31.10.2013 Author: Jim Dean

Assange charade and coverup continues with new movie

assange_extraditionWikileaks has issued a virtual declaration of war against Iran, part of the Mossad’s “war by deception” of which Wikileaks is a proven component.” …Gordon Duff, VeteransToday, December, 2011

The newly released Assange movie, The Fifth Estate, pours concrete over all the revelations we subsequently uncovered about the real Wikileaks. There is absolutely nothing in this movie that is covered below. And for the reviewers, while liking the acting but not the movie, not a one mentioned a single proven hoax from the Wikileaks fairy tale.

I never referred to Assange as a three dollar bill, but a buck fifty one. The man that played one of the most successful Intel psypops of this century continues to be put to work by his Israeli handlers to keep him ‘high with a little help from their friends’ in the movie business. They are covering Assange’s tracks that he got burned by erasing that from his public history, but we are not erasable.

Wikileaks was all about supporting the push for war with Iran…pure and simple. Israel wanted it bad and went to its deep well to build the Iranian bogeyman that the world would fear and support being ‘taken care of.’ But to pull a theatrical psyops you need mass media to work closely with the scam, and they did.

International mass media has been infiltrated by intelligence agencies for decades now. If anyone out there thinks that modern governments would leave such a powerful citizen mind control tool in the hands of independents…they must be smoking dope.

I will admit that we were supporters at VT of the Wikileaks idea early on. We felt that the industrial scale lies and disinformation that governments routinely dump on even their own people had shades of living in a conquered country.

What changed our minds was inside information from our own networks. We knew people who had written some of the military reports that Assange had released via Bradley Manning and whoever had facilitated him. They noticed that some of their reports (raw field intelligence material) had been altered in two different ways.

First, certain kinds of material had been deleted, and secondly, material had been inserted in some, or rewritten, that was not in the originals. That in itself was not the deal killer. But a closer look gave up the ghost.

Israeli agents, working in various security slots with contractors were know to be running around Iraq and Afghanistan creating mayhem by shooting up innocent civilians and doing bombings to fire up the sectarian strife. They also had assassination teams that were killing US troops, to fire up the folks back home, and classic Israeli operation to make American hate all Muslims. This was being kept under wraps, of course, like all of Israel’s transgressions against America have been.

There were also a lot of field reports on the drug dealing problem in Afghanistan especially, trying to keep a handle on what contractors were flying opium, and later heroin out, the quantity and who was getting the cash. And yes, the Israeli contractors were quite active in the dope business. And there were certainly not alone as the Afghan drug trade is now financing political campaigns all over the West and Eastern Europe, plus making a lot of War of Terror contracting insiders very rich.

If Wikileaks had been legit, and Assange for real, revealing these blockbuster stories would have been a Pulitzer Prize for them. No real journalist would have passed up on that. Nothing was ever released from Wikileaks that put Israel in a bad light.

That is where they made their mistake, what we call ‘over cleaning’ the material. We knew at that point that this was way to sophisticated and operation for some rouge hackers to be pulling off. They were just a tool. Only a major intelligence agency would be capable for such a world wide and very complicated media operation. The list of suspects was very short. Israel.

So we put the word out through our contacts that we were looking for more confirmation. More began coming in quickly. Assange’s Australian past had been brushed over by mass media, the reason being that Netanyahu’s good friend Rupert Murdoch was Assange’s ‘idol’, by his own admission.

We then began surveying all of Murdoch’s medial empire talking points on Wikileaks material, like who it was really designed to hurt, and more importantly, who was getting a free pass as that would tell us who was really running the show. We found another old Israeli Lobby habit in play, strict control over all the talking points, to the point of maintaining a rhythm of not only what was said, but when major bombs were released.

But the surprise for us was learning that not only was the mainstream media part of the war on Iran megaphone, but the so-called ‘independent’ media turned out to be infiltrated beyond anything we had suspected. It was a humbling experience.

From Gordon in December, 20011: “The current Wikileak ‘dump’ has had a number of talking point ‘dumps’ in order to properly exploit pro-Israel press assets in the blogger world. These talking points expose ‘seeded’ intelligence meant to support an attack on Iran, the primary purpose of the current Assange/Murdoch/Israel output. Not only do members of the mainstream press receive these talking points but dozens of alternative, or internet media sources as well. It has become increasingly obvious that many internet news sources that describe themselves as alternative or even anti-Zionist are totally controlled.”

Samples of the seeded Intel included material that the Saudis and the Gulf States were supporting an attack on Iran, something that would have been devastating to them even at that time as Iran could have destroyed all of their oil installations in half a day. And then there was the nuclear seeded material, including some which defended Iran’s right to have a nuclear deterrent, which assumed confirmation that they had a military program.

We all know now that all the Iran bomb threat hype which Wikileaks was supposed to have confirmed…that none of it was true. We also know from our own Gwenyth Todd that a false flag attack had been planned on US forces in Bahrain to trigger that war while Bush and Cheney were using our military as their personal war game toy.

We were sweating bullets back in those days with the word out everywhere to let us know about any potential attack anyone sensed was in the making so we could expose it in time. More than a few inside civilian and military Intel did not trust the Bush White House, the Pentagon.

You could include the loosely controlled outsourced NeoCon defense contractors who had the capacity to pull false flags themselves outside the formal chain of command. It is a problem that Obama has been been taking heads on till this day in the nuclear command.

This all brings us back to theater and the movies. One of the purposes of Intel agencies working through television and movie studios is to create a stream of public conditioning productions for example, to make the American public fear the Muslim world entirely. But the studios can also be used to bury botched operations with Hollywood retrospectives which completely censored out everything I have just shared with you above.

Wikileaks never released any information on Israeli WMD, or their espionage operations world wide. Assange never had a problem with torture or rendition, what they did in Gaza, or a war he did not like that Israeli supported.

Assange used the US as a punching bag cover for Israel’s blogger and alternative media assets. These controlled shills never laid a glove on our angel of the planet Israel, nor did they do anything of consequence to counter the Iran attack plans. Veterans Today was demonized by the shills for going after Assange, which we considered an honor then, and still do.

We count our blessings that the planned Iran attack was diverted, as was the more recent Syrian one. Every month that goes by, the prospect of a Gulf War recedes into our rear view mirror. A lot of good people have worked hard to keep that monster in the cage. We will not let the aggressors steal that victory from us by writing a bogus history of what happened, even if they do have friends in Hollywood.

Jim W. Dean is the managing editor for VeteranToday.com, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for New Eastern Outlook.