07.05.2014 Author: Vladimir Odintsov

The White House Plays Dirty

342342The latest actions undertaken by White House representatives and the Washington administration clearly highlight how the chief dogmas of current American politics require open confrontations and secret operations in various regions of the world to decrease the influence exerted by Moscow and to create a united front of Russian enemies.

Despite the end of the Cold War, strategists in Washington have been busy over the last two decades actively implementing a campaign to create a belt of “ardent supporters of Washington policies” around Russia. The White House tried to create a similar “belt” around China, which however, proved futile and is why they shifted focus to creating a blockade of the South China Sea. As for Iran, the Americans alternated between scare tactics and politics of negotiation; however, even in this case, neither path has yet proven successful. Certain haste is clearly visible in these actions undertaken by Washington, which is primarily explained by the swift approach of 2018 when Russia plans to complete re-arming the army, while China will launch 10-15 of its new aircraft carriers, which outperform the aged American Nimitz-class carriers in most categories.

This is not the first year that the White House has been actively trying to bring its own puppet regimes to power in the post-soviet space by using the so called “colour revolutions” in the Caucasus, Central Asia and in Ukraine. This was, in particular, the fairly successful project of Vice President Richard Cheney, which he undertook in a number of countries at the beginning of the 2000s and which eventually led to the armed conflict between Russia and Georgia in 2008. A similar tactic is currently being used against Ukraine.

White House “tactics” often embrace various dirty methods, including using the “experience” of German Nazism, whose many staunch followers found a safe haven in the United States after the Second World War where they became “advisors” to the CIA and other American special services. This includes the former gestapo chief in Lyon Klaus Barbie, who was at one time receiving his salary from the American intelligence and, in 1951, using his new connections, he moved to Bolivia. Another notorious war criminal that the CIA cooperated with was Otto von Bolschwing, an associate of Adolf Eichmann, who directly developed the plan for “purging Germany of the Jews”. Washington helped Von Bolschwing find refuge in 1954 and he began to work for the CIA as well. The other numerous “achievements” by the American special servicers in hiding hundreds of Nazi war criminals and their associates from international justice are all outlined in the 600-page report created by the American Justice ministry. The contents of this report have been adamantly hidden for the past four years, however, in the end, under the threat of a lawsuit, the Ministry finally released a heavily edited version. This report was put together by Mark Richard, a senior attorney at the American Ministry of Justice, who convinced U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno to begin working on the document in 1999. The un-edited version of the report was obtained by The New York Times in 2010 and a series of shocking reports were published about it

Thus in relying on the “experience” of Nazi criminals, the White House has recently began to actively incite nationalism as well as intolerance towards different cultures and confessions to help fight their own enemies, which now included the Muslim countries and Russia. Everything began to move according to the methods thoroughly tested by the German Nazis and perfected by them in their fight against Jews and the Jewish religion. Along with conducting a host of ambitious military interventions against Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, they also unleashed campaigns publicly insulting the religious feelings of Muslims (with a silent approval by the White House!). This included the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in American internet blogs, the burning of the Qur’an by Floridian pastor Terry Jones and many others.

The religious conflict and the Islamic factor were the most widely used methods by the White House in the fight first against the USSR and then Russia as well. This manifested primarily through the White House sponsoring Al-Qaeda to fight soviet armed forces in Afghanistan and enlisting the Wahhabi regimes of the Persian Gulf to participate in the armed opposition against reviving the constitutional order in the Chechen Republic in the 90s.

These methods are currently relentlessly being used by the White House to destabilise the situation in Central Asia and the Black Sea region, particularly in Ukraine and in Crimea.

The White House has long instigated the necessary “treatment” of the Muslim community in Ukraine and Crimea by using foreign Islamic religious leaders. Thus this region was actively visited by preachers from the leading Islamic educational institution in Egypt – the Al Azhar University, as well as the Islamic University in Medinah (Saudi Arabia), which led to an expansion of Salafism among the local population in Ukraine and Crimea. A few years ago, militants from the US-sponsored radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami (Party of Liberation) were sent to Crimea and used the Crimean mountains to train their militants while being fully aided by the Ukrainian security services. Washington’s involvement in the entire ordeal is evidenced in the correspondence recently obtained by Anonymous Ukraine between the U.S. Army Attaché Jason Gresh and representative from the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Igor Protsik.

Following instructions from the White House and the CIA, Ukrainian special services aided in strengthening the standing of radical Islam supporters in Crimea and, most importantly, the Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami group, which has not been deemed terrorist by either Washington or Kiev, although a number of other nations have made this assessment a long time ago. This resulted in a significant number of young ethnic Tatars in Crimea undergoing an assault of extremist ideas and they are no longer under the influence of moderate Imams and leaders. As a result, the jihadist brigades that took part in the armed clashes in Syria contained around 500 Ukrainian citizens, 70% of which were from Crimea.

Due to the recent entry of the Crimean Republic into the Russian Federation, representatives of this radical Islamic group have recently had to swiftly hide their trails in Crimea and go underground, to the great discontent of the leadership of this terrorist organisation.

The White House is trying to enlist Turkey to help destabilise the situation in Crimea. By using the diaspora subordinate to Erdogan, which has maintained ties with the Crimean Tatars, Washington will artificially incite an ethnic conflict between the Tatars and the Russians. With these goals in mind, Washington is aggressively pushing the Turks to seek outlets to radical Islamist cells to encourage them to begin subversive actions while the Russian special services have not yet fully settled into Crimea. At the same time, radical Crimean Tatars are being urged to foster ties with other Islamic regions in Russia for exporting extremist ideologies, to eventually turn not only compact pockets of Crimean Tatars into hotbeds of permanent tension, but other territories in the Russian Federation as well.

One active method of supporting the use of Crimean Tatars to destabilise the situation in Russia was choosing several representatives from the Crimean Tatar Majlis, who then received significant financial assistance both from Washington and through contributions from fellow compatriots living in Turkey. One of these White House instigators was Mustafa Dzhemilev – former head of the Majlis for the Crimean Tatars (he headed it from 1991 to 2013), who was at one point elected into the Ukrainian Rada through the Rukh Party and is oriented towards Ankara. It was Dzhemilev and his supporters who just recently controlled all of the Crimean Tatar media, while the Majlis website was being supported by the American International Republican Institute and various U.S. special services instructors.

With these opportunities at hand, the White House organised various anti-Russian campaigns, in particular, those trying to block the Crimean referendum for entry into the Russian Federation and other campaigns planting false information about the “Russian administrators lying to the Crimean Tatars and limiting their participation in the administration of the Republic of Crimea”. However, all of these attempts by Washington are steadily collapsing, as is the reputation of Dzhemilev himself. Certainly, when the Crimean Tatars were thrown out of Uzbekistan and they were returning to Crimea, Dzhemilev was their real leader. But now he is quickly losing his supporters. Almost all of the significant humanitarian aid that the west sent to help the Crimean Tatars was stolen by Dzhemilev and his cronies. The Crimean Tatars know this very well. Even within the overall poverty in Crimea, they are living in horrible conditions, still in their makeshift huts, and they primarily blame Dzhemilev for their situation, who they would gladly kick off the peninsula.

In order to maintain overall chaos and to rule the world through some else’s grief, anything is fair game for the White House. From this stems their support for the Syrian militants and the supporters of Bandera’s Nazis in Ukraine. However, one mustn’t forget that the hawks over in Washington will have to answer for the blood of the innocent that has been spilled in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine and many other countries.

Vladimir Odintsov, political observer, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.