said Komi, recalling that the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington by Al Qaeda, a group who had used Afghanistan as a springboard for attacks in other countries. “What is happening in Syria now is much worse. We cannot allow current events in Syria to lead to a catastrophe similar to what occurred on September 11,” said the head of the FBI.

Previously, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper also expressed his concern about the fact that foreigners are fighting on the side of the Syrian opposition. “In Syria, there are more than 7 and a half thousand foreign fighters from approximately 50 countries,” including a “small group” from the Pakistani branch of “Al-Qaeda,” who have planes of launching terrorist attacks against the West, noted Director of National Intelligence. According to other information, fighting against government forces in Syria with the opposition are approximately 10,000 foreign citizens.

It came down to the fact that the U.S. Justice Department intends on appointing a special coordinator for combating the influx of foreign fighters in Syria fighting on the side of the Syrian opposition, said the head of National Security of the U.S. Justice Department, John Carlin. The new position fall under the management of attorney, Stephen Ponticelli; it is planned that he along with his E.U. counterparts, who are also concerned about the problem, will devise a plan to investigate foreign militants in Syria. Altogether, according to U.S. intelligence estimates, in armed Syrian opposition groups, there are between 75,000 to 115,000 people. There are more than 1,500 representatives of various groups, included among them are terrorist organizations. According to Clapper, “the most effective ones are, “Dzhebhat an-Nusra,” “Ahrar al-Sham,” and the “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.”

London has expressed similar concern. Citizens of Great Britain fighting in Syria on the side of militants linked to “Al Qaeda,” declared that they are capable of carrying out a series of terror attacks in the United Kingdom and the United States. Extremists have indicated that they are prepared to attack British transport and financial center and have threatened to organize terrorist attacks in the United States, in particular, an attack on the White House, reports The Daily Mail. Text threatening attacks on various targets in the West was placed on internet sites. According to a British newspaper, U.K. secret service has taken the threats very seriously. In turn, the BBC writes, “Never before have militants in Syria coming from the UK have threatened their own country with blood.”

According to The Daily Mail, the Intelligence Committee of the U.S. Congress also has information that members of the terrorist organization, “Al-Qaeda,” established a training camp in Syria, in which mercenaries from Western countries were trained. According to the publication’s information, this camp, foreign nationals are studying terrorism. As previously reported by the newspaper, The Telegraph, recruiters of the terrorist organization “Al Qaeda” train “British jihadists” in order to return them to their homeland and stage attacks in the UK. The publication was informed of this by a source from the special intelligence service in Iraq.

Earlier, the Syrian government issued a statement declaring that the proportion of foreigners among militants in the country exceeds 80%. According to Syrian Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, there are in total across the country militants from 29 countries fighting. Meanwhile, the coordinator of the EU anti-terrorism office recognized that more and more representatives of European youth are being sent to Syria to fight alongside rebels.

Thus, the “smart” and cynical rulers of the West can recall the proverb, “you reap what you sow.” To this we can only add, that this storm, even according to those same Americans will be able, if not today, then maybe tomorrow to cover the countries of the West, bringing a new type of American tragedy along the lines of 9/11/2001.

Victor Mkhin, correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.